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Philately of Switzerland

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David R S BrownPerson was signed in when posted
06:04 AM PT (US)
Thank you both for your comments. Alas, none of the stamps is tied to a cover so cannot be proved to be a genuine use but ...

David Brown
Raul A GonzalezPerson was signed in when posted
09:38 PM PT (US)

David, Roger

I do also have the 2000 Amateur Collector catalog, and have been intrigued about the two post due cancellations introduced in mid-1955 to replace the conventional post due stamps.

I agree that the narrow period between the introduction of these hand-struck overprints and the expiration date of the 2nd landscape stamps would make those stamps quite unusual. But in the absence of a cover noting clearly what was the total amount of postage due (equal to the face value of all the T-cancelled stamps) they could not be considered a true philatelic item, specially if one considers that those stamps could have been hand-overprinted with the (A) type T cancel in about any post-office in Switzerland over a period of 20-30 years.

The H.L. Katcher catalog is the only one I have seen covering the T-cancels for the period of 1956 to 1987. The catalog mentions catalog values for the (A) and (B) hand overprints for several hundreds stamps, in the range US$ 1 to 30.

Many moons ago I purchased a large group of stamps with the (A) “T in circle” and (B) “Unframed large double-lined T”. These include more than 100 perfect SONs, plus many more not perfectly centered and about 50 on covers. One of the pages is titled “1955-1968 Experimental Postage Dues”. This might be supported by the fact that an SON for the (B) types is quite difficult in stamps of small size, and also because those stamps do not have gum (this is still iffy). The attachment shows a representative group of these (B)-type stamps.

The catalog years of implementation for this practice are not quite clear. We could certainly use opinions from more versed members…

Although respectable auctioneers might not consider hand-overprinted post dues not-on-cover to be legitimate philatelic items, I might offer later a lot to explore the response from collectors of the unusual.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
12:21 PM PT (US)
Hi David, welcome to this chat.

In my 2000 Katcher the comment is made - As all these stamps were invalidated December 31, 1955 and T cancelations were not introduced until that summer, they are extremely rare and prices cannot be quoted."

My guess is that you would need a certificate to prove these marks valid, and being off-cover makes that extremely difficult.

Wait to see if there are more answers.

David R S BrownPerson was signed in when posted
11:03 AM PT (US)

Second Landscape set used for Postage Due.

In the 1987 Amateur Collector catalogue Katcher reported that staps from the second landscape set were postmarked with a "T" in a circle and used as Postage Due stamps. This was for a short time only and such stamps are very rare.

Can anybody tell me anything more please?

Many thanks.
David Brown
Edited 05-04-2018 11:07 AM
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:48 PM PT (US)

In May my wife and I will be transferring from the train to a bus in Wohlen on our way to Gebenstorf. We'll stay there while visiting Brugg and Thalheim, where her relatives lived prior emigrating to the USA in the early 1850's. This is all new information in her research, so we have the opportunity to see what they left behind.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
08:37 PM PT (US)

A card to end the month of March and usher in April.

Originating in Hannover 29 March 1906 [stamp per fin, confirmed by corner card] received Aarau lower left razor cancel 30 March. Postage due 5 centimes added 30 March-9am, attempted delivery, returned to the post office 30 March where the refused label was added dated 30 March-8pm. Returned to Hannover and received 1 April 1906 4-5 am.

The Swiss carrier confirmed the refusal of the card by the addressee.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
01:27 AM PT (US)
At our Seattle Area Chapter meeting held last Monday, Fritz Graf told me the name of the special cancel below

22 II 22 - 22 is a "schnapszahl".

Thanks Fritz
Lopez RobertoPerson was signed in when posted
02:24 AM PT (US)
Hi Retorix,I will be in Lugano for the four days. Your document below is not bad at all. An early utilisation of the sitting Helvetia (First day 02.04.1882) to an exotic destination. Congratulations.
Hope to meet you in Lugano. Best Regards. Roberto Lopez
okbigguyPerson was signed in when posted
12:25 PM PT (US)

Local properly franked cover that somehow got diverted to Pontresina and was charger 10c (not the double rate) to return to Basel as domestic posting. Does this seem correct?
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
04:45 PM PT (US)

Thank you Roberto for confirming my thought.

I'll be in Lugano and hope to meet you and have some interesting talks - cancels, stamps, destinations, etc, etc., also to view your exhibits.

I know one of your interests is destinations and thought you might appreciate this in my collection.

Roger Heath
Lopez RobertoPerson was signed in when posted
03:06 AM PT (US)
I want to answer retorix concerning the additional 10cts. It's a registred letter. You found the proof: the registration number at the left side "No 1218".
It's an very interesting cover.
okbigguyPerson was signed in when posted
12:19 PM PT (US)

What is the meaning of the marking T 60/70? Was it applied in Switzerland or in France?
okbigguyPerson was signed in when posted
11:12 AM PT (US)

Anyone know of the significance of the pink label. Would like to correspond with a person who is knowledgeable in postage due particularity covers.
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
06:38 PM PT (US)

Anyone have a clue why this collect cover required the additional 10 centimes.

Seems it should have been 10 centimes postage and 10 centimes collect fee for under 10Fr, which is the top calculation. Then 10 centimes was added?

Th only thing I can think of is that would pay for registration and the registration number is on the left "No 1218"
Edited 11-28-2017 07:48 PM
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
02:13 PM PT (US)

I've seen many mourning covers in black, but this is the only one I've seen with red trim.

Does anyone have any idea of the significance of red, instead of black?
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
07:47 PM PT (US)

17 November 1898

While I'm here I can't resist posting what I think is my nicest razor cover.

The posting date was one day AFTER the recall of all cancelers in 1898. The reason it was used was that de Coppet lived in Lausanne and that is where he received the recalled cancelers for some modifications. Of course the Lausanne device didn't need to be sent to Bern only to be sent aback to Lausanne to deCoppet.
Edited 11-18-2017 01:20 AM
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