MKM: Boos MKM: Boos QuickTopic <![CDATA[Bowser498 | lol doubt if Sashe even knows about this message... XD...]]> 2015-07-27T23:21Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | Game over...:D]]> 2015-05-11T04:01Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | YESSS! 1NSAN1 VOTED FNAR! WE'RE SURE TO WIN! Who should we...]]> 2015-05-10T22:00Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | So? We'll still win anyway, even if they know. It's 2 VS...]]> 2015-05-10T21:59Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | They'll suspect me if I do that :P]]> 2015-05-10T21:14Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | True, here's the reasoning. If you vote Raf, he dies...]]> 2015-05-10T21:04Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | *majority]]> 2015-05-10T20:31Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | No, we don't. If he votes you, the majoriey is still voting...]]> 2015-05-10T20:31Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | He thinks Raf and you are innocent... If you vote Raf---we...]]> 2015-05-10T20:05Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | Oh no... If you don't say Raf, then we could lose because of...]]> 2015-05-10T20:02Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | Okay, 1nsan1 is posting!]]> 2015-05-10T19:54Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | Okay, but if he votes Raf, then don't vote. If he doesn't...]]> 2015-05-10T19:31Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | I can't to that.... Let's wait what 1nsan1 thinks first,...]]> 2015-05-10T19:29Z <![CDATA[Bowser498 | Vote Raf, not Accj. He has 2 votes already. For one, say that...]]> 2015-05-10T19:25Z <![CDATA[Sashe2705 | Yeah, but there's one problem about this: I don't think...]]> 2015-05-10T19:18Z