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Philately of Switzerland

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09:52 AM PT (US)

6 August 1951

Locarno-Bignasco Ambulante card from Locarno to Paudex, near Lutry.
Shows the Ponte Brolla bridge, one of the bridges the train crosses on this route.
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09:44 AM PT (US)

5 August 1910

Postcard showing view of the Rhone Valley and the Martigny-Chatelard train. This 12 mile line is still open today for you to travel, or you can view this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jripftgju1E - and 7 others that document the route from start to finish saving a whole lot of money!
Printed matter destination Paris, France. Sender allowed to write place, date, and name of sender for this reduced rate.
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09:28 AM PT (US)

4 August 1936

Postcard of snow scene from St Cergue to Les Verrière.
Picture shows train on which this card would have received the cancellation.
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10:02 AM PT (US)

3 August 1881

International letter from Rigi-Klösterli to Paris, France, via Belfort.
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11:38 AM PT (US)

2 August 1927

Postcard datelined Eschenbach [also pictured on other side] and boarded the Zürich-Luzern-Zürich railway at this town, destination Fribourg.
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07:28 AM PT (US)

1 August 1922

Uprated Bundesfeier card celebrating National Fête Day.
Originated and posted at Rougemont station on the Montreux-Zweisimmen railway, destination Ottenhausen, Württemberg.
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08:57 AM PT (US)

31 July 1878

International UPU letter St. Moritz-Bad to Philadelphia, USA
Originated at the Hotel du Lac, via Queenstown, transited New York August 18
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11:51 AM PT (US)

30 July 1903

Postcard probably placed aboard Bière-Morges Regional at Vufflens station which is only 4.5km from Morges station, destination Clermont-Ferrand, France.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
05:11 PM PT (US)

29 July 1902

Local mourning cover within Bern cancelled with razor canceller Type 4.03 issued 1 July 1902.
Forwarded out of local area to Interlaken causing a 5 centimes shortage, thus 5 centimes postage due.
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11:30 AM PT (US)

28 July 1914

Postcard of Gruyere probably written while travelling towards Montbovon, where Palezieux-Montbovon railway ended and postcard transferred to Montreux-Zweisimmen Ambulant headed in Montreux direction, destination Paris, France.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
06:06 PM PT (US)

26 July 1900

A postcard entering the postal system at the Bière train station and processed aboard the Bière-Morges Regional, destination Lausanne, where it was received the same day at 9am. It must have been sent out for delivery and the addressee was not present so the card was forwarded to Bussigny sur Oron. The Lausanne razor cancel was used to send it on its way at 2pm. It arrived at Oron at 5pm.

The use of the Lausanne razor cancel as a forwarding date stamp is very scarce and rated 10 on the scale of 13.
Edited 07-26-2020 06:07 PM
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:18 AM PT (US)

Hi John - I guess the sender wanted to get the quickest delivery possible. Only way to know would be to find another censored regular cover going to Milan from Bern during the same period and compare the markings on that.

Here's an historic comparison -
25 July 1868
International pre-UPU letter, 30 centimes, from Locarno [10pm] to Pavia, Italy via Milano Stazione [25 July].
Arrived in Pavia next day and assumed delivered. Town about 20 miles south-west of Milan center.
John F. Barrett,Ph.D.Person was signed in when posted
08:38 AM PT (US)
?Italy was already member of the Allied Powers? If the sender knew that mail would be censored/delayed then the 30 cts was wasted? Nice item!
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
10:11 AM PT (US)

24 July 1917

International express letter from Spiez to Milan, Italy transit Bern [razor cancel], received Milano 27 July.
Pre-war, and with no interruption for censoring, this as a regular first class letter would have probably been received in Milan the next day instead of three days transit for an express letter in 1917.
International letter 25 centimes plus express fee of 30 centimes.
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12:24 PM PT (US)

23 July 1936

Postcard originating in Poschiavo, placed aboard the St.Moritz-Tirano railway, destination Summiswald.
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10:26 AM PT (US)

22 July 1914

International postcard originating in Les Rasses a community very close to Ste Croix. This card would have been mailed at the Ste Croix station and processed on board the Yverdon-Ste Croix train headed towards Yverdon, destination Nice and forwarded to ????.
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