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Independent Reading Journal #6: 9/18/15

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Jordan Heyder
10:51 AM ET (US)
i am reading the achelmyst and i stopped on page 230.

F-Fire- fire is the element that the elders tried teaching josh and did teach Sophie how to use. Sense josh couldn't learn fire in time they gave him clarinet, the blade of fire.

R- Relic- The Relic in the book is the ancient blade clarinet. They blade was made from when the earthlord ruled the earth, witch was millions upon millions of years old.

I- Ice- Ice is the element of the blade Excalibur. Excalibur is the equal opposite of the blade Clarinet and had destroyed the external tree and killed one of the elders in the book,

D- Dire- Dire creatures are ones that have enhanced ability's and were mentions and used in the book. The animal that was used in the book was the
dire crow, and the dire wolfs had been mentioned in the book.

A- Alchemyst- The Alchemyst is the character Nicholas FLamel. He uses alchemy and he codex to create the elixir of life for immortality.

y- year- Many of the characters in this books were born years and years and years ago. Like Nicholas is from like 1330s, so there old.
Rachel Ely
03:09 PM ET (US)
I am reading Wanderlove and am on page 205.

F-Friends- In this book she went on a traveling tour in another country. So she is making a lot of new friends from lots of different places.
R-Rowan- While she is out on her tour she decides to leave the main group and go with a small group called the Backpackers. Her main guide now is Rowan. He is very familiar with the location and really knows his way around.
I- Islands- On the tour with the Backpackers their main destination is to an island that only the very experienced travelers know exists.
D- Daytime- A lot of this book is written about when it is daytime. Traveling at night would be pretty hard to do unless you had a very good knowledge of where you were at and where you were going.
A- Aimless time- While there is a end destination for these Backpackers they have no specific way they are supposed to go to get there. They have 2 weeks to go where ever they would like to explore without any boundaries.
Y- Young- All the main characters in this book are really young. Because of the setting of traveling across a country and touring it would be difficult to do that if you are older.
Tanner Steineke
01:31 PM ET (US)
I am reading Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix and I finished on page 182.

F: Fighting for friends. In the book Chip, Jonah, Katherine, and Alex fight to keep all of their friendships, and their friends themselves, alive.
R: Richard is Chip and Alex's uncle from back in time. He unrightfully took Chip's spot on the throne as the king of England.
I: In command. Richard is in command after Chip's father dies. Richard sets up Chip's protectors arrest, as well as kills Chip's guards.
D: Death---Chip and Alex were thought to be dead after their tracers disappeared after being thrown out of a window.
A: Alex is one of the main characters in the book. He is one of the characters who are meant to be in the fifteenth century.
Y: Young--Most of the characters in the book are extremely young. Most of the characters are under the age of 15.
Colter Quinn
09:11 AM ET (US)
Finished the book "The Best of ME".

F - Fighting for family and love and making it known that other people care about them.
R - Rude is being what some people were in the book. Most of the people or time in that book -- either a fight was happening or a punishment was happening.
I - Isolated -- Dawson was on a rig in the middle of the ocean when the book started then it went back in time to when they first met.
D - Death -- This word is a great word to use for this post because thought the book a lot of people are killed or hurt, a lot of people in the book were either fighting or hurting someone and it's truly sad but in the end, Amanda is faced with a two huge life changes.
A - Amanda -- Amanda played a huge roll in the book because she was the popular outgoing kids in high school and had the hot boyfriend and she loved Dawson but her boyfriend did not approve of that.
Y- Young and Dumb - Amanda and Dawson were young in dumb. This is probably why Dawson got beat up so many times. It's a sad fact but it's the truth.
Carter Haas
03:58 PM ET (US)
I am Reading Unbroken and am on Pg.205.

F-Fight is what the Americans had to do in the war to keep the Japanese at bay and keep them away from their islands. Also the Japanese would fight to the death which would not allow the americans to capture them and interrogate them.
R-Reef is what there where most of the time of the coast of the Islands that he traveled to. They held coral and fish in them and they could be big or small.
I-Island is where he was stationed and to be specific the Islands of Hawaii. Also he had went to other ones through the trip that the Japanese took them on.
D-Death was very common if you crashed a plane in the ocean or if you were shot down by another plane. And even if you did survive the crash you would probably be captured and killed if Americans started bombing the island.
A-Allies that is what the Americans and Great Britain and Russia where called in WWII. Which they had to fight the Japanese and Germany and keep them from invading other countries.
Y-Yokohama is where he goes after he is was transported to an island in the pacific. It is where he is sent to live in a a prisoner of war camp where they are usually treated very badly and starved.
Ellie Stone
03:52 PM ET (US)
The Girl In the Park and I finished it today.

Finally I found out today who the real killer of Wendy was. I was surprised to see it turned out to be her teacher, Mr. Farrell.
Regret, is what Mr. Farrell felt once he confessed to Rain about what he had done. He tried to explain to her that he’s been perfect his whole life, and that the once time he let loose it’d ruin him.
I personally did not see the ending of the book coming, truthfully predicted a whole other character being the murderer.
Death could be a theme for my book, how to escape, what happens after death, the consequences of it. Rain felt a lot of consequences for her friends death.
Affairs are terrible things and I was shocked to read that Wendy and her teacher were having one! That just before her death she had been seeing her teacher on a more personal level. That is before she snapped and he didn’t want her going around with hit.
YAY!! I have successfully finished the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am excited to continue reading mystery books.
Dani Cooper
03:51 PM ET (US)
I am now reading the third book called The Triumph of Death and I'm on 107.
F-Frankly when I first started reading this series I had serious doubts about it. Fairly often, any book that sounds cool, that I don't know the author, turns out to stink.
R-Right now though I'm totally entranced with the story of Alex Van Helsing. Reading about Alex's story as he fights vampires, works with a secret agency, and slowly learns more about the reality of his world is so much fun.
I-I feel bad for Alex when the girl he likes, Minhi, ends up liking his friend Paul. It sometimes hints that Minhi has a thing for him but it's still sad that Alex feels such loyalty to Paul that he won't try and take her from him.
D-Definetly, this has been an amazing book to read. Driving into the world of Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies is a real treat.
A-Alex is really cool, I want to be more like him. Thats why I always like to read books with character that have strong hearts.
Y-You can bet that I will definitely check to see if I can find more of Jason Henderson's work. This world he's created for Alex has got me captivated.
Alexia Allen
03:50 PM ET (US)
I’m reading three (don’t worry I’m almost done) and today I stopped on page 273.

Fear put into civilians and runaways hiding or fighting for there lives.
Resistance is trying to make everything right again. They now have a plan by sabotaging some of the important papers.
Intelligence is a main characteristic you may want to have. It really helps with there plan to over throw the MM. The MM is what took over the government.
Deciding what they should do next. This is always happening they are always thinking of new plans to outsmart who they need to.
Almost never prepared for what will happen next. Things keep happening good or bad that sometimes both reader and character don’t expect it.
Yearning to make a change. They want things back to how they used to be before the war. Even if they don’t remember what is was like before.
Kailee Jorgensen
03:50 PM ET (US)
I am reading We All Looked Up and I stopped on page 255.
Frenzy, everyone is going crazy about the world coming to an end. People seem to have lost their minds.
Ready? While planning their big end of the world party, they don't know if they can get all the details planned out in time. They have a lot of unexpected issues that they have to deal with making it harder for them to get things done.
Inevitable, there is nothing they can do in order to stop the astroid from coming. They are waiting on their own tragic end.
Death is their only thought. There is not much left to keep their spirits up.
Andy is a slacker musician who likes Eliza. His family really doesn't care for him so he’s gone through most of his life without much support.
Youth, the main characters are all still in high school. They feel like they haven't even gotten a chance to start their life on their own yet.
Juan wernke
03:49 PM ET (US)
I started the book sold Last class period and this time stopped on page 120.
F or the book i picked out it is really quit interesting its called "sold" And its about this girl that is sold by her father to a brothel so he doesn't have to work. But the reason was because he cant work, because he only has one arm, and gambling isn't going well.
R eally that bothers me and makes me mad at how there is people out there that don't have enough self respect, and would do that to there own blood.
I really am liking the book though because besides the bad, the main girl is really unique. And is sticking it out to break free and better herself when she gets out. with out
D oubt she is a strong girl and doesn't deserve what has happened to her. just because her dad found it easier.
A nd also im learning more about little things in india, so its not so bad of book. and
Nick Gabbert
03:49 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Only Game by Mike Lupica and I stopped on page 126.

F - The main character in this book is very funny. He is the class clown of his school, he makes all these funny jokes when they are playing baseball with his friends. He also is very funny with his dad and his mom. He tries to cheer them up because his brother dies last summer, so he tries to make them not so sad.
R - Jack is like a Robot he does things like he is programmed to do it. Like in baseball no other kid on the team could make this play but Jack goes out of no where and snags the ball barehand and throws it to first.
I - Jack is very in inveous because he and his friend are having this competition to see who is a better baseball player. And his friend is better at him at some things and Jack is better at others.
D - Death is a good conflict in this book. Because at the age of 16, Jacks brother dies of a motorcycle accident. He was riding his motorcycle on a golf course late at night where you can't see anything and he hit a tree and died.
A - The main character is very athletic. He plays baseball for the Walton Middle School team. He is a starting pitcher and when he is not pitching his is probably playing shortstop. He is very athletic because everyone considers him the star of the team.
Y - Jacks Yearns to be with his brother because he quit baseball his favorite sport because it reminded him of baseball to much. And his parents yearn to have his brother back, because they want to cherish the time that they have with him.
Heather Totton
03:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Work In Progress; today I reached page 82.

Family plays a big role in Connor’s childhood. His family was very close and did lots of things together.
Real friends are important to Connor. He would rather have 1 best friend than 100 average friends. 
I really like how Connor added pictures in his book. He pictures from his childhood and pictures that he has taken over the years.
Dustin is Connor’s older brother, Connor is the middle child. Connor talks about his relationships with all of his siblings.
A Work In Progress is a memoir. Connor shares his life stories and memories. However, it is not complete yet.
YouTube is what made Connor well-known. He is very successful and has lots of followers. He uses his platform to tell stories and inspire others.
Melissa Tuttle
03:47 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and I stopped on page 284.
character or event or conflict or setting or theme
Friendship is a recurring theme in The Kite Runner. The friendship between Amir and Hassan shapes every event in the novel.

Repercussions are inevitable according to the book. You are always free to make choices, but you must understand that there are consequences to your actions.

Individual progression must be established in order to make your experiences meaningful. In the novel, Amir makes tragic mistakes, but he decides to grow from them and use them for his betterment.

Determination takes on a whole new meaning as Amir is asked to face his lifetime nemesis and give up everything he has in order to save Hassan's little boy. He is afraid, but he teaches us that we can do great things despite our fear.

Absolutely love people, no matter their race, religion, or social class. Relationships are sometimes all we have and although Amir and Hassan had their difficulties, their unconditional love for each other never ceased.

Yes is not always the answer. In order to be a true leader, as Amir eventually learns, you must be strong enough to say no and stand up for what is right in order to bring positive change.
Augie Johnson
03:47 PM ET (US)
I finished Summer Ball in class, and now I'm reading Shooter by Walter Dean Myers, and I'm on page 14. I'll journal about Summer Ball since I'm not very far into Shooter.

Finished the book Summer Ball. It was a great book, even out of all of the sports books that Mike Lupica has written before. One of my favorites from him.
Rasheed was the one who got Danny to play more minutes in the championship game. Because of this, Danny stripped the ball from Lamar to win the game.
I finally finished my book Summer Ball. I've been trying to finish it for a while now, but I couldn't because I've been so busy with golf and other huge homework projects.
Danny had one of the best burns to finish a book that I've ever seen. Halfway through the book, Danny's coach told him to become a soccer player because of his size. After Danny stripped the ball from Lamar and won the game for them, he kicked the game ball through a pair of doors at the end of the gymnasium, looked at his coach, and said "I could be a soccer player, but I'm a basketball player."
A great book by Mike Lupica, actually being one of my favorites for sure. Summer Ball had the excitement to a whole new level compared to the rest of his books, which made it a great read.
You should definitely read Summer Ball if you love basketball, or even if you are just a fan of Mike Lupica. He captured the story so well with vivid descriptions of what's going on, along with fantastic characters that really came to life.
Zach Neal
03:44 PM ET (US)
Today I read Arthur: The Seeing Stone and stopped on page 75.

F- Fire and Ice made the rock that Arthur looks into and can see the future.
R- Richard, the King, traveled to Jerusalem for the Crusades.
I- I like this book so far, because it's getting more interesting every chapter.
D-Dogs catch rabbits that they eat. Life is pretty easy.
A- Arthur is an expert with a long bow.
Y- You should read this book, because it's very entertaining.
Opah Bah
03:41 PM ET (US)
My book that I'm reading is called Outlaw Platoon I'm on page 219 By Sean Parnell
character that i considered really inspiring is Baldwin because he was one of the oldest members of the Outlaw platoon he was the staff sergeant who would give some good advise to the newly lieutenant Sean who is the main character in this book and the story is mostly about his life in the army rangers in Afghanistan. where he fought with some guys he called his brothers and even built relationship with people from different group of military sides.
Fear is feelings don't let feelings stop you from doing your duty as a rangers
Reach teammate has a Row in the rangers who got ourselves snipers, navigators, bomb squad and much more
Inticipate the enemy plans at always never let your guard down because they will always come when you don't expect them.
Days fly by so fast you will forget what time and place you at when war is knocking on your door
Always be ready for anything you lead by example for the rest of you teammate
You help other so someday in need they would help you when you are in need.
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