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Philately of Switzerland

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02:21 PM PT (US)

15 December 1881

Uprated 5 centimes tueblibrief for distance letter within Switzerland. Geneve to Bern.
Sack canceler used. This device was first used in 1873 and had a PD included within the "sack" and used at that time soley for international mail instead of a separate PD device, thus saving additonal time for the clerk. This was only tested within Geneve and abandoned after the adoption of UPU rates in 1875. The PD was deleted from the cancelers which were used into the mid-1880s.
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09:16 AM PT (US)

14 December 1916

Official Post Office department letter Luzern to the Editor of the Entlebucher Newspaper in Escholzmatt.
Luzern razor cancel.
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05:47 PM PT (US)

13 December 1870

Fischenthal to Zollikon recived 14 December.
Nachnahme 2Fr plus 20 centimes (10 centimes postage +10 centimes collect fee for under 10Fr)

Refused and not accepted "nicht angenommen" [see bottom manuscript line]
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10:43 AM PT (US)

12 December 1879

Cross-border rate legal letter originating in Schopfheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, arriving Basel same day. Letter acknowledged and returned from Basel 15 December.
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02:01 PM PT (US)

11 December 1867

Schaffhausen to Bischofswerda, Saxony, transit Heidelberg-Basel bahnpost 12 December, transit Schweiz uber Baden oval.
International pre-UPU letter Swiss Zone 1 to German Zone 3 = 40 centimes
Edited 12-11-2019 02:02 PM
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10:08 AM PT (US)

10 December 1854

Strubel stamps were first used 1 October 1854.
Stamps were cancelled using varied devices until mid-December. At that time it was announced that all stamps would be cancelled using a grill canceler and a town date stamp used clear of the stamps identifying orgin of the piece. It is, therefore, possible to find stamps during the Oct 1 through mid-December period where the town date stamp was used to cancel stamps, in this case Glarus. They are difficult to find.
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12:38 PM PT (US)

9 December 1922

Lausanne to Bäretswil - mailed at the Conference post office established to serve the participants attending the International Conference for Peace in the East. Many philatelic items were mailed from this venue.

This 5 centimes postal card uprated to meet the current 10 centimes post card rate.
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12:04 PM PT (US)

8 December 1903

Lausanne (razor cancel) on baggage tag, in this case used to mail a key! [See image description]
Sent to Appenzell.
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11:59 AM PT (US)

7 December 1923

Luzern (razor cancel) to Basel, Hebelstrasse 7, which is iin the center of the university district.

The addressee, Professor Paul Ganz (1872–1954), of this card was a collector, scholar, critic and art gallery consultant. He was a professor of art history at the University of Basel and he collected furniture, porcelain, armor and paintings. His collection included work by, among others, Turner and Tintoretto.

All quite relevant to him receiving a humorous post card with a drawing of the professor in his office/studio.
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01:16 PM PT (US)

6 December 1942

Swiss Day of the Stamp Geneve to St Gallen.
I'm not sure what this combination of stamps is considered. All suggestions welcome, tete-beche K-21, or se tenant Z7.
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09:37 AM PT (US)

5 December 1901

Post card from Diablerets to Sistow, Bulgaria received 27 December (Julian calendar - 14 December Gregorian) This town is on the Danube river on the border between Bulgaria and Romania. The card probably transited Vienna and Sofia.
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04:19 PM PT (US)

4 December 1903

Very early use (issued 30 October 1903) of the new fleuron style cancelers made by Güller according to DeCoppet's design and patent.
Nachnahme post card to France. Any explanation of the rate would be appreciated.
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07:23 AM PT (US)

3 December 1917

Local unfranked letter. Should have had a 5 centimes stamp by sender, since unfranked = double postage = 10 centimes due.
Bern razor cancel.
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09:35 AM PT (US)

2 December 1918

Wrapper from Office of the President of Panama to the Panamanian Consul in Geneve received 2 December, forwarded to Lausanne, received 3 December. Few items to Switzerland are known of any kind from Panama.
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03:42 PM PT (US)

December 1, 1874

International pre-UPU letter to St Paul-Trois-Chateaux, France, received 2 December.
Ambulant 1a December 1, transit Suisse Ambulant Marseilles No1, Decmber 1.

Grand Hotel de la Paix, Geneva, printed return address on reverse. Very early use of hotel stationery.
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02:24 PM PT (US)

30 November 1867

International pre-UPU letter from Glarus to Patrasso, Greece. 95 centimes rate from Swiss zone 2, rate in effect 1 February 1867.

Glarus , transit Zurich-Chur ambulant 30 November, transit Chur 30 November, transit Trieste 3 December. Arrived Patrasso December 1 Julian, (December 14 Gregorian.) Greece used the Julian calandar until 1923.
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