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Philately of Switzerland

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10:11 AM PT (US)

12 July 1867

Domestic letter from Burgdorf to the US Consulate in Basle.
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11:21 AM PT (US)

11 July 1904

Originating Blantyre [7 June], British Central Africa Protectorate, transit Chinde at mouth of Zambesi River and Zanzibar [21 June], postal card received in Zürich [razor cancel] 11 July. Crad describes possible land purchase for plantation.
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11:14 AM PT (US)

10 July 1879

Printed matter from Couvet to Salines, France, returned to Couvet.
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11:18 AM PT (US)

9 July 1912

Post card from Eigergletscher station via Rhat.Bahn railway to Bruxelles, Belgium.

Greeting only written on address side, therefore, printed matter rate, 5 centimes.
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10:07 AM PT (US)

8 July 1918

Postcard from Champery to Richelieu, France, stamp on the picture side.
The canceler came from the group of devices made by Güller in late 1903 to determine if deCoppet's flexible-head design could be mass produced. The answer was, Yes. Cancelers from this group were used for many years and in this case survived long enough to be modified post-WWI with the removal of the thick hatchures which were replaced with the Swiss Cross and postal district number (II).
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10:09 PM PT (US)

7 July 1924

Bundesfeier postal card uprated for use to Germany.
Dated 7 July which makes it an early use. If anyone knows the issue date of these cards, please post. Nice use of the Luzern razor cancel.
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10:52 AM PT (US)

6 July 1906

Postcards mailed for carriage by the Ponts - Chaux-de-Fonds Regional railway to Mosseberg, Sweden.
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03:36 PM PT (US)

5 July 1871

Folded letter originating in Mulhouse, France, mailed in Basel [5 July] transit Mount Cenis a Macon railway, France [ 6 July]!
destination Reims arrived 7 July. This route to avoid German held territory directly between Mulhouse and Reims.
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01:07 PM PT (US)

4 July 1901

Postcard sent from Les Brenets to Belfort, France.
The Brenets-Locle railway was only 2.5 miles long and since this card has an ambulant date stamp it had to have been carried to Le Locle station on a trip without a postal clerk on the Brenets route. It probably received the Ambulant No12 date stamp of the train going to France from Le Locle via La Chaux-de-Fonds, Delemonte, to Belfort.
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03:09 PM PT (US)

3 July 1879

Uprated domestic postal card from Chambery to Vicvaro, Italy.
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03:08 PM PT (US)

2 July 1900

First Day cover [front] for UPU stamps. International double weight, registered letter, Bern to Kipfenberg, Bavaria.
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11:20 AM PT (US)

1 July 1919

Airmail letter originating in Zürich train station 30 June, destination Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern. Mr Harjes [a banker] had continued to the Grand Hotel in Axenstein. Forwarded from Luzern [razor cancel 1 Julyl, it is certainly unlikely the airmail was faster than train, therefore, one must conclude this a philatelic souvenir. Today a train travel time between Zürich and Luzern is 54 min., Bern is out of the way!

From Wikipedia - "During the War, he served as head of the American Relief Clearing House which was responsible for channeling American contributions to France, and from 1914 to 1917, he was the chief representative of the American Red Cross in France."
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09:28 AM PT (US)

30 June1897

28 July 1897 from Dresden, Germany, to Giessbach bei Brienz.
Transit Brienz 30 July received Giessbach 30 June (error) 30 July.
Forwarded from Giessbach to Schweizerhof received Luzern 31 July, marked 'Non Réclamé' at Hotel Schweizerhof. Returned to the Luzern Post Office and held until 16 November, label applied and returned to Dresden.
International postal card.
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11:50 AM PT (US)

29 June 1902

Postcard mailed at Wengernalp and processed aboard the Grindelwald-Interlaken railway, destination Paris.
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01:52 PM PT (US)

28 June 1907

Interesting postcard mailed aboard the Tramelan-Tavannes railway wihtout a stamp. The 5 centimes stamp was added at its destination, Winterthur at 3pm. Noted in the top left corner is "5 cts" in blue crayon indicating postage due from the recipient.
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