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Philately of Switzerland

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12:56 PM PT (US)

18 May 1895

Honiton, England to Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern.
Registered letter using 4 1/2d stamp [Jubilee issue] which was issued specifically for this use - 2 1/2d international letter plus 2d registration.

Letter is from the National Provincial Bank of England Limited, Honiton, possibly currency enclosed.
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01:48 PM PT (US)

17 May 1880

Thun to Leistal - Geldanweisung - postal money order for Fr200. 30 centimes form plus 10 centimes.

[I used to have a rate sheet for these forms, but can't find it right now.]
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01:59 PM PT (US)

16 May 1913

Basel-Milano-Basel Bahnpost to Bordon, Hampshire, England.

Of special interest is the fact that Lode Farm, the destination of this card, traces a direct history back to 1235AD. It is listed in land ownership registers from that time forward!
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02:56 PM PT (US)

15 May 1871

First issue of Swiss postal card from Uznach [old date slug style canceler] to Neuchatel, received Suchard 16 May 2 S [2pm], rotating date wheel canceler.

Addressed to Philipp Suchard, the chocolate maker.
The receiving date stamp must have been made by Güller, but there is no record in the proof books at this early date. In 15 March 1884 a nearly identical date stamp is found in the proof books supporting the idea that Guller made the original and it had possibly worn out and was being replaced in 1884.
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10:48 AM PT (US)

14 May 1874

Basel [4pm] to Zurich received same evening at 8pm.
It was probably delivered the next morning, but taken to the post office to be forwarded. An additonal 5 centimes stamp was added to pay for local delivery. So in reality this is not a forwarded letter, but a reposted letter to Oberstrass, a district of Zurich.
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03:24 PM PT (US)

13 May 1889

La Crosse, WI, to Mr J.C. Easton ℅ City Bank London, England. He was a Director of the Southern Minnesota Railway, obviously vacationing in Europe.

Back stamps help us follow this letter until it caught up with him.
La Crosse 13 May, transit New York 16 May, received London 23 May, forwarded 24 May.
Received Venice, Italy, Hotel Britannia, 26 May, forwarded to Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern, Switzerland, via Milano TPO 27 May and Swiss Ambulant 28 May. Received Luzern 28 May.
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01:02 PM PT (US)

12 May 1911

Bellinzona to Osogna received the same day.
This is the last known use of the Bellinzona razor canceler.
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01:00 PM PT (US)

11 May 1886

Elwangen to Bobfingen, Würrtemberg.
Güller made numerous cancelers for about 15 cities in Germany during the early to mid-1870's. This is an example from that series.
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12:57 PM PT (US)

10 May 1899

Danzig, Germany 8 May to St Gallen 10 May, postage due error, corrected and redelivered�.

Card considered international post card in Danzig, marked ‘T’ [tax] in error.
St. Gallen 10 May added postage due 15 centimes over blue ‘T’.
Refused by addressee noting 'weil ungenügend frankiert' [due to insufficient postage].

Returned to post office where it was reprocessed and corrected by marking postage due stamps invalid and crossing out Refusé, the blue crayon 15, and the comment made by the addressee.

Drucksache [printed matter] emphazised by underlining in same blue crayon.
5 pfennig postal card paid correct amount for international printed matter, therefore, no postage due required.
100% printed advertsing message, there is no handwriting on the reverse.
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12:51 PM PT (US)

9 May 1903

Zurich to Schneeberg, Saxony, international UPU letter with Zurich razor cancel.
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12:49 PM PT (US)
I'm attending PIPEX in Portland ,OR this weekend. I won't have my computer available, so I'm going to post this weekend's covers today. See you in Portland. Dealers, exhibits, food, and stamp talk!

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12:47 PM PT (US)

8 May 1873

Colombier pre-UPU letter to Carlsruhe, Germany with nice blue cancel.
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01:55 PM PT (US)

7 May

Top - 1868 to Paris from Lausanne.
Pre-UPU 30 centimes rate to France in effect starting 1 October 1865.
"Après le Depart' means letter posted too late for last train to Paris that night. The Suisse Pontarlier transit date stamp shows 9 May which means it is likely this letter didn't leave Lausanne until the afternoon of the 8th, thus the informational "excuse".

Lower - 1873 to Paris from Yverdon. Pre-UPU printed matter wrapper to France 5 centimes.
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10:22 AM PT (US)

6 May 1920

Gera, Germany, 1 May to Zurich received 5 May.
Postage due applied 5 May, uncollected, refused, signed, label attached, returned to Germany.
Mailed as printed matter, but changed to first class 8th weight step, postage due Fr1.30
Date stamped 6 May at Zurich Rebuts office [ return office]

Noted annahme verweigert weil zu wenig frankiert
[denied acceptence because too little postage]
Handstamp: Geschäftsbrief [business letter]
Edited 05-06-2019 10:23 AM
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01:35 PM PT (US)

4 May 1915

Lausanne to Vevey, to collect Fr9.50. - 10 centimes postage plus 10 centimes to collect under 10Fr.

Of interest is the Lausanne "flueron" canceler. This device was made by deCoppet, and stamped on the PTT contract signed in 1903. It was the example for the design to be used for first class post offices.

By this time in 1915 flueron cancellers were no longer being made and the cancelers were changed by clearing the hatchures and adding the postal district number and the Swiss cross within the hatchured areas. One can identify nearly all Swiss cancels with fluerons as having been manufactured between 1903 and 1914, no matter when they were later used. I have one that remained unchanged until 1963.
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