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Balzac and the LCS Movie Response

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Ashley Eickman
03:07 PM ET (US)
There are many differences between the movie and the book. The movie jumps around compared to the book. It was very hard to comprehend. The movie displayed the Little Seamstress and her friends took apart the clock. That never happened in the book. The girls danced to distract Four Eye's in the movie but they never had to distract them in the book. When the bull died, the movie never said that they saw him bleed to death. They stayed up reading for 9 nights instead of story-telling.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
02:53 PM ET (US)
Symbolism of the Violin might include:

Symbolism of the Alarm Clock might include:
"Sometimes, instead of turning the clock back, we would put it forward by an hour or two, so as to finish the day’s work early.
In the end we had changed the position of the hands so many times that we had no idea what the time really was."
Luo's alarm clock fascinates the simple peasant who have never seen an alarm clock before
Notice that the alarm clock has a rooster on it (another bird reference)
The alarm clock allows Luo and Ma to manipulate the village headman by changing the time one hour ahead or behind in order to suit their desires
Symbolism? TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION overpower and trick the ignorant peasants.

Differences between book and movie: NUMEROUS!
Hailey Johnson
02:18 PM ET (US)
2. When the clock rang in the beginning of the movie when it was time for work, symbolized the beginning of a long journey on the mountain. I think the scene where the LSC takes apart the clock symbolizes just how long and just how much time the boys are going to spend in this mountain village. In the coal mine, Luo sets the clock forward. Symbolically, this almost makes Luo "the master of time." I think the clock in general obviously resembles time, but the question is what it symbolizes in this book. I've developed a theme in my mind with the previous scenes, and found that there is a phenomenon we see. In my opinion, the clock symbolizes the time the boys and the LCS will have to live on the mountain, without culture and without books.
Adrianna Atkins
02:16 PM ET (US)
3. There was many things that was different in the movie then in the book. Fist the order is different, it jumps around a lot compared to the book. Also in the movie the distraction for four-eyes the girls danced and in the book they never needed a distraction. Also in the book four eyes had given Luo and Ma the Balzac book after they had helped him when he fell and spilt the rice. In the movie the boys meet four eyes at a building, but in the book they meet four eyes while he is working with the buffalo. Also when Luo was sick with Malaria, the little seamstress never whipped Luo. Luo was also taken to the Little Seamstress to get better with the four sorceress girls. And that was the time that they were telling the story and it made the girls cry, in the book and that didn't happen in the movie, it was put in a different order.
Anastasia Contreras
02:15 PM ET (US)
1.SYMBOLISM: Think about the the scene in the film where the narrator (Ma) and Luo arrive in the village. They have Ma's violin with them and the village members believe that it is just a toy.Think about the reasons why authors use symbols: as a short cut for making meaning or as a specific cultural reference. Look at the symbol of the VIOLIN. What many things could it be a symbol of? Write a 5-sentence paragraph.

The reason they thought it was a toy was because they had never seen it before. The violin could stand for many different things. Like it could try and give you background of how high class the family was because violin's are expensive and hard to learn. Another way you could look at is that it's all he has left of the world he once knew. It also helps symbolize how much their leader has really got them around his finger because when the boys said it was Mozart thinking about Moa all of the villagers seem mesmerized and loved the song before it was even played. The violin is a very civilized thing something you wouldn't find in the mountains and the mountain people are so confused by it helps foreshadow that things are going to be very different and hard for them.
Woodard Austin
02:15 PM ET (US)
Well at the beginning of the movie, when they tell the chief that it's a musical instrument, he says to play it, while in the book he apologized. Also, the book mentioned Luo's melaria before they stole the books, which happened backwards in the movie. While they were at four-eyes house, they left the suitcase open, which was different from the book, because the books were originally all reactionary, and the suitcase was closed. Another change is that they never made an agreement with four-eyes to help him for the Balzac book. When the bull died, they didn't mention how they saw it bleed to death. Ma talks to four-eyes mom in the book about how she gave her son the books, which doesn't happen in the movie. The scene where they lyed under the tree never took place in the book. The little seamstress also never had a bra in the book.
Kendra Tucker
02:14 PM ET (US)
3. In 5 sentences, write about 5 SPECIFIC differences between the book and the movie so far.

There are a few things different from the book. One being when they went to steal the trunk from Four Eyes the buffalo tail wasn't on the top of the books. Another would be the Littler Seamstress and her girls friends taking apart the alarm clock. The third one would be when Luo and the narrator go to the sport where the girls were all swimming where he fell in also wan't in the book. The fourth being when he stayed up reading for 9 nights in a row telling stories to the trailer. The last one would be when the Little Seamstress whipped Luo because he had Malaria then he kissed her.
Megan Schuttloffel
02:13 PM ET (US)
3. There are a couple different things that I saw that were different. The first one was in the movie The little seamstress told the boys about the book, when in the book she had no idea about them until the boys found them. In the movie the narrator fell into the hole while watching the girls swim but that didn't happen in the book. In the movie when four eyes was having this celebration the girls did a dance and in the book they just ate. They don't smoke cigarets in the book. In the book it tells about the journey to the little seamstresses house and in the movie they just show up there.
Hayden Lodermeier
02:12 PM ET (US)
3. The differences that I've noticed is in the book i didn't read about them going to the spring and watching the girls "swim." Another difference is that the part where Four-eye's mother comes more in the beginning of the movie. Ma goes swimming with luo and the seamstress, instead of it being just them.
Ryan Titus
02:12 PM ET (US)
3. The first main difference is how they find out about the books instead of coming to the conclusion on their own the Little Seamstress tells them. Second, in the book they had to go get the old miller's songs for Four Eye's 3 in 1000 shot. Third, the books weren't disguised in the book like they were in the movie. Fourth, they did not hide the books at a cave in the book but they did in the movie. Finally, they didn't have the sorcerers heal Luo when he had malaria in the movie; but, the sorcerers healed him in the book.
Bailey Meadors
02:12 PM ET (US)
2. Authors use symbols for many different reasons in films and in movies. The alarm clock in Balzac and the Little Seamstress could be a symbol of Lou and Ma controlling the village. They do this by changing time in the coal mine to manipulate when they want to be done working for the day. It can also be used to symbolize the technology in the village. the Alarm clock shows how advance the village is in technology and really shows you what life is like there.
Justin Sebert
02:11 PM ET (US)
3. One of the main differences in the movie so far was just how it jumps around. It isn't all in the same order as it happened in the book. One was how they met the Little Seamstress. Another was that they never compared middle toe length. In the book Four-Eyes gives them a book instead of keeping all of them (until they are stolen). In the book when the tailor makes a violin joke he says in in English, in the movie he doesn't. In the book Four-Eyes glasses get broken because he steps on them instead of Ma finding them.
Samantha Stark
02:11 PM ET (US)
The alarm clock came from the city and is new to the villagers. To them it is a new way to tel time. Luo and Ma know how to change the time on the clock. They use it to be able to sleep in and to get off work early. It shows how they can control things they want because of their advance item. It shows inteligence in the boys. It also shows it can control how they live. When the girls stole and broke it shows their curiousity towards the new thing.
Silhouette Smith
02:11 PM ET (US)
5 things that I know to be different between the book and the movie are listed as such: One thing is at the beginning of the book when the boys meet the little seamstress, they first notice her pink shoes. In the movie their was no such showing of the shoes as we met the seamstress. The second thing would have to be that when four eyes goes back into his hut to go to the bathroom he isn't in their with his mother. Another difference I saw was their was not scene where the buffalo was pushed off a cliff. The fourth difference I noticed was the little seamstress didn't pick the herb to help luo with his malaria, instead she just whipped him with the branch. And the final thing that I noticed was four eyes has gone into the city and hasn't received any songs from neither ma or luo.
Tyler Beckwith
02:11 PM ET (US)
The violin is a symbol of the upper class. It represents wealth and luxury. They want to burn it so that there are no traces of there bourgeous lifestyle. The violin also represents knowledge, because it requires the player to learn complex pieces. This angers the headman, because the villagers live very simple lives.
Taylor Lewin
02:11 PM ET (US)
3. The movie jumps around to many different scenes so it is confusing to follow. In the movie Four-Eyes doesn't give the boys a book before they steal his suitcase. Four-Eyes never has to go to the Old Miller to get mountain songs for his mother so they boys never have an opportunity to get a book from him. The narrator also doesn't pretend to be Luo when he meets Four-Eyes' mother on the mountain path. In the movie, the boys both hide in the same spot when Four-Eyes and his mother come back to his house, and in the book they are in different places. Luo and the Little Seamstress don't seem as close in the movie as they are in the book. Also, when Luo gets malaria, the Little Seamstress got the sorceresses to come and cure him and in the movie they just throw him in a lake and whip him.
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