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Credithunt replacement

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reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:23 PM ET (US)
Normally having the mM lynch happen over no lynch would be -EV scum imo, because we could get mM mislynched later instead if there was a no lynch.

But with everybody (well dc) being "Pala needs to confirm himself Day 4 or we should lynch him." and overrun probably occurring Day 4 because of it yeah it's +EV in this case. >_> <_<
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
08:38 PM ET (US)
dc's no lynch plan is actually not bad hmm.
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
12:35 AM ET (US)
Also observer chat.

Just a couple more weeks, either way >_>
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
12:34 AM ET (US)
I'd love to see what Townie!deadchat is thinking
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:46 PM ET (US)
I'm enjoying this game so much more as a psuedo-observer.

Yeah I was definitely in too many games >_>

At least this hopefully means I can catch up in Polarity Hunt 7 <_<
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:41 PM ET (US)
pe hitting Acio last Night for some reason as Assassin (???) would have been the best scenario.

pe becomes convinced Acio was scum (and therefore maker also is) while Pala was the NK.

Also nobody being around to give maker a Credit last Night is hilarious.
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
06:57 PM ET (US)
Ugh I'm so behind.

I don't think I have time to rolehunt.
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:27 PM ET (US)
Re: #543 I think the weird thing is nobody is seriously rocking the boat.

This is because Town is totally off track, so the scum don't want to do this.
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
08:20 PM ET (US)
It would so amusing if my questions to MM made him look scummy because that was not my intention at all.

Uh, I'm starting to think pressuring lurkers is a really good scum tactic? They don't get as much experience Actually Playing compared to the games they've had so they tend to give scummy responses, and nobody can argue you're aren't "active" but avoiding other active players means you don't give off too much information.

This annoys me because I hate lurkers as Town and pressuring lurkers becomes reasonable scum play then it will be even harder to deal with them.

If MV gets lynched with no claim, my plan for Day 3:

Pressure MM or maker until they claim, probably MM

lynch the other.

I will probably actually say that in-thread because "There has to be only one scum left, MV and APW were so scummmy"
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
01:15 PM ET (US)
Pala read:

Pala is still pretty null.

I don't see any really dangerous reads? Everything feels pretty safe/mechanical. Things like "dC I fail to see how post 111 had much behind it. Like it's all just joking around in an effort to just give out a bunch of null reads. QE: Acio says this better." (#160) are +EV Town but easily fakable for somebody as good as Scum!Pala

Also some dc aggro but everybody had dc aggro.

**Note this is different from MV because MV's only good case was on a Townie while Pala had other reads on, ex., maker.

He also had some scum psychology stuff (talking about scum taking advantage of Town revealing roles, describing somebody as doing good scum play) that twigged me in Dersehunt but I guess maybe he always does that.

#209 seems pretty Town-y

and also pushing MV #217 - Wait that was NONSENSE as I noted earlier.

Hmm, voting your buddy over nonsense seems Quite Odd (I guess it's easily retractable)

#233 is reasonable analysis if wrong.

#296 I approve of, enjoy maker aggro

As of #390 is also kind of doubt-casty, saying maker-APW is not impossible.

Lots of mechanical analysis.

Pala is really pushing maker/APW

#496 is kind of weird for Merc townread but at least it's a townread.
Edited 01-11-2015 02:43 PM
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
02:29 AM ET (US)
MV has ~surprisingly few~ posts

#193 is a reasonable case but it's own somebody who has become significantly more Town.

Wow MV is scummy.

Let's see, his only reasonable case is #193 which is on somebody who has become a significant Townread. He originally townreads dc before relativity suddenly moving to lynch him. He's constantly distancing himself from his stuff.
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
12:27 AM ET (US)
I think I'm going to just read through speedchuck quickly and make a post:

#227 is fine but safe

#244 is Ok but weirdly doesn't mention #229 when getting off of Goomba/pe

#326 Hmm basically the pattern I notice here is "what happened rather than analysis" here.

Basically he hasn't talked enough but that's understandable given his computer situation.
Edited 01-11-2015 12:41 AM
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:58 PM ET (US)
Just dumping a post draft here to make sure I don't lose it:

[quote='MQuinny1234' pid='83554' dateline='1420748854']
Hmm. I'm no feeling on board with this APW lynch, mostly because, when I read through these things, I tend to look at the bigger build-ups on targets, and see who could be teamed up, or assume a world where the target is innocent and squint at who's voting on them. Don't really see much previous teaming up for APW that isn't pushing on him now.
[/quote]Hmm, I find this quite interesting.

My understand of this is you considered the possible scummates for Scum!APW and later found those scummates on his wagon, so you assumed APW is Town? A more roundabout way of saying that there were too many people anti-aligned with APW for him to be scum?

Can you go into detail with this? What people did you consider possible scummates for APW before the wagon? Do you have any remaining plausible scummates of APW?


Somebody ([b]@pE[/b] IIRC) asked me (well donut) what I thought of Merc? He has one real post #228 which is unreadably low content. (All it has is a scumread on Coldblooded, suspicion on APW, and timing would imply he's plausibly co-aligned with dc except for the fact dc is townfirmed)


[quote='Mister Visceral' pid='82960' dateline='1420426363']
[b][color=#66cd00]Vote Coldblooded[/color][/b]
[b]@Mister Visceral[/b] Did you ever explain this vote? If not, why did you vote Coldblooded here?

What are your top 3 townreads and top 3 scumreads, and why?

reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
11:30 PM ET (US)
~This isn't done and I will be editting it whenever left off @#280~

Ok, Coldblooded read:

Starts off with null (mechanics/meta) stuff

#104 misses the MM wagon before the claim threat, moves on to maker

Coldblooded seems to be arguing to convince more often than arguing to get reads on people? Mostly a vibe.

Does offer an MV townread in #138

#143 votes dc right after APW.

One thing I'm concerned about is a possible APW/Coldblooded scumteam. The fact their votes have often ended up on the same wagons despite large differences in playstyle/justification measures could mean they are both voting for good targets for scum while Coldblooded can actually make himself look Town while doing it.

Coldblooded is also not explaining reads see #171

#183 hops on the Goomba lynch, see APW stuff.

MV votes Coldblooded early on, says maker is Town hmm. Gives maker a bit of a meta pass.

I'm going to ask MV this question asap Day 2 starts. I think the conclusion Town settled on was "Coldblooded aggroed is maker townread"?


#193 scumread ColdBlooded for hoping on bandwagons, which is "aggressive"

#211 Vic defends dc's posting style as stream of consciousness. MV also shows very bus-happy valuation.

#226 is very careful to soften a read.

Unrelated note:

Acio's #229 is like one of the towniest posts I've seen ever unless goomba/pe is scumbuddies with him. It turned a strong lynch candidate into a strong Townread. What kind of scum would do that?

Also I've found it's tougher for scum to fake single super hugely Towny actions like that than relatively consistent Town-y behavior.
Edited 01-10-2015 12:25 AM
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
10:10 PM ET (US)
I'm going to be building up a post draft and save it (and btw saving post drafts is an awesome feature for a mafia board)

Having Preview Post being right next to Post Reply is Evil though.
Edited 01-09-2015 10:20 PM
reaverbPerson was signed in when posted
10:09 PM ET (US)

Mercenaries only has 13 posts on this forum? This is like ie all over again.

...and 2 posts in-thread.

and one with content. #228

"I don't like Coldblooded and also maybe APW"

So a vaguely scummy vote park is all there is? That's unreadably low content.

Notable RVS: Votes maker over MM when an MM wagon is building (#89). Doesn't really have a reason though.

Oh an active lurking post (#115) why am I not surprised. (It is a rather amusing not-cotent post though.

Distances self from RVS vote #174

#325 claims overwhelmed and that's not unreasonable.

#409 is quite interesting. "I think APW is Town because I believe many of his viable scummates are on his wagon". That's an acute observation, going to bring it up toMorrow.

Then he spends a bunch of time saying "I'm totally not trying to save APW". Like, a number of posts equal to all his previous effort.

Also he townreads Merc for not posting which is lol-terrible but I guess somebody who themselves lurks could actually believe it. #409 for the read, #415 for the justification.
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