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Philately of Switzerland

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10:49 AM PT (US)

20 September 1878

Fribourg to Kleinlützel.
Uprated 5 centimes postal card use to collect Fr15.70. Pair of 10 centimes stamps paid for collecting the amount due - 10 centimes per Fr10 to collect, total Fr15.95.
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09:05 AM PT (US)

19 September 1901

Postcard of Romanel posted at the Romanel sur Lausanne train station 19 September and cancelled aboard the Lausanne-Bercher Regional railway. The train was probably the last train of the day in the Lausanne direction where the card was held overnight for a trip back the next morning via the railway to Romanel, 20 September, for delivery. I don't think there is any other explanation.
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11:15 AM PT (US)

18 September 1902

Postcard of Lausanne view mailed at Cheseaux station and date stamped on the Lausanne-Bercher Regional railway, destination Thusis, Grisons.
You, maybe like me, are wondering why there is a designated place for the stamp in the upper right corner, yet the sender puts the stamp in the lower left which is supposed to be the location of a receiving date stamp!
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11:10 AM PT (US)

17 September 1908

Postcard mailed from Tramelan Dessous destination Moutier. Processed abaord the Tramelan-Tavannes Regional railway.
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08:57 AM PT (US)

16 September 1864

Domestic letter from General Insurance Company, main office, St Gallen, to Niederuzwyl, transit St Gallen-Zürich railway and Uzwyl.
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10:16 AM PT (US)

15 September 1913

View of Lugano on postcard headed towards Paris, France via the Basel-Milano-Basel international mobile post office.
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10:38 AM PT (US)

14 September 1873?

Registered local letter from the Justice of the Peace in Littau, destination Luzern.
Cover canceled using a zwergstempel. This is one of a series of devices made by Güller without year date wheels made circa 1872-3 mainly for small second class post offices.
The 5 centimes stamp paid for the postage and the 10 centimes "tüblibrief" [postal envelope] paid the registration.
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10:30 AM PT (US)

13 September 1904

Postcard mailed from the Châtelard-Frontière station on the Martigny-Châtelard railway. This is the last station prior to entering France towards Chamonix destination Paris.
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12:45 PM PT (US)

12 September 1906

Postal card from Herisau that entered the mail stram on the Appenzel-Winkeln railway, destination Zürich.
This is one of the few railway cancellers that does not include "ambulant" or "bahnpost" in its name making it more difficult to find since they usually aren't recognized by dealers.
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08:09 AM PT (US)

11 September 1902 (03)

Postcard addressed to Schönenburg, Toggenburg.
Luzern [8.01] razor cancel to Schönenberg-Toggenburg 11 September 1903 -11 am;
missent Kradolf-Schönenberg 11 September 1902;
forwarded to Schönengrund 12 September1902;
forwarded to St Peterzell 12 September 1902.

PS: Luzern ‘03 is an error, probably inadvertently changed when hour wheel was adjusted.
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08:21 AM PT (US)

10 September 1900

First day of use for this Bern Type 2 razor canceller for delivery within Bern.
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10:05 AM PT (US)

9 September 1912

View postcard of village of Tramelan sent as printed matter rate, mailed at the station and processed aboard by the Tavannes-Tramelan railway postal clerk. The total route most likely took the card via, Moutier, Porrentruy, and Belfort.
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12:17 PM PT (US)

8 September 1900

10 centime international UPU commemorative postal card mailed in Lauterbrunnen for Berlin and processed aboard the Grindelwald-Interlaken railway.
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12:14 PM PT (US)

7 September 1907

Postcard from Les Brenets to Geneve mailed for delivery in Geneve, via the Brenets-Locle Regional raliway.
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10:43 AM PT (US)

6 September 1867

International pre-UPU letter Geneve to Epinal, forwarded to Faverney, France.
Nice example of the 30 centimes blue stamp.
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07:22 AM PT (US)

5 September 1908

Postcard sent to Asnieres, France.
Scene shows terrain the 1 meter gauge Martigny-Châtelard railway travelled over its 12 mile route. Trains still run today so next time you are in Switzerland check this as a day trip. A continuation of the line takes one to Chamonix, France.
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