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Philately of Switzerland

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09:00 AM PT (US)

14 July 1910

Lausanne [razor cancel] to Echallens, which is a town on the Lausanne-Bercher railway.
Domestic postal card.
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10:54 AM PT (US)

13 July 1917

Local business post card for delivery within Chur.
Chur razor cancel, one of the first devices to be modified reflecting the change from hatchures above and below the date line, to the Swiss Cross and postal district number below.
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11:08 AM PT (US)

12 July 1867

Domestic letter Burgdorf to Consulate of United States of North America in Basel.
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02:00 PM PT (US)

11 July 1901

Postcard mailed at Gonten station and processed aboard the Appenzell-Winklen railway, destination - St Gallen.
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09:01 AM PT (US)

10 July 1875

International registered letter Vicosoprano to Elbing, Prussia. 25 centimes postage plus 10 centimes registration.
Vicosoprano blue 10 July
transit Silvaplana 11 July
transit Chur 11 July
transit Chur-Zurich-Chur ambulant 11 July
transit St Gallen_Sargans-St Gallen ambulant 11 July
received Elbing 13 July.

"Elbing is the German name of Elbląg, a city in northern Poland which until 1945 was a German city in the province of East Prussia"
1450km from Vicosoprano to Elbing.
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08:51 AM PT (US)

9 July 1938

International letter from Bienwil am See [return address on reverse] to Heidelberg, Germany.
Posted at the Bienwil train station and processed on board the Luzern-Wildegg-Luzern railway.
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11:30 AM PT (US)

8 July 1875

International letter from Tiffany and Co., Geneve to Paris transit Bellegarde 9 July.
The UPU agreed to start its international rates on 1 July 1875, seven days earlier than this letter was posted.
For a couple of reasons France did not start at this time and it wasn't until 1 January 1876 that France officially joined the UPU. This means that for the last six months of 1875 the rate to nearly all European countries was 25 centimes, except France which was 30 centimes.
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07:28 AM PT (US)

Hi Steven - Compare your stamp with examples on this page, many have a certificate. I would likely require a certificate, but that doesn't seem 100% since some don't appear light red to me. I guess it all depends on the asking price and whether you can purchase conditioned on a good certificate.


Steven KennedyPerson was signed in when posted
05:03 AM PT (US)

The stamp on top was sent to me by a dealer as a Scott C25a/Zumstein C24a. The middle stamp was sent for comparison. The stamp on the bottom is my C25/Z24. I know that scanner/monitor colors aren't the most accurate, but these all seem to be the same color to me. Do you think that there is any chance that the stamp on top is in fact a C25a/Z24a?
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08:37 AM PT (US)

7 July 1879

Domestic postal card Neuchâtel to Lausanne.
Forwarded with the addition of a 5 centimes stamp to make the correct international postage to Beverwijk, Holland.
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04:24 PM PT (US)

6 July 1906

Postcard of Ponts de Martel to Sweden.
Mailed at Ponts and placed on board the Regional Ponts-Chaux-de-Fonds railway. The addressee Percival Kalling was 16 years old when he received this postcard. I can't determine the town in Sweden where he was apparently in school. He later became Consul to San Marino and represented San Marino at the UPU Convention of 1924 in Stockholm.
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10:38 AM PT (US)

5 July 1900

Postal card commemorating the 25th anniversary of the UPU, destination Postbureau Bern, mailed day after Conference closed at 8pm.
The Conference was held in Bern and this canceller was made by Fréderic DeCoppet as a demonstration piece to show officials of postal administrations from around the world how it worked.
This canceller is presently in the PTT Museum in Bern, where I was lucky enough to see it and take pictures.
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03:22 PM PT (US)

4 July 1901

Originating in Les Brenets for Belfort, France.
The Brenets-Locle railway was only 4.1km long and connected at Le Locle with the main line to France.
In most cases correspondence mailed at the Les Brenets train station received a circular date stamp, Locle-Brenets, while travelling to Le Locle. In this case it received the straight line at the Les Brenets station, missed the CDS, and was then transferred to the main line train where it received Ambulant No12.
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03:14 PM PT (US)

3 July 1914

Post card of statue in Geneva, probably posted in letter box at train station for Paris.
Geneve-Culoz-Geneve was a main line train that exchanged mail at Culoz for France.
There were four different devices used on this route between 1910 and 1914.
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08:33 AM PT (US)

2 July 1863

Nachnahme [collect] letter from Winterthur to Zürich for the amount of Fr2.62.
Postage 2 centimes printed matter plus 10 centimes to collect under Fr10.00.
"Refüsirt" - Refused
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10:33 AM PT (US)

1 July 1954

Postcard from Poschiavo went on board the St Moritz-Tirano railway, destination Milan, Italy.
This line is one of the few Swiss railways that has a terminus in another country, Tirano.
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