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Balzaac Journal pp. 21-41

Megan Schuttloffel
11:05 AM ET (US)
The boys worked long and hard in the mines everyday and luo would say that in the mines is where he would die. They were dirty and they didn't know if they would survive each day. When they were working in the coal mines they weren't big enough to stand up and walk so they had to crawl around.
Taylor Lewin
02:17 PM ET (US)
3. Compare/contrast the storytelling of Luo and the narrator.

Luo is very good at telling stories. He uses different voices for each character. The first time Luo and the narrator do an oral cinema show for the villagers, the narrator gets stage fright and is only able to tell the audience the setting of each scene. Luo had to take on every single character by himself. He got the audience involved and had them answer questions as well.
Kendra Tucker
08:25 PM ET (US)
2. How does working in the coal mine affect Luo and the narrator?

Each of the boys knew by working in the coal mine was bad for them, especially for their health! Because they were dirty and unsanitary they didn't know if they would come out alive each day. By the end of the day when they got to go home they were relieved that they were both alive. Also by working in the coal minds they weren't able to stand up they had to crawl. By them doing this everyday all day or even hours at a time would be terrible on their bodies and backs.
Woodard Austin
01:45 PM ET (US)
The tailor had two sowing machines and lived liked a king, having feasts where ever he went. His daughter did not have an english accent like he did and she had an oval face and was gleeful. She had pink canvas shoes with white nylon socks and her mother died. The narrator says that she has beautiful eyes and that they're like uncut jewels. The narrator asks Luo if he likes her, which he says yes, but continues to say she's not civilized enough to be in love with her.
Hayden Lodermeier
01:42 PM ET (US)
The daughter is beautiful unlike many of the visitors she can read and write. She has a bold personality. Luo said that she is not civilized enough for him. The tailor and his daughter are from the next village over. Her and Luo get along good and they make a bet.
Anastasia Contreras
01:42 PM ET (US)
1. Describe the tailor and his daughter. What does Luo initially say about the Little Seamstress on the way home?

      The Tailor was very immature and child like. According to the boys he was very much like a "capricious overlord" because he got carried around and got to travel a lot. The Little Seamstress she was said to have a glowing complexion and her features were noble. When the narrator says that Lou likes the Little Seamstress he claims that she wasn't civilized enough for him. Then later we find out he got a letter from her. Where they soon left to tell her village a story.
Hailey Johnson
01:40 PM ET (US)
I chose to do number three. Luo is obviously a great story teller. The narrator of this book is also a storyteller. He tells us a story, but in a way that is different from Luo's. The narrator is painting a picture to describe what happened to him and describe his experiences. His story is a lot more genuine. However, Luo is much more audacious with his stories, they are bold and exaggerated.
Silhouette Smith
01:39 PM ET (US)
The tailor is always never actually in his shop, rather he sits around on his high thrown that everyone carries around for him. I think this gives the reader a better understanding about the little seamstress and her role she plays. I see the seamstress as a little girl who is curious and wants to know more about the world, and in such a innocent manner. She also opens up her home basically to two complete strangers and offers them food and chats with them. Later in the book, you find out that she also knows how to write, when she sends Lou a letter. This not only demonstrates her kindness, but also her dedication she has to these two boys. The tailor however is rather boisterous and annoying the way he goes around town and laughs at all the other villagers. This leads me to believe that he only cares for himself and nobody else.
Ashley Eickman
01:39 PM ET (US)
1. The tailor is very well known and is in high demand. He is a celebrity but her daughter is a mist among his shadow. His daughter is not allowed to go on trips with the tailor, so there are a lot of family conflicts. Luo said to the narrator about how Little Seamstress is not civilized enough for her. The narrator, however, is persistent with telling Luo how he fancies her.
Bailey Meadors
01:37 PM ET (US)
The tailor and his daughter are described as a king and princess. They were given these names because the tailor was always needed. With his job he was able to travel the countryside to other villages. Other villagers were not able to travel outside their village. Lou initially said that she was not civilized enough for him after the narrator asks if he has fallen in love with her.
Adrianna Atkins
01:37 PM ET (US)
The coal mine affects Luo and the narrator a lot. Luo feels as if he is going to die working in the mine. After Luo said that to the narrator the narrator becomes very paranoid about also dying while working in the coal mine. The narrator doesn't want to die working in the coal mine. He wants to be one of the three out of a thousand to leave. Then Luo gets sick and the narrator gets paranoid again about working in the coal mine. Both Lup and the narrator don't want to die working in the coal mine.
Ryan Titus
01:37 PM ET (US)
1. The tailor and his daughter are very wealthy because the tailor is the only one near and around the villages. When he enters a village they throw lavish parties and see it as an opportunity to show their wealth to the other villagers. The daughter is a very pretty girl who wishes to know more but is a little uncivilized. Luo thinks that she is too uncivilized for him. She also has a long 2nd toe like Luo which isn't all that uncommon.
Justin Sebert
01:36 PM ET (US)
3. The narrator is a very clumsy storyteller. He falters a lot and often forgets his lines. But Luo is amazing at telling stories, he always swoops in to the narrators rescue and makes all of the mess ups look like they were intentional. He is so good that they are even requested to perform for the little seamstress in her village. However, they both have very good memories and do a great job of getting all of the details about characters and do a good job of presenting it to the village. However, Luo holds onto his edge in storytelling by playing many different characters and doing fantastic voice impersonations.
Samantha Stark
01:34 PM ET (US)
2. Working in the coal mines have a huge effect on the boys. They are always dirty every day. The boys are also scared of dying while working. The mines are unsafe and the narrorator even said when he woke up everyday he did not know if he would make it back to his bed that night. The mines also affected their breathing. In the future they will most liekly have some lung issues from work in the mines.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
11:16 AM ET (US)
Choose ONE of these topics and write a 5 sentence response:

1. Describe the tailor and his daughter. What does Luo initially say about the Little Seamstress on the way home?

2. How does working in the coal mine affect Luo and the narrator?

3. Compare/contrast the storytelling of Luo and the narrator.

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