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1974 Gatsby vs. 2013 Gatsby--Honors

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Isabel West
04:02 PM ET (US)
There are many differences between the 2013 and the 1974 Great Gatsby movies. The first movie is nearly perfect in their portrayal of the 1920s era. The music and manners fit, and there is even sweat on the actors’ faces. The only thing that even lends itself to the idea of the 1920s in the new movie are the outfits and the acting. The new movie also focuses more on the mental illnesses involved with the two men. This is shown through Nick telling the story as he's going through therapy. Another difference is with Gatsby and the focus on the time he spent in the war. You can see this because they actually flash back to that point in the new movie and not the old movie. This really gives the movie different symbolism completely. The new movie makes you think that Gatsby got through the war by idolizing Daisy. He lived for her. In the old movie, it isn’t like that at all. He always loved Daisy like that.
Alyssa Anderson
01:31 PM ET (US)
 There’s two versions of The Great Gatsby. In the 1974 version, Robert Redford played Jay Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the 2013 version. Robert came across as more subtle about him and Daisy. He was in a way timid about the whole situation. He wasn’t sure about Daisy’s thought and felt very uncomfortable and awkward at first. He didn’t seem like the kind of person to be upfront about his feelings. Leonardo, to me, seemed very cocky. He gave me the impression that he already knew he’d have Daisy.
Nick Nagel
03:41 PM ET (US)
Both of these films display the book in different ways. I believe that each director had their own approach of how they would replicate the novel. In the 1974 film, the director follows the book more than in the 2013 film. In the '74 film, everything is very realistic while in the 2013 version things are more animated and not much of the film is filmed outdoors. The soundtracks of the two films are very different. The older version has more 20's music and it is more realistic, while in the 2013 film there are new era songs such as Jay-Z songs which have nothing to do with the film. Some of the scenes in the 2013 film are similar to the book, but the director puts his own little twist on it. The biggest difference between the two is that in the new version, Nick Carraway is narrating the story at a psychiatric office where he types it up into a book.
Ashlynn Anderson
09:37 AM ET (US)
Option 4:

It's really easy to compare soundtracks and cinematography from both movies. You have the 2013 movie where everything is super animated and modern and the 1974 version where everything is realistic. In the 2013 version, Jay Gatsby's parties are still extravagant, but having Lana Del Ray and Fergie blasting over speakers and being used as background music is a little much. It makes this version of the movie disappointing to those familiar with the jazz era. In the 1974 version, the parties are still extravagant and loads of fun for others, but it relates to the era the book was written in. The addition of the jazz music, the way they spoke to each other, and the way they acted really showed that this movie represented that era. Out of both movies, the first one was definitely better than the second. Even though it was made way before and the graphics aren't as good, it still stays true to the era and script that it's based off of.
Jasmine DeMent
08:50 PM ET (US)
  The Great Gatsby is one of America's most classic pieces of literature. The Great Gatsby himself is a representation of a piece of the American Dream. While I love both movie adaptations of the the novel, the one major difference I cannot get over is the relation to the book. Even though the 2013 version hit all the major plot points of the story, the 1974 version brought Fitzgerald's words to life and much of the book was quoted exactly. Another major difference was the cinematography of the two movies, especially in Gatsby's parties. The 2013 version was more over-the-top and elaborate and more full of life. Of course it probably had something to do with the advanced technology and the use of brighter colors. Something that I can't get over is the fact that Nick is a writer seeing a psychiatrist in the 2013 movie, whereas he is simply a narrator in the older version. I almost prefer the 1974 version of Gatsby better because he is portrayed as a character stuck in the past that becomes so entwined with his desires that it destroys present. DeCaprio's Gatsby, (though I do not blame him for it's viewing), was more of a character obsessed with going back to the past to change it completely. I don't think that I would have gotten the major pieces of symbolism such as the green light and T.J. Eckleburg's eyes if I had never read the books.
Emma Habben
07:39 PM ET (US)
Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio both did an excellent job of portraying Jay Gatsby in different ways. DiCaprio, I think, made more sense as The Great Gatsby though. He portrayed him as I thought he should, while reading the book. DiCaprio looked the part better than Redford did as well. Redford in 1974 I think was more sophisticated and more grown up than Leonardo DiCaprio was in 2013. Redford didn’t do as good of a job portraying how I thought Gatsby should be. I prefer DiCaprio as The Great Gatsby because he fits the character the best. Redford, I think, was too sophisticated looking and serious. After watching both movies and reading the book DiCaprio is the most similar to Jay Gatsby in my opinion.
Sydney Goertel
01:02 AM ET (US)
There were major differences between the two men that played Jay Gatsby. I think that Robert Redford played the role better. I believe this because he was more of an innocent man who doesn’t know how to fit into higher society and who believes that love will always win. Where as Leonardo DiCaprio seemed border line psychotic and a man who stalked Daisy just to win her as a prize. For example when he lashed out at Tom Buchanan he seemed like he belonged more in a mental hospital than a forbidden love story. Robert Redford I believe is better because in the movie he seems more confused an innocent for example when he was asked to tea, but the people really didn’t want him and he accepted. This proves that he honestly had no clue how to fit in. These are the reasons why I liked Robert Redford better than Leonardo DiCaprio when playing Jay Gatsby.
Jordan Goldammer
11:28 PM ET (US)

 In both Great Gatsby movies, life lessons are weaved into the storyline the two that I think are most present, are money can’t buy love or friends, and it’s not easy to leave your past behind. I believe that the 2013 movie does a better job of showing that money can’t buy friends or love. In the 2013 movie both Gatsby and the Buchanan’s seem to be more rich. They have much larger houses, nicer cars, and they even seem to dress more extravagant. Gatsby throws parties that are way more over the top, and it seems that a lot more people do show up to his parties and in the end when he died no one showed up to his funeral. Not owl eyes, or his father, it was literally just Nick. While in the 1974 version, his staff, Nick, Gatsby’s father, and Owl Eyes did indeed show up to the funeral. I also believe that the 2013 version does a better job of showing its not easy to leave your life past behind. In the 2013 version there are many more flashbacks to his parents, and to his childhood, and also a few more references to Dan Cody. For example, the scene where Gatsby is talking to Nick and there is an entire room dedicated to the yacht and Dan cody. While in the 1974 version there are only a few mentions of Dan Cody. The 2013 version makes it seem that Dan Cody had a much larger impact on Gatsby’s life. The Great Gatsby is a great tool to touch students our age some important life lessons.
Bailey Olson
11:06 PM ET (US)
I believe the biggest difference between the two movies is how they were told. In the 1974 version, Nick is just the narrator in the background, adding information. In the 2013 version, Nick is telling the story to a psychiatrist, which makes the viewer think that he has gone crazy. This is different than how it was in the book. Also in the newer version, they stayed with what happened in the book better. There was still a few changes, but for the most part, they stayed on track. Another difference is the way that the movies showed the inappropriate scenes. In the older version, they just hinted at these parts. In the newer version, they actually showed or let you hear some of these parts. If you only watched the newer movie and did not read the book, you might have thought that Gatsby had a temper and that he didn’t care for Daisy as much as he actually did. You also might have thought that Nick was crazy and that was the reason that he was seeing a psychiatrist. Overall, if you didn’t read the book and you just saw the movie, you might have gotten a different view on the characters personalities.
Kailee Jorgensen
05:17 PM ET (US)
The biggest difference between the two movies is the way they express the scenes. In the 1974 version it is a lot slower and follows the book more precisely. The 2013 movie follows the plot of the book but doesn’t quote it as much. Another major difference, which I have already mentioned, is the way the two movies quote the book. The newer version is a faster pace than the old one. Another difference is that the audience doesn’t meet the daughter of Daisy in the newer version. The newer version also doesn't show Gatsby’s father or Nick seeing Tom on the street after the death of Gatsby. If I only watched the 1974 version without reading I think I could've still understood the plot the same way. I wouldn’t miss that much except for the important quote at the end of the book. However, in the 2013 version, you would see Gatsby as more of a stalker and you would miss getting to see the little girl as well as Gatsby’s father.
Jennifer Kuiken
05:05 PM ET (US)
Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio play the character of Gatsby very differently. Their actions and emotions are portrayed in ways that completely change the character of Gatsby. Robert played Gatsby as the same calm man featured in the book. He was almost shy compared to Leonardo, lacking the passion that Leonardo displayed. The anger and frustration and passion that Leonardo plays out is so unlike the calmer, quieter Robert Gatsby. Personally I like Leonardo better because he is just more entertaining to watch. His emotions are right there on the screen so you don’t have to interpret or analyze anything. That may be shallow and simple minded of me however, it is true. I feel like it is just easier to relate to Leonardo for, he seems more human almost. Robert is lacking the human spirit of passion and anger that makes Leonardo more relatable. During the conversation at the hotel in New York when Tom and Gatsby argued over Daisy, Leonardo displayed all the feelings Gatsby must have been feeling on the inside. Whereas Robert just kept it all in. Leonardo’s outburst helped us to understand what was going through his head at the time.
Devlin Rue
12:32 PM ET (US)
From 1974 to 2013, The Great Gatsby has been captivating for audiences around the world. There is one character that has caught the eye of many in more ways than one. Jay Gatsby has been portrayed by two men; Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio. There has been a thought that has crossed the minds of all viewers: who was the better actor for the part of the magnificent Gatsby? Both movies represent the incredible love Gatsby has for the beautiful, foolish Daisy but play the role completely different. We, as viewers, are forced to wrap our heads around this crazy lifestyle of Gatsby where Redford is more laid back and discrete and DiCaprio's rambunctious and extremely exuberant behavior try to attract the attention of Daisy. A main part that sticks out in my mind is when they are in the Plaza Hotel and Tom is firing shots left and right at Gatsby trying to make him break and both characters react totally different. Redford tried to stay out of his way and didn't want to push his luck getting into an actual fight because this is a time where you are looked down upon if you get into fights and act disorderly. DiCaprio on the other hand was completely different because he went face to face with Tom and dug deep in his body to tell him how he really felt. From watching both movies, I believe DiCaprio did a great job but Redford just seemed to match the time period and and the style of the novel perfectly so I believe the winner is, Robert Redford from 1974.
Alyssa Bursott
01:09 AM ET (US)
I think the biggest difference between the two movies was the force with which the message was portrayed. In the 1974 film, all of the characters subtly showed their personalities. For example, viewers know Tom is a brute, but they have to think about it and analyze the way he is acting first. In the 2013 movie, the actor who plays Tom basically exploits every little detail about his personality. There is no hints in the 2013 film. Everything is so blatantly obvious. I think that this may have occurred because people nowadays do not look for a story that they have to think about in order to understand. Rather, people want to be entertained instantly. Another difference between the two films was the perspective of the story. In the 1974 film, the storyline was very similar to the book, and it only followed what Nick said. In the 2013 movie, the main storyline is about Nick writing his story under the observation of a psychiatrist. The biggest difference, however, is Gatsby. Not only was a large difference obvious in the 2013 film, Gatsby comes across as a crazy lunatic. In the 1974 film, Gatsby is much more mellow, though still love-stricken.
If I had not read the book before watching the 2013 film, I would have been kind of confused had I ever tried reading the book, but I think the movie would be more entertaining. The problem that I had with the new movie was that it did not exactly follow the book that we just finished analyzing extensively. The 1974 film was more story -accurate, so I think that watching that movie rather than reading the book would have painted a more accurate picture.
Brendan Jensen
12:54 AM ET (US)
There are two different actors for the two Great Gatsby films. The first is Robert Redford. He played the part as Gatsby in the old movie in the year of 1974. He played the "cool" guy. He would always act as if things were always perfect and nothing bothered him. You could tell he was nervous when Daisy was near him but, he did a good job at hiding it. The newer Gatsby is played by Leonardo Dicaprio. The new movie was made in 2013 and was completely different than the old one. The parties are wilder and this Gatsby is more into things than the old one. He is energetic and gets extremely nervous near Daisy. His temper gets the better of him as well. The difference between the two is that one is laid back and one is very energetic.
Aaron Mallinger
08:05 PM ET (US)
There are quite a few differences between the actors that play The Great Gatsby. The first is Robert Redford in the year 1974. He comes across as a guy that means business and wants to get things done no matter how it gets finished. He follows the book version of Gatsby so closely. From his stalker kind of personality to his absolute hope for Daisy to be by his side in the end. No matter what part of the story it was, he always thought Daisy loved him and always knew he could repeat the past. The new Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the year 2013. He comes across as more of an outgoing type of man. He seems to do more shady business with some shady people. In the end of the story, this version of Gatsby seems to be more of a man that would be capable of killing. He completely loses his temper and decides to hurt Tom. This shows Daisy his true colors and scares her more than it seemed in the first movie. The main difference between the two would be how Gatsby is portrayed in the end.
Madison Froke
03:33 PM ET (US)
The biggest difference between the two movies is the storytelling of it. In the 1974 version, It’s more of Nick adding comments to the story while he’s still engaged into the story. In the new movie, Nick is telling his psychiatrist about everything like it’s a flashback. His psychiatrist asks him to write about it, so in the end Nick was writing the book. The old version was slow moving in the beginning but it followed the book really well. The new version had some quotes here and there but not as many as the old version. Another thing that was different was the music. In the old version, the music sounded like it came from the 20’s. In the new version, the music was nothing like the 20’s. It was all hip-hop and very modern. Also, in the new movie, we got to meet Owl Eyes. Whereas, in the old movie, we didn’t get to meet him. In the new movie, Gatsby was very violent towards Tom at the hotel and almost punched him. In the old movie, Gatsby was not as violent. It was quite confusing and would have been more confusing if you’ve never read the book or watched the old movie.
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