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Philately of Switzerland

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03:38 PM PT (US)

24 September 1911

From Mor:Ostrau, Austria, 22 September to Lausanne [razor canceller 7.02] forwarded to Luxembourg.
International post card.

The rarity of Lausanne receiver/forwarded items with a razor cancel implies the internal routing of forwarded mail differed from the regular outgoing processed mail which is common. Fewer than 20 documented forwarding uses between 6 July 1902 and 23 June 1912.
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03:13 PM PT (US)

23 September 1912

International use of a nachnahme (collect) packet card from Ste Croix (razor cancel precursor) to Buzen, Romania.
Postage Fr1.95 to collect Fr78.00. Package weighed 4 kg.
Thorens Company made music boxes and numerous other mechanical products, including ski bindings in later years.
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02:21 PM PT (US)

22 September 1928

Letter from New York to Neuchatel forwarded using razor cancel to Lausanne. This device was originally made in 1902 and modified changing the hour wheels to 24 hour system, and removing the hatchures and inserting Swiss Cross and District IV.
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04:53 PM PT (US)

21 September 1914

Military postcard sent to a military address free via the Goldau-Rapperswil Bahnpost.
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05:26 PM PT (US)

20 September 1878

Postal card used for collection of Fr15.95. Five centimes postage plus 20 centimes collect fee for between Fr10-20.
Very nice example of this unusual service.
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05:24 PM PT (US)

19 September 1864

Local folded letter from Winterthur to Töss.
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01:29 PM PT (US)

18 September 1926

Very few uses of this Basel razor cancel are known.
The device was in use until 1913 with the vertical lines above and below the date bridge, then it disappeared until 1925 when it reappeared having been modified with removal of those lines and the additon of the Swiss Cross and district number in the lower space. This is a wonderful example destination Baden-Baden, Germany.
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02:07 PM PT (US)

17 September 1908

Postcard mailed aboard the Tramelan-Tavannes Regional railway, destination Moutier.
This canceler had been in use for over 15 years at this point.
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01:00 PM PT (US)

16 September 1911

Postcard from Lausanne to Helmbrechts, Bavaria.
The cancel was from a deCoppet machine being tested at the Lausanne railway station. The canceler head was made by Güller and laft the factory in August 1911. The identifying factor for this canceler is that the "11" on the right is in line with the bottom of the date numerals. There was a handstamp which looks almost identical to this, but the "11" is higher and aligns with the middle of the date stamp numerals.
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10:44 AM PT (US)

15 September 1876

Domestic letter from Sulzer Brothers, Winterthur, to the Vierwaldstättersee Steamship Company in Luzern.
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06:04 PM PT (US)

14 September 1888

International registered value letter from St Cécile, Paris, France, via Pontarlier-Neuchatel Ambulant 15 September, via Ambulant No37, 15 September, received Luzern 15 September.
International letter 25 centimes, plus 25 centimes registration, plus 10 centimes value letter <100Francs = total 60 centimes
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03:26 PM PT (US)

13 September 1902

Postcard from Port Louis, Guadaluope (windward island in Caribbean) to Neuchatel with razor as a receiving date stamp.
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06:54 PM PT (US)

12 September 1883

Nice mixed franking of a cover from Lugano to Curio. Three centimes perforated Sitting Helvetia and a 2 centimes Cross and Numeral (lower right corner damaged).
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03:47 PM PT (US)

11 September 1911

A postcard from Geneva to Paris canceled at 11pm. I'm sure this was purely coincidence.
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03:54 PM PT (US)

10 September 1898

Postcard of Luzern from Hotel Schweizerhof to Nagasaki, Japan to Mrs Müller-Beeck. Her husband was German Consul in Japan and also representative for another 4-6 countries.
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10:18 AM PT (US)

9 September 1904

Postcard (printed matter) sent from Chambery to Colmar, Alsace.
The canceler was one of in a series made by Güller in 1903 to confirm deCoppet designed cancelers could be manufactured in large numbers.
The picture shows the terrain of Switzerland that travellers found magnificant and wanted to show their friends back home what it all looked like.
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