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1974 Gatsby vs. 2013 Gatsby

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Leah Krull
06:26 PM ET (US)
2. In 8-10 sentences, discuss at least 5 key differences between the two movies. What do you think is the MAJOR difference?
There are many differences between the modern movie and the older movie. One difference I noticed almost immediately was the contrast in enthusiasm between 1974 Gatsby and 2013 Gatsby. DiCaprio did a much better job of showing his emotional attachment to Daisy, whereas Redford just made it seem like she was just an interest of his, but nothing too important. Another huge difference is the music. The older movie had more time-appropriate music. The newer movie had music that didn't even exist in the time period the movie was supposed to be based. In the old movie, Daisy seems a lot more ditzy and fake, while in the new movie she seems much smarter and more real. Another thing that is different in the movie is where the murder of Gatsby takes place. In the 1974 movie, Gatsby gets shot while he is still in the pool, but in the 2013 movie he is shot while he's getting out of the pool. Another difference is the last scene of the movie. Nick is writing a book.
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12:47 PM ET (US)
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Shantel Skari
03:58 AM ET (US)
Write 8-10 sentences comparing either the music or the cinematography between 1974 and 2013.

The difference of the cinematography between the 1974 is that the 2013 version is more over the top. Gatsby party in the 1974 version has less decoration. The 2013 version has a lot of decoration that makes the party look more crazy. in the 2013 version myrtle doesn't break the window when she sees tom bring Gatsby car to wilson shop. in the 1974 movie Gatsby is floating in the pool when wilson comes up behind him. In the 2013 version he was standing on the ladder.
Kennedy Rhody
10:24 AM ET (US)
2. In 8-10 sentences, discuss at least 5 key differences between the two movies. What do you think is the MAJOR difference?

One major difference I noticed is how dull Gatsby is in the 1974 movie compared to the 2013 one. You can tell Leonardo Dicaprio is crazy for Daisy but in the old one I don't really see it. Another major difference is the 1974 one is pretty realistic and portrays life back then. In the newer one eveything is really out there and over the top. I think its trying to show how far Gatsby would go to get Daisy's attention. The music in the new one had modern beats and songs. At the beginning on the 2013 version It starts off Nick Carraway is talking to a doctor in a sanitarium and the doctor tells Nick to write it all down. In the newer movie they really didn't focus on getting to know the characters like the older one instead it was really about what they did and all the main events from the book.
Skylar Barbee
04:14 PM ET (US)
 In 8-10 sentences, explain differences you see in the two men that play Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio). Who did it better? Which do you prefer? WHY? Provide specific examples.
 When I look back to thinking about the two different actors for Gatsby, in the movie for 1974 the character in that movie is not as engaged into loving Daisy in my opinion, he is more to just say that he wants her and kind of stalks her. When he is communicating with her it doesn't really show to the watchers that he wants her for the love they once had and he knows that it is still there. For the Gatsby in 2013 Leonardo really connects with his inner love with anything as simple was the way he would look at her. He really seems to show that he cared about her more then making himself seem like a stalker. In my opinion The 2013 actor sold the part way better when comparing it to real life and the book.
Tyler Haberer
03:54 PM ET (US)
I think that the second movie is a better movie to watch but after having read the book and seeing the first movie i think that it does not represent the book very well. In the first movie everything is much more like reality, that parties are subdued and the music is from that era. In the remake everything is over the top, loud, gaudy and not realistic but thats what you get from a Baz Luhrmann film. Speaking of loud things the music in the remake is appalling there may be on song that is somewhat from that era, all the rest is rap/hiphop crap. I think that if your going to make a movie set back in time you might want to get music from that era at least. In the first movie all of the characters are well represented by their actors.
Paige Hagerty
03:19 PM ET (US)
In 8-10 sentences, discuss at least 5 key differences between the two movies. What do you think is the MAJOR difference?

In the first movie, Gatsby meets Daisy and Tom’s daughter. In the newer one she was only shown when they were leaving town. Another big difference in the movies was the music. The newer movie’s soundtrack did not go with the era of the movie. The parties were also bigger in the newer movie. They had fireworks and even showed people getting into fights. The older movie did not have fireworks or any sign of violence. I also think that the older movie’s characters played the roles better.
Shey Uehling
02:09 PM ET (US)
8-10 sentences on the main differences.

One of the main differences between both movies were the characters I think. The characters in the 2013 film are a lot more modern than the 1974. The 2013 movie, the music was also a lot more hip hop kind of type. In the older movie the clothing and the music and the houses were all so much older than they are today, thats pretty common sense. I liked the 2013 movie more just because it was more of our age, and i felt like I could understand it better. In the newer movie I feel like there was a lot more emotion than there was in the older movie. In the older movie, they didn't show emotion as much, maybe because it was older but now days people tend to show so much more emotion than they used too.
Grant Linneman
12:24 PM ET (US)
Explain differences you see in the two men that play Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio). Who did it better? Which do you prefer? WHY? Provide specific examples.

 I think that Leonardo DiCaprio played Gatsby the way I envisioned it when reading the book. Robert Redford did a great job and I think he showed a clear vision of what he wanted in the movie. When I was reading the book I always pictured Gatsby very wealthy, and a little bit cocky in his partys. When I watched the old movie I saw Gatsby as a person who loves daisy, but more of a person who doesn't show his face a lot. I think that DiCaprio was the perfect person to play Gatsby. In the beginning of the new movie when Gatsby introduces himself, and I saw Leonardo DiCaprio as doing a really good job in the rest of the movie. If anyone as ever seen the “Wolf of Wallstreet” where Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role. You would see that he was he was perfect for Gatsby. So overall I think DiCaprio played it better because he portrayed what I pictured of Gatsby.
Gabrielle Englund
12:23 PM ET (US)
8-10 sentences comparing the music
Although the music was very appealing to this generation, it didn’t fit the time period in which the Great Gatsby is set upon. Yes, Lana Del Ray may be cool now, but for those who know or have heard about the 20s; this over the top film of 2013 went a little over board trying to grab the audiences attention. The movie was almost unrealistic compared to the original movie and book. I noticed there was only on song that fit the time period of 1920 and the times it had seen. There were however a few cuts of music fitting the time period, but not enough to comprehend that the 1920s had brought an uproar. The music played in this movie was rap, hip-hop, and yet there was little to no jazz, swing, or fox trot. In the original movie the recreation was almost theatrical. It made you feel like you were there, in surrounded you with the music, you almost wished the new one would have followed the musical line a little better. The new Gatsby was a bit disappointing when it comes to the musical generation. The thought that there wasn’t much 1920s music used in the new Gatsby is a great disappointment.
Riley Hollander
12:22 PM ET (US)
discuss at least 5 key differences between book and movie. What do you think is the MAJOR difference?
There are many differences between these two films. This newer movie i my opinion was better than the old one because it seemed to get the "message" of love across more than the old one. The newer one showed more of the book than the old one and it was more relatable. The old movie was more realistic at some parts though, with the light, the cars and the outfits. I also think that The new movie showed gatsby's love for daisy a lot better than the old one did. The parties were also much different because again their outfits, the music, the way they like celebrated, it was all different. The older one represented that time period much better than this one could. Also I think that these characters in the new movie played their roles better than they did in the old one
Dalton Larson
12:20 PM ET (US)
2. In 8-10 sentences, discuss at least 5 key differences between the two movies. What do you think is the MAJOR difference?
The two movies have many differences between the two. Each one having its own characteristics that make it great. The first difference was the music of course. The 2013 movie had a lot of modern music while the 1974 movie has music from the original movie of the time. Also in the new movie Nick is currently seeing phycologist while narrating the book in past tense. In the old movie you it seems as though as the acting is a lot more exaggerated, while the new one is much more subtle. Another thing that is different in the movie is where Jay Gatsby dies. In the 1974 movie he dies while in the pool but in the new movie he is shot while he's leaving the pool. The last difference and perhaps the most important one is the last time Nick meets and talks with Tom and Daisy. In the 1974 movie they met one last time after Gatsby dies. But, in the new 2013 movie they don't meet up again after the death of Gatsby.
Braydon Johnson
12:18 PM ET (US)
In 8-10 sentences, explain differences you see in the two men that play Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio). Who did it better? Which do you prefer? WHY? Provide specific examples.

I have mixed emotions about the two men who played Gatsby. I certainly think the first one from the movie did outstanding, especially in the fact that Gatsby was very outspoken and kept to himself. The newer movies Gatsby also did an amazing job. I liked the second one because he was a little more talkative, he also was a little more open about his emotions. It an honest toss up but I would have to go with Leanardo DiCaprio because the way he talks and displays himself in this movie really relates to what I think of Gatsby. However, Robert Redford did a very good job and I like how outspoken he was and how he kept to himself. Jay Gatsby was played by to very good actors, in my honest opinion Leanardo DiCaprio seemed to do a better job. All said they both did a great job and I enjoyed both movies.
Jared Miller
12:17 PM ET (US)
 There are two Great Gatsby movies, one with Robert Redford in 1974 and one with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013. I believe that I liked the way that Leonardo DiCaprio played him better from a point of view for the movie. He was a better actor in my opinion, and he connects to our generation a little bit more. If you had read the book, and are making connections to the book, Robert Redford is a better actor for the role. He was more relatable to the book, with the sincerity side of his creepiness. While Leonardo DiCaprio came off as more of a stalker than Robert Redford did to me. They both come off as a stalker the way the book was written, and is perceived to most eyes. But Robert Redford, relates to the book a lot more than Leonardo DiCaprio.
Zach Neal
12:17 PM ET (US)
The Gatsby's had similarities and differences. A big difference was that Redford was calm and cool. Leonardo was pretty obnoxious and obsessed with Daisy. Leonard also seemed more emotional. Redford may have loved Daisy, but he seemed more cold-hearted. Redford did a better job of showing the real Gatsby. DiCapri was more outgoing and seemed like he had ADD/ADHD. He made things a little over the top. I preferred the newer one just because it was better quality and got your attention.
Kyle Mickelson
12:15 PM ET (US)
There are many differences between the two movies. Gatsby didn’t want anything more in life than to win over another human being. The Different between Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think Leonardo DiCaprio did a way better because he acted a little better. Leonardo DiCaprio acted a little better than Robert Redford. Leonardo seemed a little wealthy and Robert didn’t really seem that rich. I think Leonard DiCaprio likes daisy and is more into daisy, witch Robert Redford don’t really want to be with her that much. I prefer Leonardo DiCaprio over Robert Redford. I like how Leonardo DiCaprio was in the newer movie he had a little temper but he controlled him self. I like the newer movies way better than the older movies. Order movies make it how it was back in the older days. I kinda prefer the newer movies over the older movies but I would prefer to watch them both so we know what goes on in the older movie and than in the newer movie.
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