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Philately of Switzerland

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12:34 PM PT (US)

26 June 1880

Nachnahme card Aarau to Baden to collect 3.00Fr.
2 centimes postage plus 10 centimes to collect the money due.

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12:43 PM PT (US)

25 June 1864

Registered letter from Schoetz to Dagmarsellen, dated by receiving date stamp on reverse.
5 centimes postage local letter, plus 5 centimes registration.
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01:24 PM PT (US)

24 June 1878

Geneve to Lisbon, Portugal, and Lisboa to Geneva 3 July 1878. Pencil in upper left corner lists this as letter number 717 . The July 2nd date would have been George’s note of having replied to this letter.

These are an interesting pair of covers sent between a husband on board a US Navy ship stationed in Lisbon and his wife staying in Geneve, Switzerland.

George H Cooke was a career US naval Surgeon who traveled the world on many ships, in 1878 he was stationed aboard the USS Alliance. His wife traveled and visited countries which were close to the operating area of the fleet’s vessels. Between them they wrote 100’s of letters over a 30+ year period.

In this scan the upper is from Mrs Cooke to George dated 24 June, 1878. This is a scarce cover as the Swiss references list only 6-10 known post-UPU Sitting Helvetia to Portugal. Of particular interest is the “mutilated” cover sent to Mrs Cooke which is dated 3 July, 1878. It could quite possibly have been in response to her letter of June 24th. You can see the letters were numbered by them both so the receiver could read them in order. Hers is numbered 717, his 653. The dark circular stains are from the sealing wax both used on the back of the letters.

One can find covers from George offered in numerous venues, but when I asked a person who exhibited this correspondence he said he had never seen a cover FROM Mrs Cooke to George.
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08:16 PM PT (US)

23 June 1902

Luzern [razor cancel] to Cairo, Illinois. International letter.
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11:52 AM PT (US)

22 June 1899

Mixed franking of 5 centime stamps [damaged] from Basel to Galatz, Rumania.
This combination was only found for a short period as the old purple stamps were used up and the new greens replaced them.
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12:58 PM PT (US)

21 June - razor cancel day

1899 - Bellinzona to Olivone, domestic post card.

1900 - Aarau to London, England, international printed matter

1926 - Luzern to Basel via Zurich. Air mail Zurich-Basel.
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08:22 PM PT (US)

20 June 1882

Uprated postal card Geneve to London, received 21 June.
Geneve cancel is called a sack cancel and was made in the early 1870s for use on international mail. Enclosed in the "sack" were the letters PD meaning the letters were paid to destination. With the advent of the UPU the PD was no longer required, therefore, excised.

The drawings show the different know types of this style canceler.
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05:58 PM PT (US)

19 June 1875

Luzern, Hotel Schweizerhof to Rome, Italy.
Transit Luzern-Fluelen lake steamer 20 Jun [76 error].
Over Gotthard Pass by diligence, transit Lake Maggiore on steamer "Verbano" 21 Gui 75, received Rome 22 Gui 75.
Pre-UPU rate to Italy 30 centimes. Two weeks later, 1 July 1875, rate reduced to UPU 25 centimes.

The addressee of this cover the Very Reverend S.M. Chartard, Rector of the North American College in Rome later became the Bishop of the Diocese of Vicennes in Indiana.
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12:27 PM PT (US)

18 June 1864

Geneve to Turin, Italy. Triple weight letter [red crayon 3]
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10:23 AM PT (US)

17 June 1908

Paraty, Brazil, 13 June - transit Rio de Janeiro 17 June to New York USA.
Rio transit date stamp made by Güller.
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12:50 AM PT (US)

16 June 1908

St Gallen razor cancel to Conception, Chile. International printed matter.
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12:48 AM PT (US)

15 June 1907

Sao Paulo, Brazil 27 May, received Aarau 15 June with deCoppet razor cancel.
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12:37 PM PT (US)

14 June 1899

International letter Lausanne to Luxembourg. Should have been franked 25 centimes, therefore, underfranked 15 centimes. The letter is marked with two differnt tax "T" and I see in blue crayon 15, 30, and 25, none of which were collected since it was refused and returned to Switzerland. If anyone has an explanation, I welcome it.
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10:04 AM PT (US)

13 June 1895

Angra do Heroísmo, Island of Terceira, Azores to Anvers, Belgium. International post card.
Canceler manufactured by Güller of Hüttikon, Switzerland - #9423 in proof books.
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12:57 AM PT (US)

12 June 1867

Domestic letter over 10km Sion to Loeche, ten centimes.
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12:53 AM PT (US)

11 June 1875

Uprated postal card Effretikon to Oelsnitz-Vogtland. Special pre-UPU card rate to Germany, 19 days later this became the UPU rate to all member countries.
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