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Philately of Switzerland

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retorixPerson was signed in when posted
08:00 PM PT (US)

24 August 1903

Post card from Neuchâtel to Ratisbonne (Regensburg in German), Bavaria.

Maybe there was a message in the way the stamps were placed?
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12:53 PM PT (US)

23 August 1880

International printed matter rate from Geneva to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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11:17 AM PT (US)

22 August 1908

Chur to Stürvis nachnahme Fr1.10, refused and not paid.
I'm not sure what the red 12.10 represents other than it may be a top card of stack that was unpaid!
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06:28 PM PT (US)

21 August 1927

From Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia to Germany received 20 August
Forwarded to Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern 21 August, forwarded to Interlaken received 22 August

International letter 2 crowns 50 heller.
Underpaid 50 heller = 7 pfennig doubled to 14pf, rounded up to 15pf.
15pf - 16.8 centimes in Switzerland rounded down to 15 centimes due.
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11:32 AM PT (US)

20 August 1906

Razor cancel receiver Geneve Rue Du Stand [6.05] from New York, 10 August 1906;
received Geneve Facteurs (mail carrier), 19 August 1906;
received Geneve Rue du Stand, 20 August 1906;
forwarded to Bellevue (district of Geneve), 22 August 1906;
returned to New York, USA.
International letter.�
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06:28 PM PT (US)

19 August 1905

From Guntakal, India [31 July] to Aarau, received 19 August. Sea post transit date stamp 5 August.
Edited 08-19-2019 06:30 PM
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06:26 PM PT (US)

18 August 1899

Uprated postal card from Waterbury, Conn, USA [Aug 7] to Aarau received 18 August.
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06:26 PM PT (US)

17 August 1907

Lausanne Consig. Mess. [razor cancel] to La Sallaz. Collect fee for Fr10.00 plus 12 centimes postage.
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09:55 PM PT (US)

16 August 1901

Two special event souvenirs.
Top - Vevey Exposition to Geneva.
Bottom - Basel Austellungen to Étréchy, France.

Both cancelers were made by deCoppet for the special puirpose of the public to see his new invention in action at the expo post offices.
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10:51 AM PT (US)

15 August 1901

London, England, to Oxford 16 August, forwarded and received Celerina 19 August.

G.B. printed matter 5th weight class 2 1/2d.
Rated 1st class when forwarded to Celerina. Weight 230gm @ 25 centimes per 15 gm = 3.75Fr due.�

Philosophy professor Schiller refused to pay 3.75Fr postage due for a bulky printed matter envelope forwarded to him in Celerina. [Put into perspective, full pension at his hotel was 8-10Fr per day.] After the item was returned to the sender in London, it would be remailed to him in Oxford at the original printed matter rate of 2 1/2d. �

Refusé label probably not available, population Celerina 1900 = 341.
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02:49 PM PT (US)

14 August 1866

Domestic letter sent from Luzern to Besazio near Mendrisio. A very early use of the new Güller rotating date wheel canceller.
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12:17 AM PT (US)

13 August 1902

Nice Basel razor cancel used on postcard to Oberried, Kirchzarten, Germany.
The sender obtained the card at the Hotel und Pension Hohfluh, Meiringen, and probaby mailed it outside the train station in Basel before crossing into Germany!
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12:41 PM PT (US)

12 August 1964

Interesting informational label from 1964.
During 1964 Switzerland transitioned to using 4 digit postal codes, this was the primary reason Güller lost the contract to make Swiss cancellers - the company couldn't make the huge number needed in such a short time with the new post codes within the design of the canceller.

This example from the Trucial States to Bern shows that not everyone was up to date during this transition period!
The sender used the old "Bern 9" zone number and the label reminds the addressee to notify their correspondents that henceforth 4 digit post codes were required. The interesting point is the Bern date stamp used to tie the label to the letter was an old date stamp without the new code! We can see that Zone 9 was changed to Bern 3000.

I'm sure there are many more items with this label, but I like having one from the Trucial States!
Edited 08-12-2019 12:42 PM
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12:34 PM PT (US)

11 August 1903

Postcard mailed with Swedish stamp in Christiania, Norway. Norwegian stamp added, 8 August, to pay for international postcard rate to St Gallen, Switzerland. Received 11 August.
Swedish stamp has blue pencil indicating invalid stamp.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
12:01 AM PT (US)

10 August 1912

Zurich, Hirslanden district office, to Malters, refused collection of Fr1.12.
Inscribed "Refusé: T. Blatter"
2 centimes postage 10 centimes to collect under Fr10.
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02:33 PM PT (US)

9 August 1907

Geneve Rue du Stand razor cancel to Alexandria Bay, NY, which is on the St Lawrence River, forwarded to Smithville, Wayne County, Indiana. Received August 20.
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