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Philately of Switzerland

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Raul A Gonzalez
07:34 PM PT (US)

If im not wrong the seven varieties listed in the SBK catalog apply to cards CANCELLED on Zurich 1.XII.40, so you need to show the front of the card, not the reverse. The additional lowest listed value is for the unused card (possibly the one you enclosed?).

Calvin Deem
04:51 PM PT (US)

This is the back of a stamp day card "Zurich 7.XII.41". The catalogue lists several varieties of the card. I am trying to determine which this is.

retorixPerson was signed in when posted
03:15 PM PT (US)
One - Her is a complete article about Swiss proofs an private printings. Published in the UK Helvetia Society Newsletter.

retorixPerson was signed in when posted
09:54 AM PT (US)
There are three 50 centimes values on this page:

retorixPerson was signed in when posted
09:49 AM PT (US)
Don't pay too much for it. It's part of a series printed in different colors that were made as "proofs". This has had additional perforations added. These stamps are usually found imperforate and in pairs and blocks four. Search eBay or Delcampe and you will find more. They are not in stamp catalogues.
Ove Aspen
07:30 AM PT (US)

I found an unique stamp saying Helvetia with small letters at the top and the number 50 with Black ink on the Black side.The motiv is an orange queen head and I did not find a year print on it.The value says 1 F.I cannot find this stamp in any catalog of Switzerland.Therefore it ,may be valuable and rare?The stamp was Bouvet at the Scandinavian auctionhouse SKANFIl.I have enclosed a rough ipadphoto of it.If anyone can tell me more about it I wpuld be very thankful.Ican be contacted at Oveaspen@yahoo.com or mobilephone Norway 45610993
Edited 03-03-2017 07:31 AM
George Struble
12:44 AM PT (US)
My estimate of $10 to $60 was not based on any catalog, so I can be way off. I do note that the copy you saw in AHPS Auction 152 in November 2011, with a minimum bid of $300, did not sell.

Are you an AHPS member? If so, you can submit your booklet to the AHPS auction. The auction is only for members -- as buyers /or /sellers.
I can recommend the two auction houses in Switzerland that I buy through regularly: Roelliphila and Corinphila. You can Google them and find them on the internet. You can ask them by email whether they are willing to take your booklet. If they think it is a $60 item, they will probably not be interested!


12:22 AM PT (US)
Raul & George -- Thank you for your comments, suggestions and link. (Although I think your guess is a little on the mean side, George! lol)
What about listing the booklet on the AHPS auction? http://www.swiss-stamps.org/gtauction/
I found one example of the same booklet in the Tell Journal archives from September 2011 listed as lot 115 and a $300 min. bid, and catalog value of $979. (I understand that catalog values are akin to suggestions, and that real values are "fluid" in any market, but ultimately you first just need to find someone willing to pay for the item! In my case, I simply would like to sell the booklet for a fair price as I have no use for keeping it...
Raul -- Could send me more details on what I could do to find a reliable auctioneer via email -> as_a_doornail@yahoo.com
Raul A Gonzalez
08:43 PM PT (US)
About the inquiry by MW: I could only see a single pertinent BLK4 with first day cancel 2.Feb.1932 and with Pen cancel S.143. There are 9 Swiss stamps with that first date cancellation for the 1932 Geneva Disarmament Conference

6 definitives Scott 210-215 and Zumstein 185-190
3 airmail Scott C16-C18 and Zumstein F16-F18

The catalog value for the (6) definitives as BLK4 with the correct first date cancel is about CFH 250, and for the (3) air mails is also about $250. But nowadays the stamp market is "fluid" all over to say the least. MW should approach a reliable Swiss auctioneer and ask if those (9) blocks in the presentation booklet would sell a single lot.

See internet URL http://www.marken-meyer.ch/marken-meyer/web/liquidation/vb.htm for the results of a recent auction. You could contact me directly for more details.
George Struble
08:23 PM PT (US)
The other three stamps are C16-18. The cancellations are first day of issue cancels for all nine stamps. This is a nice item. If there is an inscription showing that it was presented to some important person, that could enhance its value. I doubt that there are lots of collectors thirsting to outbid each other in an auction. I would guess it could sell in a range $10 to $60. Failed disarmament conferences are not hot!
George Struble
06:31 PM PT (US)

sample page of cancelled stamps...
06:30 PM PT (US)

Could anyone offer any info about this souvenir booklet? It contains 13 pages with 9 different stamps, each a block of 4, and each cancelled and uncancelled, attached with hinges. I know some of the stamps are Scott 210-215, but not sure of the other 3.
Is there much of a market to sell this?
(This booklet was my great-uncle's who worked in the Foreign Service and bought them in Geneva in 1932.)
Thanks in advance!
Allen Jenkins
05:11 PM PT (US)
Thanks George. I got through to the correct number and made the reservation. I had to tell them that I was part of the St Louis Stamp Show - AHPS or American Helvetia Philatelic Society did not show up on their special deal sheet. Also, they require a $50.00 deposit per night that was not part of the $89.00 rate. The Marriott agent taking the reservation said it would be refunded within a few days of departure providing I did not tear the room apart. I don't know if he thinks the AHPS is some sort of sports team. I played rugby in my youth and they could have had a $100.00 deposit and we wouldn't have see much of that after we left.

Thanks for your input and I am looking forward to the annual convention.

George Struble
04:41 PM PT (US)
I'm sorry. I copied the number incorrectly. The correct number is 314-429-1100.

I look forward to seeingyou there!

Allen Jenkins
04:19 PM PT (US)
I am trying to make a reservation at the St Louis Airport Renaissance Hotel to attend the AHPS annual convention. When I dialed the number 314-492-1100 as listed in the January 2017 issue of TELL, I get a message that the number has been disconnected. Does any one have another suggestion?
retorixPerson was signed in when posted
11:30 PM PT (US)

December 23 1903 - Received in Aarau from Mexico City.
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