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Ind Rdg Journal 10/4/16

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12:56 PM ET (US)
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Abbey Nielsen
08:50 PM ET (US)
I am on page 111 of 354 pages in the book all the things i've ever done. The title of this book sounds good but it doesn't draw you in. The thing that draws you in is the words in the background of the cover. These words say things like "caffeine is illegal" and "chocolate is contraband". These statements draw you in and make you read the summary more than the tittle does. Once you start reading the book you learn that Anya is a christian. She make list of everything she does wrong so she can make her confessions. Being the daughter of a criminal who was the leader of an undercover chocolate operation she has a pretty long list. Now that both of her parents have been murderd, her older brother has a brain disability, and her grandma is to ill to get out of bed Anaya is uncharge of the family. At each chapter there are one word sentences to show what will happen next. in most of those chapters the title of the chapter lives to much away and you already know what is going to happen.
Hannah Miller
04:31 PM ET (US)
I am reading Schizo by Nic Sheff. It has 259 pages and I read from the start of the book to page 85.

The title of my book is completely appropriate since the book is about a guy with schizophrenia. The title really grabs me and makes me want to read the book since I find mental illnesses very interesting. The choosing of the book title really is very simple. All the author did was shorten schizophrenia to schizo. If I were to title the book I would title it something interesting and creative with meaning. Maybe Finding Teddy, because he is trying to find his younger brother throughout the book. If not that, I would name it Schizophrenic Freak, because of the complex he has that his disorder makes him a freak. The author gives a title to each chapter but only a simple number one.
Jared Mettler
04:29 PM ET (US)
I am reading Incinerator by Niall Leonard and am on page 156 of 357.
The title of my book is not appropriate, yet. In the last book in the series the title of the book only became relevant in the last chapters. So I think thats whats going to happen with this one. The title does grab my attention. The Author does not title the chapters and to be frank I have no idea what id name the chapters, it'd have to be like vandalism, old relations, and new business partner. I don't know if I'd be able to name the book. It would be called like loan shark or something like that. I have no idea how the author chose the title.
04:28 PM ET (US)
Today I finished Beyonders: A World Without Heroes, a book with 454 pages. The title of my book is appropriate, yeah. Beyonders are what the locals call Earth people in the story's world. That world is called Lyrian, and it's ruled by an evil wizard who no one can defeat. There were heroes who tried to defeat him, but they all get either killed, tortured beyond repair, or sent off to a paradise-like prison. The cover art is also really well done and fits in with the aesthetic of the story. It took me a little while to understand the story in the beginning, but I really got interested in the end. I'm hoping the next one is just as good, if not better. I'd recommend this book to other people, probably.
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reading Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano I am on page 42 and it has 385 pages. The title is kinda interesting the main character Leigh was nicknamed in middle school when they were learning about adverbs in english class, then she got the nick name "Nearly". I don't know how she would've thought of the title at the top her head but I'm assuming something is going to happen to Leigh towards the end of the book and the name and everything just added up right. No, she doesn't title the chapters but the first one I would title it "A Science Solution" second chapter "Sweet Jeremy" the this chapter I would title it "Missed Connections". The title did grab my attention I love books that are mysterious but still has that reality life behind it the cover is really soft too. I wouldn't know how title at the moment because I just started reading it and don't have too much information on it yet. But I would name it something that involves science because Leigh loves science tied with something that she's going to go missing or something bad will happen.
Evie Golden
04:27 PM ET (US)
I finished the Power of Six and am now on page 75 out of 360 in The Rise of Nine. I think the title is very appropriate this is the first book where Nine is in the whole novel. I think it sets the tone for what he will do throughout the book. The title grabbed me because Nine seemed like an interesting character in the to chapters he was previously in so I was very curious about what he would do throughout the rest of the series. The chapters are not titled so I would title the first chapter Coincidences, the second one Visions, and the third Finding Eight. I think the title was chosen based off which character would have the most development that influences the plot. The previous title characters have been very big in not just their book but in all of them. I think I would leave the title the same, I haven't gotten very far so I could really come up with a better one. I think it could possibly have Ten or Eight as the title character instead of Nine, though.
Maddi T
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry potter and the half-blood prince by J. K. Rowling. I read from 286 to 439 today.
I think the title of the book is perfect because it has mystery in it. It also fits well into one of plot twist in this book and one of the biggest questions harry faces, who is the half-blood prince. It does grab mostly anyones attention. But i believe the cover does that job better. It grabs your attention with its greens and purple. Mrs. Rowling does title her chapters, perfectly. She gives a slight hint to what will happen with the title and the picture above the title. They don't give you a super huge hint as to what will happen but give you a slight idea of what to expect possibly or its a small joke about the chapter.
04:25 PM ET (US)
The book that I am currently reading is The Right Fight by Chris Lynch. This book has 189 pages and I am currently on page 112. The title of my current book is very appropriate to what goes on in this book. Ever since chapter one the main character Bucky has been faced with asking himself does this really concern him. He often found himself taking on the wrong people at the wrong time. The title of this book did a very good job of grabbing my attention. Just looking at the title I was very interested in the book because I am a very big fan of history. The author does intact title each chapter. He does this to kind of give the reader an insight onto wants will happen next in the book. I this this is a very good idea and I'm glad that Chris Lynch does it this way. For example chapter six was labeled "Torch". And this whole chapter was about operation "Torch" in Northern Africa.
Caden Gross
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Flames of the Tiger by John Wilson I am on page 167-174.

One of my memories is my dad disagreeing with Donald Trumps way and his other opinions. Just like Ernst is in my book, but it's not about Donald Trump but with Hilter. Ernest is the father of the main character Dieter. Ernest does not like how Hitler is running Germany and does not like his ideas and beliefs. My dad jokes how if Donald Trump became President that we would move to Canada. Ernest wants to move to Canada because he fears the worst and he does not want to go through another war like he did in WWI.
Savannah Cooper
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading Sarah's Key and I got to page 244 of 293 pages.
The title of my book is very appropriate, Sarah isn't the protagonist but still a huge part of the story. Its mostly this journalists search for Sarah and her story. The title instantly drew me in. It was the reason I even looked at this book. Sarah's Key sounded so mysterious that I just had to figure it out. I think the author chose this title because it shared the story of a little girl who was almost forgotten along with her story. I personally really like the title and wouldn't change it at all because it sounds so intriguing and alluring. The author does not title each chapter but if she did I think that three of them would be called; The men in blue suits, prisoners, andThe Lucky One.
04:23 PM ET (US)
Today I read Thaw by Rick Jasper and I just started I Was Here by Gayle Forman. I am on page 55 out of 266. The title of the book I am currently reading is appropriate because one of the main characters commits suicide. It's appropriate because it represents that character being there even though she's not anymore. The title grabbed my attention because I wanted to know who was there and why they weren't anymore. The author doesn't title the chapters. I would title the first chapter something about an email because the main character finds out that her best friend committed suicide by reading an email from her. I would title the second chapter something about having to relive that moment that she found out because she has to go to multiple memorial services for her and people ask her questions. Lastly, for the third chapter I would probably title it something about having to be there when the person that died parents needs her. I would title it something about that because her parents ask her to go and pack up her dorm room after she died. I think the author chose what she did for the title because it's saying that she was once there but now she isn't because she took her own life.
04:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper. This book has 236 pages and I'm on page 60.
I think the title of my book is appropriate. I think it's appropriate because of what happens to the character. He gets in a crash and he has no pulse but a priest comes and says a prayer and starts singing and he then has a pulse again. The title does grab me and makes me want to read the book. When I first saw it, I wanted to know what it's about. I also saw that it was a biography so I wanted to read it even more. Yes the author does title the chapters. The first three chapters are called 'The Accident', 'My Time in Heaven', and 'Heavenly Music'. I wouldn't rename the title because the title fits with the book perfectly. It's a true story of death and life and also tells how long he was dead for. The title gives you a little detail about the book and what happened.
Leah Krull
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker, and I am on page 129 of 361.
I do think that the title of my book is appropriate. The main character has had to lie to her parents and "friends" quite a bit in order to figure out what really happened the night of her best friends' death. The title caught my attention when I saw it in the library because I recently read a book call "The Seven Ways We Lie", and I absolutely loved it. I guess I figured it couldn't hurt to read another book about lying. Though the two books are not connected in any way, the plots are both interesting in their own way. I really like this one so far. However, if I had to title this book, I think I would go with something like "Emails From my Dead Best Friend". There's no denying that that's an attention grabber!
04:02 PM ET (US)
I am reading Emma by Jane Austen and I am on page 16 of 418.
I think that the title of the book is appropriate. Emma is the main character of the book and the whole story follows her, making it quite fitting. When I first saw the title I didn't immediately pick it up. I overlooked it and pick up other books. It doesn't intrigue you at all. I think Jane chose this title because she wants to emphasize Emma. She wants the reader to know that more than likely Emma will be changed in the book, no one would name a book Emma if Emma wasn't dynamic. Jane does not title each chapter, but if I were to title them I would choose 'Poor Miss Taylor' for the first chapter and 'All for Frank'. I have only read two chapters so I cannot do a third.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
02:33 PM ET (US)

Begin post with the title of the novel you are reading, the total # of pages in the book and pg. # where you stopped today.

Then please write at least 8-10 sentences!

Choose ONE of the topics below:

A. Write about a memory or experience of your OWN that is similar to something you have read in your current book.

B. Titles:
Choose enough of the questions below to write 8-10 sentences. DON'T just answer yes or no! Write complete sentences restating the question.
Is the title of your current book appropriate?
Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book?
Does the author title each chapter? If NOT, what would you title at least three of the chapters?
How do you think the author chose the book title?
What would you title the book? Why?
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