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Philately of Switzerland

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10:55 AM PT (US)

15 January 1905

Five centimes postal card Zürich to Schaffhausen, both date stamps are from the new deCoppet "fleuron" devices made by the Güller workshop.
The "fleurons" are the small decorative ornaments which were used on all deCoppet style cancelers and most smaller cancelers produced by Güller until the start of WWI, when they were no longer placed in the design of the canceller. Sometimes you can find one used into the 1950's, and if you do, you know the device was made between 1903 and 1914. Many post offices, especially rural offices had theirs for many many years.
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09:10 AM PT (US)

14 January 1874

Uprated postal card Geneve to London.
Letter rate to England from Switzerland in 1874 was 30 centimes, and England did not accept reduced rate postal cards at this time. So what is this? My conclusion is that this must have been sent as printed matter, which was 10 centimes at the time. There is nothing on the reverse except a Basel transit date stamp.

There is an interesting history of the Werninck Co. from a 1911 Directory of Philatelic Literature Specimens:

"Werninck & Co., H. The Stamp dealer’s directory and address book for 1873 : containing the names and addresses of over 500 of the principal dealers in all parts of the globe ; a list of philatelical publications, advertisements, &c. First edition. London, 1873"
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11:17 AM PT (US)

13 January 1874

Official letter from Worb to Landiswyl.
It's interesting that it went first to Bern, then out via Burgdorf, then to Biglen, and eventually to Landiswyl, a distance of about 70km.
The direct route from Worb to Landiswyl is 12km. One must wonder why it went such a circuitous route through Bern?
It all took place in one day!
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11:42 AM PT (US)

12 January 1903

Registered letter from Chene-Bougeries, Geneva, to St Petersburg, Russia.
Solo franking using Zu71D to pay registered triple weight letter. Solo uses are quite scarce.
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08:14 AM PT (US)

11 January 1868

Nachnahme letter from Neuchatel to Monruz [only 2.5km from Neuchatel PO] to collect Fr32.65.
Postage 5 centimes plus 40 centimes to collect between 30 and 40 Francs.

11 January 1884

Güller cancel of Altdorf with missing cross, which had fallen out of device.
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09:57 PM PT (US)

10 January 1867

Domestic letter originating at Ems bei Chur, transiting Chur, destination Trun.
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09:51 AM PT (US)

9 January 1873

Postal card processed aboard the Romanshorn-Bern railway, destination Winterthur, which was on that line.
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02:40 PM PT (US)

8 January 1879

10 centimes domestic letter originating in Langenthal, destination ???? crossed out and returned.
Script lower left "Gestorben" means deceased.
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09:21 AM PT (US)

7 January 1888

Postal card originating in Môtiers and processed abaord the St Sulpice-Travers Regional railway, which later expanded to become the Val de Travers Regional. Card destination Vevey.
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08:47 AM PT (US)

6 January 1902

International letter from Lausanne [ razor cancel 7.01a] to Stockholm, Sweden.
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11:16 AM PT (US)

5 January 1879

International printed matter envelope, probably a New Year's card posted near Schaffhausen and transited this office and directed to Bargen bei Engen which is only 40km away in Germany.
Postal clerk should have read directions written via Offenburg and Heidelberg which is 270km north.
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08:39 AM PT (US)

4 January 1882

Collect letter for insertions of advertisment.
Letter rate 10 centimes plus 10 centimes to collect 73 centimes - total collect 93 centimes!
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12:59 PM PT (US)

3 January 104

Postcard mailed at Herisau station and processed aboard the Appenzell-Winkeln railway, destination Malans.
Edited 01-03-2021 12:59 PM
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09:19 AM PT (US)

2 January 1901

Postcard sent as printed matter from Luzern [razor cancel 8.01] to Cairo, Egypt.
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05:46 PM PT (US)

1 January 1916

New Year card mailed in Ste Croix for delivery in Ste Croix from Ruth to Cousin Eugenie.
The cancel was made by deCoppet and delivered to the Ste Croix Post Office in 1897, later modified in 1905 and used unitl 1925.
Edited 01-01-2021 05:48 PM
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02:24 PM PT (US)

31 December 1900

A philatelic New Year to all collectors who stop by and read this board.
Postcard mailed in Couvet and transported on the Val de Travers Regional railway, then transferred for delivery in Noiraigue, total distance 9km.
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