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Philately of Switzerland

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02:48 PM PT (US)

21 October 1908

Geneve addressed to a military perosn in Haiphong, Tonkin [Viet Nam].
There is a small script TV.beneath the "NE" of the Geneve razor cancel.

There is no stamp on this card nor any cancel, or partial cancel on the other side, to indicate that a stamp was ever used. It should not have been a free military item, so no explanation. Suggestions invited.
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11:54 AM PT (US)

20 October 1885

Simple 25 centimes tüblibrief [postal stationary] primarily used for international correspondence. This from Zürich to Augsburg, Germany, northwest of Munich.
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07:00 PM PT (US)

19 October 1944

Post card mailed at Chésières and carried on the Bex-Chesieres railway to the Colonial Service, Geneve.
Return address was the Secours aux Enfants [Children's Relief] of the Red Cross, Alpine Center for Refugees in Chésières sur Ollon.

I found online interesting information about this organization.
From one reference -
". . . . this is the Home Alpina, transformed into a transit camp for refugee children, such as the Henri Dunant Centre in Geneva. Alpina can accommodate 80 children, there are currently about fifty of them, the youngest being 3 years old and the oldest 16 years old. Most of them arrived in Switzerland without their parents, a few know that their father or mother is in a refugee camp in our country."

". . . French, Belgians, Poles, Italians, Dutch, Germans, these children are mostly Israelites. There are three young Protestants. Some of them will leave the Chesières camp to be welcomed - in our families or in Swiss Red Cross homes, Children's Relief homes. . . . "

from another reference - 25 November 1944 a letter addressed to Roswell McClelland, War Refugee Board, US Legation, Bern.

". . . . .Before closing my letter I have another favor to ask of you, concerning the daughter of my best friend here, Ms. Ilse Besterman, who has been working for over a year in the Children's Relief of the Red Cross, at the moment employed at the Home Alpina, Chésières s/Ollon.

"She would like a position as a secretery in one of the great organisations working in Europe, such as UNRREA. She speaks perfect French and German and has a very good knowledge of English. . . . . " [Unfortunately the request was turned down as the recipient of the letter had no contact with those hiring anyone.]

It would be my guess that Ms Ilse Besterman was working at the Home Alpina when the above post card was written and mailed.
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09:51 AM PT (US)

18 October 1875

Nachnahme letter from government agency in Fellers [ Falera], therefore, free postage plus 20 centimes to collect Fr12.75+20 centimes postage = Fr12.95.
Destination Ponte-Campovasto [La Punt-Chamues-ch] via Laax.
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09:45 AM PT (US)

17 October - Two railway cancels on 5 centimes cards.

Top - 1909 - Mailed at Bern train station, marked with straight line BERN and stamp cancelled with Bern-Basel-Bern bahnpost canceler. Destination Ostende, Belgium, forwarded to Bruxelles. Correctly inscribed - "imprimé" for international printed matter rate.

Lower - 1910 - Business post card placed on board the Luzern-Wildegg-Luzern train at Ermensee (pencil top center) for address in Luzern. Correct franking for domestic post card.
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01:05 PM PT (US)
Raul asked about the name "razor cancel", so here is a link to my exhibit which tells the whole story.

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10:47 AM PT (US)

16 October 1900

Official free letter from Chur, with Type 1 razor canceler, to Ruschein.
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10:54 AM PT (US)

15 October 1900

Chur to Churwalden - UPU 5 centimes postal card.
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10:51 AM PT (US)

14 October 1901

Proof that two different razor cancelers were being used at the Bern post office on the same day.

Type 1 - Postal card to Fehraltorf. The receiver being a device made by Güller sometime in the early 1870's.

Type 2 - Postal card to Cavallasca, Italy. Unfranked but no sign of charges or how much was collected, which should have been 20 centimes total.
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09:11 AM PT (US)

13 October 1911

Postal card boarded train in Grosshöchstetten [see left of card]. When station striaght line marks are not used it is always important to read teh message which quite often gives town and date.
The Thun-Burgdorf-Thun railway was built in 1899 connecting this market town with the rest of Switzerland by rail.
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11:36 AM PT (US)

12 October 1902

Zermatt via the Viege-Zermatt Regional railway to Lausanne. Maybe someone reporting the first skiing of the season!
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10:55 AM PT (US)

11 October 1901

I was lucky enough a few years ago to get a series of 10 post cards having commemorative Schützenfest coins, or 5 Franc coins, on the picture side. [Some have blue or green background, a really nice series of postcards.] They are all of the same correspondence from Aarau to Bern. This card received Bern October 11. The set of cards was mailed over a one month period.
Edited 10-11-2019 10:58 AM
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08:59 AM PT (US)

10 October 1900

Two different razor cancelers used on 10 centimes international postal cards, one to London, the other to Palazzolo sul'Oglio, Italy.
The Bern device was a second improved version, the Lausanne the first version, both hand made by DeCoppet.
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10:46 PM PT (US)

9 October 1880
Nachnahme card from Chur to Ermein to collect Fr1.97 [population in 1900 = 89]
2 centimes postage for printed matter card, and 10 centimes to collect under 10 Francs.
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01:40 PM PT (US)

8 October 1928

Post card of Tobel [likely origin] placed aboard the Wil-Konstanz-Wil railway, probably transited Wil, destination Bernhardzell.
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