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Philately of Switzerland

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12:51 PM PT (US)

16 September 1864

Business letter from St Gallen to Niederuzwyl.
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01:17 PM PT (US)

15 September 1903

Postcard from Meiringen [Hotel du Sauvage] to Baudour, Belgium.
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01:14 PM PT (US)

14 September [1873]

Registered letter from Littau to Luzern.
5 centimes postage plus 10 centimes tueblibrief to pay registration.

Undated cover from Justice of the peace in Littau. Year cannot be determined without enclosure. Zwergstempels had no year date and registered letters typically had no receiving date stamp on the back.
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01:07 PM PT (US)

13 September 1902

International postcard from Port Louis, Guadeloupe 26 August 1902 to Neuchâtel [9.02] 13 September.

Very scarce use of this razor canceler from a great origin!
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01:00 PM PT (US)

12 September 1918

Altnau to Kreuzlingen 12 September, forwarded to Romanshorn 12 September 7pm.
Franked as local letter.
Clerk in Romanshorn added postage due 13 September. The letter was refused and the postage due uncollected.
Label and tax disregarded, redelivered in Romanshorn.

Altnau is midway between Kreuzlingen and Romanshorn which are 18 km apart, therefore, the local rate of under 10km was valid for the letter going to either town from Altnau.

Carrying the letter 8 km west to Kreuzlingen then back 18 km east to Romanshorn was adjusted to local letter rate for under 10km.

The manuscript note at the bottom reads -
ohne Taxe auszuliefern
[deliver without tax]
Edited 09-12-2019 01:19 PM
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01:09 AM PT (US)

11 September 1866

Geneve to St Jean de Maurienne, France via the Mt Cenis railway.
30 centimes pre-UPU rate.
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01:05 AM PT (US)

10 September 1900

Local postal card commemorating 25th Anniversary of the UPU.
First day use of the deCoppet Type 2 Bern canceler.
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01:55 PM PT (US)
This upcoming weekend is SEAPEX in Tukwilla, near the Seatac airport.

I hope to see AHPS members from the pacific northwest in attendance.

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01:42 PM PT (US)

9 September 1908

Post card from, Longfrançon, France to Geneva, Post Restante. Forwarded to Hotel Bellvue, Frutigen, then again forwarded to a pension in Thun.

[See note in image concerning cancels.]
The Geneva razor cancel used as a forwarding date stamp is very scarce.
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04:10 PM PT (US)

8 September 1905

Interesting, probably philatelic answer card, from Andermatt to Göschenen, only 6km away. The card was addressed and signed by the addressee, who probably travelled on the same train the card as the mail bag. Then collected at the Göschenen post office, which was located in the train station.
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02:56 PM PT (US)

7 September 1904

Chaux-de-Fonds to Oran, Algeria.
International printed matter 5 centimes.

One of four 1902 DeCoppet prototypes - Chaux-de-Fonds [N.02] first used 7 November 1902.
The mass production feasibility test was a success, but the visual design deemed too heavy. This was addressed after the contract signing in April 1903. Güller refined the appearance in June 1903 when making a final set of test cancelers.

These prototypes were used for many years.
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12:13 PM PT (US)

6 September 1867

Geneva to Epinal, France [received 7 September], forwarded to Faverney.
This is an example of the 30 centimes blue printing, not ultramarine.
Edited 09-06-2019 12:13 PM
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02:45 PM PT (US)

5 September 1907

Top - Earliest of fewer than five known Geneva [6.02] razor cancels used as forwarding date stamp.

5 September 1888
Lower - From Berlin, Germany 5 September to Zürich, then forwarded multiple times, Brienz, Meiringen, and returned to an address in Unterstrasse, a district of Zürich.
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03:17 PM PT (US)

4 September

1879 - Originated Basel, via Chur 4 September, to Pontresina. Forwarded to Dresden, Germany, received September 7.
Domestic letter rate. Should have been marked additonal 15 centimes for international rate to Dresden, which would then have been doubled. It was not marked postage due by the Swiss, therefore, the Germans did not collect.

1888 - Mailed 4 September from Mosbach, Baden, to Unterstrasse, Zürich. Forwarded to Alpnach Dorf via Luzern, then after 6 days sent back to Unterstrasse.

Uprated domestic postal card.
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03:04 PM PT (US)

3 September 1890

London, England, to Zürich 4 September. Returned via Zürich Controle 7 September, received London 9 September.
Letter short paid 1 1/2d = 15 centimes, collect double deficiency = 30 centimes
Postage due stamps applied 5 September, hand stamped Ungültig, uncollected.�

Blue pencil hand written explanation:
"Refused not enough franking �"
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12:41 PM PT (US)

2 September 1873

International pre-UPU double weight, registered letter to Freiburg im Brisgau, Germany, received September 3.
50 centimes postage plus 25 centimes registration.

Transit St Gallen-Sargans-St Gallen Ambulant September 2.
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