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Philately of Switzerland

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retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:27 AM PT (US)

20 February 1913

International commemorative postal card [ Swiss National Exposition 1914] cancelled onboard the Zürich-Geneve-Zürich train - destination Sindelfingen, Germany [ now of the annual Sindelfingen Stamp and Post History show held each year in October.]

The message side is datelined Aarau so that would be where the card entered the postal system. Aarau is located on the route this train travelled between Zürich and Geneve.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:10 AM PT (US)

Hello Jorge - The stamps you have shown were widely reproduced. Your scans are not large enough to compare with known forgeries and reproductions. It is highly unlikely these are genuine since they catalogue in the multi-thousands of dollars and any collector who bought them as genuine would have receipts and usually certificates from the time they bought the stamps.

When scanning be sure to crop down to the stamp to get detail.
The detail necessary to identify early stamps needs to be clear since many were hand drawn and each stamp is different.

These are from the 1854 series to show how much detail is required to identify your early stamps.
jorge jovenPerson was signed in when posted
04:54 PM PT (US)

more samples. I hope im scanning it right
jorge jovenPerson was signed in when posted
04:44 PM PT (US)

here's the second one
jorge jovenPerson was signed in when posted
04:39 PM PT (US)


Thanks you for replying, I re scanned the 2 stamps so you could see clearer also I can rescann all the album and send it to your personal e-mail if that's ok and allowed just as to not to clooged this message board
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:24 AM PT (US)
Hello Jorge,

We can try to start you off in the right direction.
For example the scan you have posted needs to show us the detail of the stamp. Can you re-scan at 600dpi and crop so there is little extra around the stamp. With this stamp it's the details that count since so many reproductions and forgeries were made of these early issues.
Also, can you scan details of the 1854 series, those are the imperforated Sitting Helvetia. Few of these were ever forged and are relatively easy to identify from a good scan. I can tell a lot about this series from scans if they are 600 dpi. Since you can only post a single scan with each post, it's OK to use two or more posts to show us what you have.

Another page of interest to us would be the 1882 series of Standing Helvetia. Most post 1900 stamps have low value, though there are some exceptions. You should try to see if your local library has a Scott catalogue for identifying stamp in your album. Keep into consideration that the values in the catalogue are for near perfect stamps and is the dealer price. You can't add up every stamp at $.25 and come up with a total value since the $.25 stamps are minimum value and are usually collected in bulk.

I look forward to seeing a few detailed scans.

jorge jovenPerson was signed in when posted
10:43 AM PT (US)

Hello I have 3 albums of Swiss stamps used and mint that came from my father (Juan F. Joven) in the Philippines. I'm trying to find out information on how to have it authenticated in North America. I am based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and willing to fly to the US if needed. I can send Scanned copies of the album if needed.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
09:33 AM PT (US)

19 February 1876

Neuchatel to Warsaw, 25 centimes UPU international letter rate paid by using a 5 centimes Tüblibrief plus a 20 centimes stamp.
Received 10 February per Julian calendar, which was 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar at the time. The letter took 4 days to be delivered.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
10:56 AM PT (US)

18 February 1910

Wrapper for printed matter mailed at the Yverdon railway station, destination - Ste Croix, via the Regional Railway Yverdon-Ste.Croix.

This is the only item I have originating in Yverdon going uphilll to Ste Croix, all other items in my collection are from uphill communities coming downhill on the railway for distribution to the rest of Switzerland or other countries.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:23 AM PT (US)

17 February 1866

Geneve to Haselbusch bei Berlin, international pre-UPU letter.
Swiss zone2 to Germany zone 3 = 50 centimes
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
07:21 AM PT (US)

15 February 1911

Lausanne [Money Office razor cancel] to UnterEhrendingen.
Nachnahme card to collect Fr3.65. 5 centimes postage plus 10 centimes to collect under Fr10.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
03:08 PM PT (US)

14 February 1909

International post card from Hoetl Schweizerhof, Luzern to Long Riston, Hull, England.

Note message - " We tobagganed down hill over 2 miles last week in just 10 minutes, it took an hour to go up it!"
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
10:24 AM PT (US)

13 February 1909

International postal card from Lausanne to Posen, Germany [present day Poland]
Advertising the razor business of AD. Arbenz. Card returned to Lausanne - reason - Business Closed indicated by UPU label, also hand written note in top left.

I find it interesting to always look up on the internet to see if a businesss or person has a story. In this case it was interesting as shown in this contemporary ad!
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
12:18 PM PT (US)

Hello Lucky,

Welcome to this Swiss chat. (oops at first I posted the wrong cover.)

What you have is a cutout from a 10 centime postal envelope. They are usually collected as whole covers, though I've seen spaces in old Scott albums with space for all the different issues, 5 centimes, 10 centimes, 25 centimes, and 30 centimes. So they fill spaces but really have no value.

I posted this envelope to show how they were used when combined with other stamps from the period. Notice the stamps get cancelled, but the indicia of the envelope does not. The theory was that there was no need to cancel the postal envelope indicia since the envelope could not be reused. The cutouts were not valid for postage when stuck onto another envelope, and they were of a different design so it was easy for the clerks to identify anyone attempting to defraud the post office.

Lucky181Person was signed in when posted
12:01 PM PT (US)

I'm going through Swiss stamps left to me by my grandfather and father. I found a cut one which isn't in any Scott catalog. I noticed in an earlier post that it looks like the one in the 1874 postcard.(Post 778)Since this seems to have been cut out, is it still authentic or accepted as a stamp, and does it have any value?
I don't know if the picture shows it, but it is embossed. Thanks for feedback,
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