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Philately of Switzerland

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03:40 PM PT (US)

18 June 1864

Triple weight pre-UPU letter to Turin, Italy. 30 centimes per weight step.
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09:19 AM PT (US)

17 June 1918

Postcard mailed at Turbental and carried on the Winterthur-Rüti railway, destination Gossau.
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10:53 AM PT (US)

16 June 1908

Postcard mailed at the Villeret railway station and date stamped Ambulant No12. This route is the Chaux-de-Fonds - Soncebonz route which can still be travelled today.
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11:34 AM PT (US)

15 June 1873

Interesting homemade postcard from cut-in-half menu from the Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Postcard sent at letter rate of 25 centimes since it was oversize and did not have the required labeling of "post card", etc., etc.
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09:46 AM PT (US)

14 June 1900

Postal card from Neuchatel 9pm (razor cancel) received Boudry 9am.
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12:31 PM PT (US)

13 June 1872

Uprated 30 centimes tüblibrief, 30 centimes postage plus 30 centimes registration from Curio to Padova, Italy.
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08:41 AM PT (US)

12 June 1903

Basel 2.03 razor cancel used on a free military postcard. This is considered a forwarding use becasue the military clerks collected the mail then brought the bags to the nearest post office to enter the postal system where date stamps were added.
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10:04 AM PT (US)

11 June 1909

Commercial postcard from Geneve (Rue du Stand office razor cancel) to Wangen an der Aare.

Grosch & Greiff was one of the first department store chains created by Hermann Grosch.
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11:19 AM PT (US)

10 June 1909 Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern to Paris, France.
International postcard.

Addressed to Yvonne Galliet who was a concert pianist. She won an important medal in 1907

MEDAILLE MUSIQUE 1906-1907 Music Theory awarded to Yvonne Galliet

Report in a contemporary music journal -
"A charming pianist, Miss Yvonne Galliet, with a talent full of charm, gave a concert in which we heard, with great success, various works by Bach, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Rubinstein, Saint-Saëns, Duvernoy; she was much applauded. . ."
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09:55 AM PT (US)

9 June 1874

Pre-UPU letter from Zürich to Pest (east side of the Danube), Hungary.
Pest, Buda, Óbuda united in 1873 to form the larger city of Budapest.
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04:12 PM PT (US)

8 June 1905

One of the first four cancellers manufacturered to show the deCoppet mechanism could use interchangeable parts. This device was issued in December 1902. Any canceller issued for testing purpose seemed to be left in use and helped the post office officials develop longevity data.
John F. Barrett,Ph.D.Person was signed in when posted
12:53 PM PT (US)
ATTN: Strubel Collectors, if you are planning on Westpex AND you want to know how to ID Munich from Zurich papers, bring questionables along and I can test using method I have used for several years >> Foolproof/non-destructive! Just let me know by ~July 1, if coming and what you have to test. Especially would like to see the Fr1s! Thanks, John >>jstrubelboy@aol.com
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10:35 AM PT (US)

7 June 1968

Express registered letter from Jenisberg to Ebnat-Kappel, cancelled with emergency canceler replacing the regular post office canceler which would have been away for repairs. Usually these types of emergency cancelers were only used for a few days. I have no idea how long this is recorded to have been used in June 1968.
It looks pretty, so my guess is that probably philatelic. ); >)
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06:15 PM PT (US)

6 June 1912

5 centimes postal card mailed in Münster (Luzern), transit Luzern-Wildegg-Luzern railway, destination Aarau. (an abandoned route today)
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10:02 PM PT (US)

5 June 1885

10 centimes international postal card from Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern, to Hotel de Hollande, Baden-Baden, transit Basel.
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05:50 PM PT (US)
Roger, thanks; that’s brilliant. I had no idea Swiss Customs cancelled stamps. I’ve seen the banks, exchange and railways do it, would never have extrapolated. And worse; nothing about customs cancellations seems to search, not in English, French or German. Well, not when I do it.

But one always finds stuff. This is amazing. Things I didn’t know existed: ‘Das sind die 10 teuersten Philatelieprodukte der Schweiz’, Swiss Post, 2 March 2021: https://post-medien.ch/das-sind-die-10-teu...odukte-der-schweiz/ Stunning.
Edited 06-05-2021 12:28 PM
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