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Independent Reading 2nd Qtr Journal #2 11/6

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Ellie Stone
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reading Crash Into Me and have stopped on page 89.
Liz has had to overcome many hardships throughout her life. She starts with leaving for college and going to a completely different state. That alone could be a hard thing to overcome. However, she fits in nicely until the night she goes to a Frat house party. Here she gets raped and this starts a whole train of hardships to overcome. Her attack actually produces a handicap because now she suffers from anxiety and a lot of stress. If I were the main character, I honestly do not know how I’d overcome something like that. Everything she’s done has been good and in the right direction. I would probably do some of the same things she has been doing.
Carter Haas
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and am now on page 216.

One of the challenges that Harry Potter has to deal with is the dementors and them being at Hogworts to protect Harry from Black. It is one of his challenges because whenever one comes near him he passes out like on the train and again on the Quiditch field from fifty feet up in the air. Another one of his challenges he has to face is Sirius Black who is an escaped convict that got out of the Azkaban Jail. Harry has to deal with this by not going any where without a teacher or guardian to accompany him and isn't allowed to go outside the school grounds except to play Quiditch. It also is a challenge because Black was his dads best friend in Hogwarts and still when he was an adult but betrayed them which lead to Voldemort killing them. It also affects him because in his dreams after he has been by a dementor he hears his Mom pleading with Voldemort to not kill her. Also, he was the person that kept track of where they where when Voldemort was hunting his so he tipped Voldemort off on where they where located. And lastly his broom that got broken by the tree which was like his best friend that he lost and he has to use a bad broom now for practice.
Kailee Jorgensen
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I stopped on page 38.

Last class period I finished Stargirl. I am not far enough into Fifty Shades to know major plot events yet so I am just going to write about the ending of Stargirl. I liked the way the author brought Stargirl to a closing. It left me feeling happy because I knew that what she did was acknowledged in later years. She was made fun of and shunned for the things she did when she was in school, but now she is given credit for the major changes made in Mica High and the way people accept each other now. I wish that the author would've given more information on where Stargirl went and what she starting pursuing as a career. I would've changed the way that Stargirl and Leo broke up. I would’ve made it so that Leo would learn to accept being shunned and would’ve stayed with Stargirl. I liked the fact that the author decided to write a chapter on what was going on in the town ten years later. That chapter really summed up the book and brought everything to a close. Overall, this was a very good book.
Dani Cooper
03:47 PM ET (US)
I just started a new book called The Maze Runner and I'm on page 79. Thomas, the main character, and everyone else had a strange and shared handicap, none of them can remember anything except their names. They know what stuff is and how to talk and all, but they can only remember their own first name. They can't remember if they had a family, friends, they can't remember people at all. I'm not very far in the book but Thomas has already had a few hardships. He saw Ben, a boy who has been "stung" and is now "changing." He was in horrible condition with green web like veins pulsing on his chest, and if this wasn't bad enough, his screams of pain sounded almost inhuman. If that wasn't enough, one day later, Ben tries to kill Thomas by stabbing him but gets shot and kill in front of him. Ben's dying face made it impossible for Thomas to keep from getting sick and from getting any sleep that night.
Rachel Ely
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading Stork and I am on page 159.

2. In at least 8 sentences, write about the handicaps and hardships the main character of your book had to overcome. If you were the main character, would you have been able to overcome these challenges? Explain.

My main characters name is Katla. One of her biggest hardships is having her parents divorced. Katla doesn't know how to deal with not living with both of them and she struggles to get along with her step-dad. Because of the split her mom moved to a state which is much colder and way different than she's used to. Her dad travels so much that she had to move with her mom to this strange place. At first Katla struggles with making friends but now she has learned to step out of her comfort zone and has made a lot of friends. I think if I was the main character I could have overcome not having friends and stepped out and made a lot. I haven't moved in a long but so I am not sure how I would handle the move. I have heard divorced parents is hard, I personally have not experienced that but I think trusting God with it would get you through it.
Zach Neal
03:45 PM ET (US)
My book is Falling Kingdoms and today I stopped on page 190
The character Jonas has quite a few handicaps in the story. First off, he comes from the poorest country. That means his family goes hungry a lot and they struggle for food. One day his brother is stabbed in the neck and killed. This is hard for Jonas when his life's hard enough already. He journeys to the other kingdom to get his revenge, but is stopped by his friend. His friend talks some sense into him. This helps him get the idea to talk to the war chief.
Melissa Tuttle
03:45 PM ET (US)
I recently finished Life of Pi and am now reading The Vow by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter with Dana Wilkerson.
In life of Pi, the ending of the story took a complete 180. We learn that the entire story is Pi's fictional tale in which he uses to cope with the harsh reality before him. Every animal throughout the novel represents a person, Richard Parker, the tiger, representing himself. Through these characters, he is able to come to terms with not only abandoning his vegetarian beliefs, but cannibalism. Looking back on the novel, everything is symbolic and significant. The foreshadowing used is incredible and the reader is left stunned at the end.
Heather Totton
03:44 PM ET (US)
Today I started I am Malala and I stopped on page 35.

In her story, Malala is shot by the Taliban. She stood up for girls education in a country that is very different from ours. Girls are supposed to stay quiet and very few of them get to go to school. She was shot on a bus on day after the driver stopped and someone got on the bus and asked for Malala. The story is about her family, what happened to her, how they recovered, and what they are doing to change. Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in helping others understand the importance of education, especially for girls. She has even started her own foundation to help build schools in developing countries.She travels to different areas to talk to leaders and change their views. I think these circumstances would be very difficult to overcome. I think I would be able to do the same thing and stand up of my beliefs so that others can benefit too.
Jordan Heyder
03:42 PM ET (US)
I am reading the Sorceress i stopped on page 144

I choose the character Mars ultro for whom wants some gifts. The gift to lift his aura. His aura was solidified around him and it causes problems for him to move. This would make it a great gift for him. Next would be the head of the witch of endor. This is the person who solidified his aura and cause him so many problems. Nice sweet vengeance for the elder god. Final gift for Mars is his own shadow realm. If he had his own shadow realm then he could change it however he chooses. This would allow him to make a home for him without being annoyed.
Alexia Allen
03:41 PM ET (US)
Im reading Slide and I stopped on page 92.

I choose to select gifts for Vee. The three gifts I would choose for her are a notebook, a CD or something like that from a band that she enjoys, and somehow try to convince her to get a good nights sleep. I choose a notebook because maybe if she write down what is happening she can figure out how to solve it. She could also use the notebook to just write her feelings if she would want it for that. I picked the band CD because of her love for music mainly 90’s such as green day. With this she could just try and relax even though it makes complete sense that she's freaking out. Finally, I would have tried to get her to get a good nights sleep because of everything she's been through in such a short span of time. I think she just needs to clear her mind so she can think a little more clearly and sleeping is a great way of doing that.
Opah Bah
03:39 PM ET (US)
Im reading Genocide of one by Kazuaki Takano I'm on page 476 i have 10 more pages left of this book
Some stuff that Yeager had to go to was deciding whether to accept the deal of 14,000 dollars was enough to help save his son life that have PEAC’s and the mission that he have to go to was called operation nemesis were four mercenaries have to go to Congo and find a child that was a super intelligent and kill him. One of his partners that was with him on the mission was going crazy killing children so he had to decide to kill him or let him go savage. trusting the super intelligent child with his life that he was betray his own country was hard to believe till he thought hard about it and he had to decide whether if he should help this super intelligent survive so his child can live or go ahead with the mission.
Nick Gabbert
03:37 PM ET (US)
I just finished the book Fantasy League by Mike Lupica. And now I just started Serpents Shadow by Rick Ridorian and I stopped on page 20.

The ending from Fantasy League wasn't the ending I hoped it would of been. It really left you hanging, because you don't know if they went on to win the championship or they lost. They don't tell you that, which kinda makes it hard to tell if they won or not. Overall it was a good book, its just that they should of extended the book little bit more. So that we can know who won and who lost. Because that ending kind of defeated the whole purpose of the book. Because it was about a football team, who didn't do to good in the past, but now they got a all star quarterback. And its about how they can fight there way back up to the top again. With a little help from a little boy named Jack Gaines, and his friend Emily. So that book, really left you hanging at the end. And I really disliked it, because they had me going at the end, and when they just end it like that it kinda makes the book not that good anymore. So ya, overall that book was great its just that the ending probably should of changed a little bit more.
Augie Johnson
03:37 PM ET (US)
I am reading J.R. by Jeremy Roenick and I'm on page 71. I just finished Band of Brothers last class.

One of the things Roenick has been writing about for the last 20 pages or so is the fact that his coach, Mike Keenan, was both his worst nightmare, and his father figure for his NHL career. Mike Keenan was aggressive towards not only Roenick, but the entire Blackhawks roster. He would get in their face and rip into them in front of the entire team, sometimes blaming entire losses on single players. Roenick did not confront him for the majority of his rookie season because he knew Keenan had the power to end his career before it even took flight. He would skate them 30-45 minutes at a time after a loss just so they get the idea that losing is unacceptable. Roenick began to discover that the life of being on the Blackhawks roster would be gladiator-like, where there would be pain and aggression, and you just had to get your fill and deal with it. If I were in his position, I don't know how I would handle it. Having an angry coach blaming an entire teams loss on me would be something I wouldn't take lightly. Roenick is credited with being one of the best adaptive players in NHL history, so he could change very quickly and very well. I feel as though I were in his position with his adaptive talent, then maybe I would be able to handle it, but the way he makes it sound, I would probably explode on Keenan at some point.
Colter Quinn
03:35 PM ET (US)
Hope SOLO: my story and I am stopping (physically because I can't read anymore) on page 93. I have not finished this book -- nor will I in the next 2 weeks, it has almost 250 pages. #YIKES..

1. My character is Hope Solo -- I would give her a chance to remake her childhood in anyway possible. Growing up for her was not easy at all whatsoever. She had a childhood where her and her brother were on their own. Her mom and dad separated and her mom worked 3 jobs and was never home!! It was sad, so I would give her the chance to remake her childhood..(IF I WAS MAGIC OR LIKE WANDA AND COSMO)...the second gift I would give her would be a chance to retake her chances with her friends who weren't really her friends in the end because they all left her, they all thought that soccer was Hopes passion and not them as friends. Stupid right? The third and final gift would just be nothing, the women has it all, by saying "has it all" I'm being serious, the WOMEN has it all. She just has had a really hard life an dI would give her the chance to relive anything she wanted.
Blaine Wittrock
03:34 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Conspiracy 365: June and I left off an page 97. I have also just finished the book Conspiracy: 365 May.

I choose to select gifts for Cal. The three gifts that I choose for him is to be able to breath under water, to fly, and to have super speed. Cal needs to be able to have the ability to breath under so that he can hide in the water from his pursuers. He also needs this ability to fly so that he can be able to fly over fences and gates to get away. He also needs the ability to for super speed so that he can get away from his attackers and to be able out run lions and other animals that seem to have it out for him.
Tanner Steineke
03:31 PM ET (US)
I just finished the book: The 100: Homecoming. I also just started Caught by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

The 100: Homecoming left me upset. It was not a good ending though I believe it is the end of the series. I like the fact that Wells and Bellamy become chancellor and that Clarke finds her parents. I do not like the fact that with 20 pages remaining in the book a gigantic war takes place. The book tells us about burying the dead and Wells grieving over Sasha. If I were the author, I would have not ended it right after the war. I would have went on explaining what happens after Wells and Bellamy take over. Do the space people survive? Do the earth people and the space people come together as one community? It seams like it but we will never know unless another book is released. This book was released in February of 2015 so another book may be released. I hope another one does.
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