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Independent Reading Journal #7: 9/24/15

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Jordan Heyder
11:55 AM ET (US)
I am reading the Magician, i stopped on page 416.

In the book, the brother josh has problems with dealing with that her sister has her powers awakened. I have had a step sister who was a few mouths younger then me. She had always been better at drawing then me. This has always made me jellies of her because I had always like drawing and she was better then me. So in similar I am like josh with drawing as my sister is Joshes sister. Also his sister learn to wield fire. Once upon a time ago my brother tough me how to make fire balls and we use to throw them and catch them.
Kendra Tucker
02:56 PM ET (US)
I finished Dear Diary, I'm Pregnant and now I am reading My Teenage Dream Ended, by Farrah Abraham.

Is the title of your current book appropriate? : I think yes and no. Because when her daughter will grow up and look at the title it might be a little bit offensive.
Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book? : Yes, because I like reading about teen pregnancy! Also because it is of a teen mom from Teen Mom.
Does the author title each chapter? If NOT, what would you title at least three of the chapters? : Yes, Farrah does title each chapter.
How do you think the author chose the book title? : She chose the title because she was a teenager when her dream actually had to end because of her child.
What would you title the book? Why?: I honestly don't know what I would title this book. Also because I don't think I could ever write a book.
Zach Neal
09:18 AM ET (US)
Is the title of your current book appropriate? Yes, it's called Arthur: The Seeing Stone.
Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book? It did to me because I enjoy those stories.
Does the author title each chapter? If NOT, what would you title at least three of the chapters? Yes, the author titles each chapter.
How do you think the author chose the book title? I think he chose it because it's about King Arthur, and he is given a seeing stone he uses to see the past and future.
What would you title the book? Why? I would call it "Young Arthur" because it's about King Arthur growing up.
Tanner Steineke
04:31 PM ET (US)
I am reading The 100 by Kass Morgan. I stopped on page 84.
B. Titles: DON'T just answer yes or no. Write complete sentences restating the question.
The title of my book is extremely appropriate. One hundred kids are sent back to Earth to amen sure it is safe to return.
The title doesn't draw me in, but the back of the book does. I always enjoy reading the quick-bit that it gives you.
The author doesn't really title each chapter but he does tell who the chapter is about, or who's perspective it is in. I would name the first chapter "It's Time" because of what happens in it. The third chapter I would name "Imposter" because a person pretends to be a guard. I would name the fifth chapter "Take Off" because the plane takes off in this chapter.
I think the other chose The 100 as the title because 100 kids are being sent to Earth. I would name the book Rehabilitation because the kids are seeing if Earth is safe for humans to return.
Melissa Tuttle
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee and I stopped on page 199.

Write about a memory or experience of your OWN that is similar to something you have read in your current book.

In Go Set A Watchman, the main character Jean Louise is visiting her small home town after living in New York City for college. While living in New York, her perceptions of politics and social norms changes. Specifically, she lived in an environment where all races were accepted as equals and that was how she liked it. For me, I came from California, where the culture is very different. I was always the minority, being the "white girl" in class. Most everyone was Mexican, and that was just the way of life. It was difficult transitioning into an area where there was less diversity and more tradition. I relate to Jean Louise in her struggle to adjust and find her own opinions amid a world of confusion. Mexicans were not Mexican, they were just people. Jean Louise feels this same way towards the blacs in her community. It upsets her that there is so much contention among the races. Delving into a new atmosphere was difficult for me, as it was for Jean Louise, but the book teaches us that we can use our life experiences to make the world a better place.
Dani Cooper
04:30 PM ET (US)
I am reading Magyk by Angie Sage and I am on page 193. Personally I think that the title is very appropriate for my book. Magyk is how they write magic, and if there is anything this book is about it's magic. Magyk did catch my eye when I saw it, I thought maybe it was some new word I had never heard. I was kind of slow at picking up that it meant magic. The author does title her chapters so I guess I don't need to write anything for this one, yay! I think the author thought, "What does my book involve most?" Thinking about this, or something along those line, think she thought that Magyk would be appropriate title. I think she made a very wise choice. Personally if I was going to make the title for the book I don't think I would have thought to name it Magyk. I think the first thing that would have come to mind would be, The Lost Princess. I would call it this because right in the beginning you find out the princess is missing and that she is in hiding because of the previous ExtraOrdinary Wizard who wants the throne.
Ellie Stone
04:29 PM ET (US)

So far I've really been enjoying this book, it's kept me interested!
Carter Haas
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reding Unbroken and am on page 277
Yes, I do think that the title of my book is appropriate for the following reasons. First, it is telling a story of a person who has to go through all these terrible scenarios which cause him to be starving and sick. Also, after all the stuff that has been happening to him he is still fighting and trying to stay alive the best that he can and also helping other people to get better which is I think why they titled it Unbroken. The title I think does grab me a little bit but not a whole lot because it isn't a very interesting title its just one word which I think could mean a lot of things to people. Yes, the author does title all of the chapters and I think she does a good job of it because she gives a title that foreshadows what will happen but you don't know everything that will happen but she uses it in on word that will help you understand what the chapter might be about. I think the Author chose her title from how the Main Character survived all these things that was happening and still through all the torture that he went through that he still managed to survive. I really don’t know what I would title it but I might make the title a little longer and possibly more interesting than just one word like just a suggestion The Heart of a Survivor or something like that. And I think with that title it would bring a tiny more amount of people who read it because maybe they like survival books and in the title Unbroken it doesn't really tell you it will be a survival book until about a fourth of the way through.
Alexia Allen
04:27 PM ET (US)
Today I am reading The Naturals and I stopped on page 95.

Something similar to something I read that I have a memory of somewhat fits with it. I went to a camp this summer that we got to stay in a college for 1 week. For some reasons the whole situation that Cassie’s keeps reminding me of that. I guess its because she Got the chance to go and stay in Washington D.C with complete strangers. The people at both seem pretty nice. In my situation and the book there were some people that seemed a little off of didn't seem to like me. In both as well we got to meet people like us or with the same interests. She has people who have the same abilities and I had people that were there to learn new abilities.
Ellie Stone
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading Taken by Norah McClintock and I stopped on page 82.
B) The title of my current book is Taken it truly fits the story simply because it’s about a girl being taken. The title completely grabbed my attention when I first saw it in the library. The author doesn’t title the chapters. I don’t think titling them would be a good idea because it leaves a mystery for what you're about to read. However, if I had to a few chapters I would title ‘Run’, ‘The First Night’, ‘Survive’. I would assume the author wanted to give a hint about the book through the title, which is why they chose Taken. I would title the book Escape and Survive, because so far majority of it’s been about her escaping and trying to survive in these dense woods.
Nick Gabbert
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Only Game by Mike Lupica. And I am on page 260.


I think the title for this book is very appropriate. Because Jack the main character quit baseball his favorite sport because his brother died one year ago. So he talks to his mom about it and realizes that you can not sit and feel sorry for your self the rest of your life. You have to go out and enjoy life with your friends, and play the sport you love. So his mom and dad convince him to rejoin the baseball team. So this title is very appropriate, because it is pretty much The Only Game to show what he's got. The author doesn't title any of the chapters, what I would choose few chapter titles to be, is probably for Chapter 1 - The Accident, because that is when Brad brother dies. Chapter 2 - Tryouts, because that is when Jack goes and tryouts for his baseball team. When he already knows he is going to be on the team. And Chapter 3 - Quit, because that is when Jack decides to hang up his cleats and focus on others things in life. Like meeting new people and hanging out with his family because you don't know how much time you will have with them.
Opah Bah
04:19 PM ET (US)

    Today I read the boy who couldn't die I finished the book today
 I really enjoyed this book a lot when I first so the title of this book at the library it caught my eyes. When I first read the back of the cover to see what the book was about I was interested to get it and read it right when I open that first page of the story I kept going and going. It took my three days to read this book thats how good this book was. And I think the title of this story tells everything about the book and what I would be about. The story jumped right in when you read the first 10 pages of the book. The title of this book is appropriate for the story and what its about. what i think about the title of each chapter? i'll say that each of the title of the chapters where right for each other. I think how the author choose this chapter is by coming up with supernatural topic in the story that could be true and that the who story was based on ken and how his choses impacted people around him in his life.
Kailee Jorgensen
04:13 PM ET (US)
Today I finished the book We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach. The story of my book was very appropriate because their fate was in the hands of an astroid in space. The title was luring to me because it made me question what the book was about. While in searching for a book in Barnes and Noble, the first thing that caught my eye was actually the cover. This book was broken down into 10 sections. Each section contained four chapters: one for each main character. They were titled as the characters name so that you could keep track of who's story you were following. I believe the author chose the book title because of the world ending by an asteroid. Throughout the book, characters would often look to the sky in curiosity, for hope, for peace, and at the end for a conclusion. If I were to title the book I probably would leave it the same as it is because it doesn’t give away too much about the book but gives you a glance into the storyline and main conflict of the story.
Heather Totton
04:01 PM ET (US)

Today I read A Work in Progress by Connor Franta, I ended on page 212.

I really like the title that Connor chose. Its the story about his life but it isn't complete yet. The title was very interesting to me, it made it seem like Connor put a lot of time into this book. I like the way that he titled every chapter. The chapter titles hinted at the contents of the chapter, but didn’t give anything away. I think Connor wanted to write about his life even though he is still very young. The title is a way of saying that the story isn’t finished yet. I don’t want to change the title of this book. However, if I had to, I would call it To Be Continued… I think that title would give the same message that Connor wanted. It would say here’s my story, but it’s not done yet.
Augie Johnson
04:01 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Shooter by Walter Dean Myers and I'm on page 55.

I do find the title of the book to be appropriate. The book is about a criminal investigation on a school shooting and it is literally translated into a transcript from interviews and court cases.

While the title is fitting, I found it kind of dull at first, and I ended up having to read the back for more context. I expected the words "Shooter" to bring action, but not in this kind of setting.

The book titles each chapter, but it is in a very different sense. As I said before, the book is like a transcript, so before each section, it is the title of the documentation and what it is. So some of the titles are like "Madison High School Incident Statement I - Interview with Cameron Porter". Because of this, I wouldn't change anything about the titles of the chapters.

I would assume he chose the title purely off of the context of the book, since it is about a school shooter, implying the word shooter.

Honestly, I'd keep the title the way it is. Although, if I had to change it, I would do something like "Madison High School Shooter Incident Analysis" or something along the lines of a transcript title, since the book follows that kind of style. I think the title "Shooter" doesn't give enough context to what the story is actually about, and I also don't think anyone picking up the book would expect most of it to be purely dialogue and no narration. I just think the title is a little misleading, but it is still fitting.
Blaine Wittrock
03:55 PM ET (US)
Is the title of your current book appropriate?
Does the title “grab” you and make you want to read the book?
Does the author title each chapter? If NOT, what would you title at least three of the chapters?
How do you think the author chose the book title?
What would you title the book? Why?

I have finished my book the American Sniper.

I think that the title American Sniper is an appropriate title for the book. This title is appropriate for the book because it goes hand and hand with the whole story. The title of the book really grabs your attention. The author of my book, Chris Kyle, does title every single chapter. He also has titles for his sub sections because his chapters are so long. I think that Chris choose this title because he lived in America. I believe that he also choose this title because he was a Sniper for the United States Navy Seals. I don't have another choice of a title for my book because the title is just that good.
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