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Philately of Switzerland

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11:41 AM PT (US)

15 October 1912

A nice block of four 100 centimes postage due stamps probably used for internal accounting purposes. The Lausanne Consig.Mess. canceller was used in the money collecting and accounting office.
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11:59 AM PT (US)

14 October 1899

2 centimes wrapper uprated for international rate to Schwenwald, Baden.
Date stamp is Ste Croix deCoppet canceller, a prototype to test his improved 1889 mechanism. He first sent this to Ste Croix in 1897. The PTT allowed it to be used prior to the issuance of his series of 10 razor cancellers in October 1898.
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04:22 PM PT (US)

13 October 1900

Doubleweight letter sent from London, England to Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern. Postage due because short paid. Standard International letter should have been 2 1/2d, double weight 5d, so 2d short = 10 centimes per 1d = 20 centimes short plus penalty of 20 centimes!
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09:11 AM PT (US)

12 October 1901

Postcard from Aarau (razor cancel) noon, to Bern received 3pm.
One card of a series of 10 illustrating "schützenfestes" commemorative coins and other coins from the 19th century.
These cards were all part of the same correspondence between 10 October and 14 November.
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02:45 PM PT (US)

11 October 1932

Domestic Registered Express letter from Solothurn to Basel, fee 1 franc. Nice use of solo 1Fr Disarmement stamp.
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02:43 PM PT (US)

10 October 1900

First day of use for this razor canceller, Bern to Palazzolo sul'Oglio, Italy. Postal card was valid from 2 July 1900 to 31 December and was part of issue commemorating the 25th anniversary of the UPU.
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02:41 PM PT (US)

9 October 1922

International double weight letter from Bern (razor cancel) to Villefranche, France.
Stamps from sheet printed to make booklet panes, but also sold as sheets to the public.
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10:11 PM PT (US)
Hi David121314,
"Amazing postcards, I am starting to collect a variety of postcards from a few nations.". . . . . .

Thanks for the comment about postcards. I appreciate your post on this chat board and hope you will return and make relevant philatelic posts in the future. Don't feel bad, but I'm deleting your previous post since it contains a commercial non-philatelic link. I try to keep this board all about stamps, and covers, and postcards, etc., etc..
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11:09 AM PT (US)

8 October 1909

Postcard mailed at the Gare des Hopitaux-Jougne station which is in France with a French stamp. The train originated in Switzerland and had Swiss postal employees on board the mail carriage. This is one of the few "normal" situations where a foreign stamp is canceled with a Swiss canceller. The route was from Vallorbe to Pontarlier, France. After a long tunnel was constructed joining Vallorbe to Frasne, the route through Hopitaux-Jougne was used infrequently until it was abandoned.
Edited 10-08-2021 11:11 AM
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01:10 PM PT (US)

7 October 1908

German postal card from Marburg (6 October) to St Gallen, received lower left 2am (razor cancel), forwarded within St Gallen upper center with fleuron canceler at 8am.
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09:43 AM PT (US)

6 October 1936

Postcard mailed aboard the Lugano-Ponte Tresa ambulante.
Picture of one of the original 1912 railcars stilll operating in 1978.
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09:36 AM PT (US)

5 October 1908

Postcard franked on picture side from Basel to Calais, France.
Mixed franking of 2 different 5 centimes stamps available at that time.
Nice example of the flueron canceler design.
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09:31 AM PT (US)

4 October 1900

Postcard originating at Echallens station and carried on the Lausanne-Bercher Regional railway, destination Gasel bei Bern.
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09:52 PM PT (US)

3 October 1903

Embossed postcard which was sent on aboard the Basel-Flüh ambulant railway, destination Württemberg.
You can see that the embossing has made it almost impossible to read the German receiving date stamp, and purchasers had trouble writing on cards that were fully embossed. This style lasted only a short while.
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09:48 PM PT (US)

2 October 1900

Neuchatel razor cancel on international letter to London, England.
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