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Philately of Switzerland

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08:01 AM PT (US)

17 May 1934

Letter posted aboard the S.S. Malolo on 4 May 1934, arrived in Honolulu and entered US mail stream May 17, destination Milwaukee. Malolo is flying fish in Hawaiian language.
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04:11 PM PT (US)

16 May 1913

Postcard from Luzern to Lode Farm, near Bordon, Hampshire, England via Basel-Milano-Basel PTT mail carriage.
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12:20 PM PT (US)

15 May 1876

Local letter from Schwarzenberg to Luzern. Cancel is known as a zwergstempel [dwarf cancel].
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08:40 AM PT (US)

14 May 1909

An interesting cross border railway line led to this situation.
The route from Neuchatel to Pontarlier, France, was a busy main line from Switzerland to France, and many trains included a Swiss mail processing wagon. When trains stopped at the first French community across the border at Gare des Verrières-des-Joux, they accepted mail which was franked with French stamps. So, the straight line cancel indicates the French town, yet the date stamp is a Swiss ambulant canceler, both of which were added to this postcard by the Swiss mail clerk! There are a couple of other stations in this area where this situation occured.
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09:44 AM PT (US)

13 May 1889

International UPU letter from La Crosse, Wisconsin, to City Bank, London, England.
Forwarded to Hotel Brittania, Venice, Italy, then to Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern. Date stamps show the following -

13 May 1889 from LaCrosse, USA,
via New York 16 May,
received London 23 May,
forwarded from London 24 May,
received Venice, Italy, 26 May,
forwarded via Milano RPO 27 May,
and Swiss Ambulant 28 May,
received Luzern 28 May.
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10:02 AM PT (US)

12 May 1905

5 centimes postal card Aarau [razor cancel made by DeCoppet] to Fehraltorf. [Fehraltorf canceler made by Güller circa 1870.]
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09:21 AM PT (US)

11 May 1901

Postcard mailed aboard the Luzern-Fluelen lake steamer to Wald, Germany.
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04:03 PM PT (US)

10 May 1874

Uprated tüblibrief to collect 90 centimes from Schildenschreiber, Bezirk Zürich to Hirstlanden [now a district of Zürich].
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04:13 PM PT (US)

9 May 1899

From Satigny via Geneve [6.01 razor cancel] to Gex, France. International cross-border rate, 15 centimes.

Mailed at Satigny Station 10km SW of Geneva, this cover did not receive an ambulant date stamp, therefore, the stamps were canceled on arrival at the main Geneva post office prior to routing for France confirming transit of the main Geneve post office.
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04:09 PM PT (US)

8 May 1889

UPU letter from Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern, to London.

Addressed to Mrs [Mary Anne] Holford, Dorchester House, Park Lane, London. Dorchester House, built by R.S. Holford in 1853, was described as the "finest private dwelling in London". When rented to the American Ambassador in 1907, "four thousand guests were invited to the 4th of July party.
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11:20 AM PT (US)

7 May 1909

5 centimes international wrapper addressed to Danzig from St Gallen [razor cancel].
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11:23 AM PT (US)

6 May 1914

Postcard from Finhaut and transported on the Martigny-Chatelard railway. Destination Geneve.
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09:24 AM PT (US)

5 May 1904

Postcard from St Gallen to Paris, France. Postal stamp on picture side with Schützenfest poster stamp on address side. You can see the date on the stamp tells of the upcoming event in July, indicating these stamps were printed to generate interest.
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09:00 AM PT (US)

4 May 1915

One of the first fleuron design cancelers made by Güller in 1903. The Barre-Cite post office has been difficult to locate though it seems to have been located near the University of Lausanne.
This a nachnahme request for Fr9.50 sent by the Cantonal Tribune to a café owner in Vevey.
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09:51 AM PT (US)

3 May 1951

A nice Brigue railway station package handling department cancel to a railway official in Bern on a 10 centimes postal card with a scene of Brig in top left.
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05:13 PM PT (US)

2 May 1953

Postal card mailed aboard the Ramsei-Sumiswald-Huttwil railway destination Zürich.
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