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Philately of Switzerland

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12:07 PM PT (US)

30 April 1921

Registered commercial letter from import/export company to French Bank of Brazil, both businesses located in Rio de Janeiro.

Of interest is the cancel, a Rio district office. A series of 100 of these cancellers were sent to Rio district offices in 1913. They were made by Güller having the moveable-flexible head date stamps in the deCoppet style. 142 were shipped in 1910 to Rio telegraph offices.
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09:35 AM PT (US)

29 April 1873

Küblis, via Rorschach to Constanz, Baden.
Domestic postal card uprated for use to German State in effect starting 1 January 1873. It wasn't until Jan 1 1874 that the Swiss issued a 10 centimes postal card for use to other countries, therefore, all during 1873 5 centimes cards had to be uprated with the 5 centimes Sitting Helvetia.

In this case the card was first mailed 29 April and returned to the sender for additional postage [ red 10 centimes in pencil]. The stamp is cancelled 1 May as is the Rorschach transit mark.
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11:31 AM PT (US)

28 April 1911

Munich, Bavaria, to Lausanne. International postal card.

Lausanne razor cancel used almost exclusively for outgoing mail. This is one of fewer than 5 receiving date stamps showing this device. One reason being the outgoing and incoming mail was processed in different buildings!
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10:53 AM PT (US)

27 April 1931

Tunis, Tunisia to Küsnacht, Switzerland, international registered letter 9.26francs postage.
The stamps are cancelled with device made by Güller of Hüttikon. This is one of 12 devices made for Tunisia in 1912, and this series of cancellers all had the "fleuron" ornament used in Swiss cancellers made for the Swiss PTT between 1903 and 1914. "Chargements" is the registered letter desk.
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12:03 PM PT (US)

26 April 1911

Montfaucon to Bémont, distance 3.5km, forwarded to Rouge Terres an additonal 2.9km.
Postcard 5 centimes plus 20 centimes to collect 10-50francs. Rate went into effect 1 January 1911.

Refused - Note lower left:
Refusé faute de fonds sous je vous portarai l'argent
[Refused for lack of funds, I will bring you the money.]
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05:05 PM PT (US)

25 April 1900

5 Centimes postal card from Bern to Aarau, both outgoing and recieving cancels are deCoppet razor cancels. Items with two different razor cancels are scarce.
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03:01 PM PT (US)

24 April 1914 Rio de Janiero to Harrar, Ethiopia.

23 March 1914 from Rio de Janeiro; transit 6 April Funchal, transit 10 April Las Palmas, transit 24 April Lagos, Southern Nigeria, 19 June Harrar, Ethiopia.

Mr Balian, the recipient of this card, was an avid post card collector and since he was in an exotic location received many requests to exchange post cards with other collectors. This request from a member of the Consulat General of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro.

The route in the map is accurate to Lagos, Nigeria.

I believe the card was carried from Lagos by ship to Djibouti at the entrance of the Red Sea, then transported to Addis Abba prior to arriving at Harrar. The only alternative was for the card to travel from Lagos by land to Ethiopia, which is highly unlikely.

This route was determined by a clerk in Funchal, otherwise the card would have transited Portugal then continued via the Mediterranean and the Red Sea to Ethiopia, the most logical route in my opinion.

PS: The Funchal, Las Palmas, and Harrar cancelers were all made by Güller of Hüttikon, Switzerland.
Edited 04-24-2019 03:08 PM
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08:12 AM PT (US)

23 April 1874 -

Schaffhausen to Schleusingen, Thuringia. [At the time of this postal card the city was part of Prussia.]

"Rayon Limitrophe" cross border rate from Schaffhausen pre-UPU.
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12:33 PM PT (US)

22 April 1884

10 centimes postal card mailed from Zurich to Birmingham, England - post restante May 1. Held for one month and forwarded from Birmingham June 2, to London Returned Letter Office, 4 June, returned to Switzerland - Zurich 16 June.
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11:38 AM PT (US)

21 April 1900

Khartoum, Sudan to Whitley Bay, England.
I acquired this card when I was searching for cancelers manufactured by Güller. This certainly had a similar look, especially the date wheels. I couldn't find any further unformation, so conclude not made in Switzerland.
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09:49 AM PT (US)

20 April 1910

Bellinzona to Diemberg bei Wald, a very tiny village, forwarded to Neuhaus.
Nice example of a perfin for the Banca Cantonale Ticinese canceled with the Bellinzona deCoppet razor canceler.
Edited 04-21-2019 11:26 AM
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06:41 AM PT (US)

19 April 1869

Ebnat to ???, nachnahme [collect] of 50 centimes. 10 centimes postage and 10 centimes to collect under 10 francs.
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10:08 AM PT (US)

17 April 1871

Basel to Rouen, France, received 20 April.

This originated in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, when occupied by Germany, and was hand carried to Basel for posting. This route was to avoid the front lines between the French and German military force.
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11:49 AM PT (US)

16 April 1866

Geneve to Thonon, France. Cross border rate 20 centimes, instead of 30 centimes for longer distance letters between the two countries. The rate was effective for 10 gram letters 30 km direct line between origin and destination.
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