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Philately of Switzerland

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01:31 PM PT (US)

21 March 1906

Post card overprinted changed to printed matter, and advertising information on picture side. Most likely Tobler purchased large volume of post cards and had their own printer add the information.

Bern to San Francisco, USA.

The Great Earthquake of San Fransisco occurred on 18 April 1906. This card probably arrived a week before the eathquake and fire. The building of the address, 1197 Mc Allister, was right on the outer edge of the fire boundary, uncertain whether it was burned. Very close was the City Hall wich was destroyed by the earthquake. The address of company advertised, Bishop & Company was 425 Battery, manufacturers of candy, headquartered in Los Angeles, definitely burned. Sometimes using City Directories in research prove very interesting.
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01:53 PM PT (US)

20 March 1906 Aarau to Wiesbaden, Germany.

First posted 19 March - 7pm (fleuron top right), underfranked and processed for return to sender for additional postage 19 March - 8pm (lower razor inverted). Probably delivered the morning of the 20th to the business for the addiitonal postage.

Reposted with correct franking 20 March 1906 - 10am (top left razor, 2 strikes);
received Wiesbaden 20 March 1906. International postcard.�
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08:48 PM PT (US)

19 March 1874

Bern to Kirchlindach via Ortschwaben 20 March (on reverse). Returned from Ortschwaben 29 March, received Bern 29 March.
Domestic letter 10 centimes plus 20 centimes to collect 15Fr.

Lower left corner "nicht angenommen and signature" not accepted [Refused].
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01:43 PM PT (US)

18 March 1912

Postcard from Basel, Switzerland to Paris, France, via Basel-Belfort Ambulant postal wagon.

Postage due because sender franked card with 5 centimes, and international cards required 10 centimes, therefore, short 5 centimes plus 5 centimes penalty.

This card could have been rated as printed matter, 5 cenitmes, but the sender would have been required to write "Imprimé" on the card which did not happen. Note the card also did not have the standard "Carte Postal" printed on it which was probably confusing to the sender.
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12:45 PM PT (US)

17 March 1923

Machine cancelled uprated postal card for international destination, 10 centimes plus 15 centimes.

Machines had been in use in Bern for 11 years processing most of the "machineable" items passing through the Bern post office. There were occassions when the machine did not align with the item being cancelled, resulting in the crown of the machine not cancelling the stamps! For a couple of years it's apparent from examples that this "obsolete" deCoppet razor canceler was used by staff as a backup to cancel the misses!

In this case the item was machine cancelled on 17 March and the razor canceler set for 17 April! Notations in the message confirm the machine was correct and the hand cancel was set incorrectly.
Edited 03-17-2019 12:46 PM
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07:45 PM PT (US)

16 March 1877

Basel 16 March, border transit 16 March (red), to Puteaux-Seine, France, 17 March.
Verso: Forwarded Puteaux 2E 17 March 77, received Neuilly-s-Seine 4E 17 March, attempted delivery 3E 18 March. Refused and returned Neuilly-s-Seine 18 March, transit Paris 18 March, transit Paris Etranger 18 March. Received Basel 19 March.

Registered UPU letter 25 centimes to France plus 20 centimes registration.

Each country used a different system of marking returned mail.

The French authorities issued each post office a hand stamp identified by a unique office number:
            RETOUR A L’ENVOYER
These were used for decades without change until the 1960’s.

France was consistant in having all handwritten return markings on the reverse of postal items.
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02:43 PM PT (US)

15 March 1904 -

Lausanne to Reims, France. International postcard 10 centimes using 5 2 centimes stamps. The regulation was for one cancel for each stamp, and one date stamp clear of the postage stamps. In this case the Lausanne razor canceler was used.
Edited 03-15-2019 02:44 PM
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10:25 AM PT (US)

14 March 1871

A simple domestic 10 centimes tueblibrief from Aarburg to Burgdorf.
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12:45 PM PT (US)

March 13 1890

13 March 1890 from Rüthi bei Riggesberg, transit Bern 13 March, received Luzern 15 March.
Domestic registered letter, 10 centimes postage plus 10 centimes registration.

The Bains du Gurnigel, a 560 bed hotel, was owned by Johann Jacob Hauser, father of the three Hauser brothers who owned the Hotel Schweizerhof in Luzern. This letter was sent to his surviving son, Adolf Hauser-Spath, possibly a personal private letter.

The photo is of Adolph, the recipient of the letter.
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01:53 PM PT (US)

12 March 1918

Bern to Lauterbrunnen, received 13 March.
Nachnahme to collect 19.35 Francs. 15 centimes for domestic letter, plus 20 centimes to collect 10 > 20 francs.
Total 35 centimes.

Refused with note in purple pencil -
"Zurück: W. Zimmermann geld am Montag geschickt"
"Return: Zimmermann sent money on Monday!

Monday was March 11 the day before this request was mailed.
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02:59 PM PT (US)

A trio of different times and uses for 11 March.

1867 - Bern to Basel. Nachnahme demand for 31.50 francs.
2 centimes printed matter rate plus 40 centimes to collect 30-40francs = total 42 centimes.

1904 - St Gallen [razor cancel] to Tenerife, Canary Islands. International printed matter rate for up to 50 gms.

1912 - Wil-Konstanz-Wil Bahnpost to Bombay, India. International post card rate 10 centimes.
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11:38 AM PT (US)

10 March 1875

Nachnahme letter from Goldbach to Rohrbach, domestic letter 10 centimes plus 10 centimes to collect 50 centimes! Transited Burgdorf.
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03:03 PM PT (US)

9 March 1911

A nice example of the Lausanne razor cancel on a block of 20 - 100 centimes postage due. Probably used for interdepartmental accounting.
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12:50 PM PT (US)

8 March 1903

Kristiania [Oslo], Norway to Geneva, received 8 March using Rue du Stand razor cancel, sent out for delivery and redirected by the carrier [Facteurs] 9 march, leaving Rue du Stand 9 March [top razor cancel]. Uprated domestic postal card.
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12:19 PM PT (US)

7 March 1868

Neuchatel to Engis, Belgium. 30 centimes pre-UPU rate.
One of the early rotating date wheel cancelers made by Güller.
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