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Philately of Switzerland

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11:25 AM PT (US)

13 March 1881

Printed matter homemade wrapper from Cham to Lynn, MA, USA.
5 centimes international UPU printed matter rate.

Lower left hand stamp identifies the company as the A.S.C. Milk Co. which was the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company founded by American Charles Page in 1866. see this link for more history of the company -

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02:34 PM PT (US)

12 March 1908

Post card placed aboard the Lausanne-Bercher Regional Railway at Assens [see blue pencil center of card] for Lyon, France. 10 centimes international pstcard rate.
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10:28 AM PT (US)

11 March 1912

Post card of Konstanz probably mailed at the Konstanz train station then processed aboard the Wil-Konstanz-Wil railway.
Destination Bombay, India, via Brindisi. A very rare destination for any item processed by railway postal clerks.
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04:00 PM PT (US)

10 March 1875

Domestic nachnahme [collect] letter.
Uprated 10 centimes Tüblibrief to collect 70 centimes.

Goldbach 10 March, transit Burgdorf 10 March, received Rohrbach 11 March.
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11:29 AM PT (US)

9 March 1903

Uprated Norwegian domestic postal card, 10 ore total for international use to Geneva.
Received 8 March at Rue Du Stand post office at 7am, lower left. Sent out for delivery and returned to post office with forwarding address, reprocessed and redirected 9 March 4 pm top left, handled by postman at 7pm, center.

Of special interest is the Rue du Stand razor cancel which was damaged from the very start of its use. When Decoppet delivery a test canceller to Norway in 1903 it looked like this device, and the Norgewians returned it as unsatisfactory. The Swiss sent it back to Norway explaining it was a test of the mechanism and didn't matter how it looked! Norway had a history of copying Swiss cancellers during the 1880's and 1890's when international copyrights were not consistant. I don't think the Swiss PO cared whether the Norwegians bought the flexible-head cancellers or not! At this time Güller couldn't make enough to supply the Swiss post offices, let alone foreign administrations.
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retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:46 AM PT (US)

8 March 1908

Post card from Chateau D'Oex placed aboard the Montreux-Zweisimmen railway for Vullierens sur Morges, received 9 March.
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11:51 AM PT (US)

7 March 1868

Folded letter from Neuchatel to Engis, Belgium.
30 centimes pre-UPU rate.
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10:40 AM PT (US)

6 March 1914

Picture post card of Davos in snow, datelined Landquart, and posted aboard the Rhaetian Railway, probably the most scenic railway in Switzerland. Destination South Strafford, Vermont - a very tiny village even today.
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11:19 AM PT (US)
Hello Martin - Welcome to this chat board, though not many people are chatting. Oh, well.

I don't know of any collectors specializing in Customs cancellations.

Are you a member of the American Helvetia Philatelic Society? If so, you, as a member, could have a one-inch ad printed in our journal TELL asking the same question. The next issue will be put together at the end of March for April distribution to about 225 active members. Both links above will head you in the right direction.

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retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:14 AM PT (US)

5 March 1867

Appears to be a simple domestic internal letter - 10 centimes. But, the corner hand stamp shows the letter is from a business in Genoa, Italy.
Therefore, this letter was hand-carreid from Genoa to Bellinzona where it entered the Swiss postal system, destination Schwyz, received 6 March. Mailing from Genoa would have cost 30 centimes.
There was much going on in Italy in 1867: a cholera epidemic in Northern Italy, and the civil war to unify the different states of Italy. This business in Genoa didn't want to take a chance of this communication not arriving at its destination.
Swiss_MartinPerson was signed in when posted
01:36 PM PT (US)

Hello everybody

My name is Martin and I am a collector of Swiss Customs Cancellations - I found a few articles by Derek R. Beak in the Helvetia Philatelic Society Newsletter from 1974.

Are there any other collectors of Swiss Customs Cancellations out there who want to get in touch with me or does anybody know what happend to Mister Beak's collection?

Looking forward to hear from you :-)

Kind regards from Switzerland

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11:34 AM PT (US)

4 March 1875

Nachnahme wrapper Solothurn to Delsberg to collect Fr1.32.
Postage 2 centimes + collect fee 10 centimes = 12 centimes.

Very decorative privately printed wrapping paper which has apparent measuring areas across the back, possibly for determining postage by the company.
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01:47 PM PT (US)

3 March 1876

International UPU letter from Geneve, via Zürich, to Constantinople received 12 March.
Uprated 10 centimes Tüblibrief with 15 centimes stamp.
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11:08 AM PT (US)

2 March 1899

International post card mailed at Apples station and placed aboard the Biere-Morges Regional railway for Paris, France.
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10:37 AM PT (US)

1 March 1882

Bern fahrpost office to Tafers, a nachnahme card to collect Fr5.20.
Stamp is faserpapier, which means it has the colored silk threads dispersed in the paper, as opposed to being white paper which was used for the previous 20 years.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
01:49 PM PT (US)

29 February 1869

This is one of those "rarities" where the clerk created an impossible date. 1869 was not a leap year, therefore, February 29 was not possible for this letter, most probably should have been March 1, being processed at 7am.

Of interest is the destination - Rome. Rome was part of the Papal States, not Italy at this point in time, therefore, had its own postal treaties with other countries. Rome became part of Italy in 1870.

The rate for this letter is 35 centimes from Lenzburg to Rome with, I believe, an additional 20 lira collected for delivery within Rome. Anyone with more accurate info is encouraged to comment.
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