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Prettiest Princess - [TOWN] Doctor - dC (Acionyx)

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LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
02:27 PM ET (US)
Other/additional possible motivation for the TTA comment distancing. TTA's getting mildly townread and vancho's going down so launch a weak attack on a teammate to make them not look tied to you
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
02:24 PM ET (US)
Post 116

Phantom switches to speed, doubtcasts the vancho wagon

Says DC/Vancho aren't aligned, but he can't tell if DC is scum. Sort of makes sense?

Through 121 he basically defends vancho as the wagon built too fast

Which still doesn't make much sense when it's phantom me donut and nanhiras and phantom is after speed. Then asks me who I think is connected to vancho in alignment

And then 126. Which is actually town? He's camping out on that bad wagon opinion. I can see resistance to bussing being a thing but it feels like he just genuinely disagrees with me here. And PE in the past has been fairly willing to dunk his teammates

What motivation is there for vancho to ignore him? Easy answer: he's not going to make himself look town easily and he'll look bad for defending so let him fuck up without help
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
02:15 PM ET (US)
Scum perspective for vancho:

He's getting lynched and people seem to agree that speedchuck is his partner.

He's going after donut because donut's an easy target, is on his lynch, and probably because it reiniforces the appearance of speedchuck as his teammate

So it feels like the primary motivation for that comment to TTA isn't actually related to TTA I think? It fits better with trying to look like he's defending speedchuck.

People actually on the speedchuck lynch at the time: DC, TTA and Phantom

DC is townread at the time. TTA gets that comment, phantom gets… nothing? Vancho kind of ignored phantom entirely and he'd be a fairly easy attack to make hm
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
01:58 PM ET (US)
Vancho's comment to donut has a tone of "you did things so why am i in trouble" versus the TTA comment which is "what are you doing"

I kind of feel like that would be weird for scum? Like vancho specifically lists speed as his worst read in that post and TTA isn't more than soft townfirmed. In that scenario it doesn't seem extremely necessary to take a potshot to keep a mislynch open; TTA would probably do that on his own
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
11:01 PM ET (US)
Actual town behavior from DC:

-Going after speedchuck today was a thing; there were no claims at the time and he'd have a nearly 50% chance he was attacking a PR
-Phantom thing kind of? Not death note

He also does actually seem to be showing frustration especially as his posts break the size limiting he's been doing for most of the game
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
10:14 PM ET (US)
The only town motivation I can find for DC is someone who thinks they're helping and has a very Different view of what is helping. It might fit? IIRC one of the things he wanted to be better informed on for townplay was how to survive?

He flips to AE when I bring out kill motivations? And then asks me why I think phantom would have killed him. Believes that the kill is because they thought donut would be a copcheck
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
09:56 PM ET (US)

Schazer's skim catchup post gives nanahiras a townclear rated roughly the same level as my PRclear for basically no reason

And her latest post is jumpy given that I've not made any moves to change the lynch
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
06:02 PM ET (US)
Aaaand donut didn't say anything especially interesting to indicate he'd be worth killing so he's dead because everyone else is townfirms who could be protected and mislynches
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
03:09 PM ET (US)
Sanitycheck on DC:

-Is stating I'm town and I know it therefore we lynch PE/Tazer and win
-192 blah I'm going to die and I don't have confidence in my reads
-Screw you also we lynch PEagle to win


Agree RE: Eagle posting more reads...not at this point that Eagle should be lynched over pE. Which unvote were you referring to, what are your thoughts on pE's #126 bit where he very explicitly disavows defending Vancho, and if Vancho wanted to chastise TTA why wouldn't he just do it in scumchat? (We have scum daychat around here generally and I'm pretty sure this game has it)

Bold is bad given his stated opinion on the game. "Why not talk in scumchat" is not a terrible but is more or less nulltell

-198 I have no clue. I guess mechanics=null

-201 waaahh my meta

The bit from 196 is The Worst. He's acting in thread like it can only be PE/Eagle; from that perspective it doesn't matter so long as we lynch both of them. Reads only come into play if you're trying to be correct today and he's not doing anything else that indicates he's interested in solving today. So basically "hey this is a towny thing to say right!?"

yeah I'm good with this
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
02:58 PM ET (US)
DC has a handful of townreadable things in the game but ugh he's not dipping into any theories on who's better of speed/PE

192 is emotional appealy as hell and his current tact is to defend himself a lot and just state that PE is the best lynch

He's combining defeatist gamesolving with sort of aggroey talk and it's just ew.
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
02:48 PM ET (US)
Speed is dropping cop tells like crazy

I can't tell whether it's better to act like I'm trying not to give away being the cop or to dump more than him
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
12:23 AM ET (US)

or because it's an easy bludgeon to keep a weak lynch available stupid
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
12:14 AM ET (US)

Logic Trail:

-Speed is scum
-Speed is waiting for someone else to push lynch
-Acio is pushing lynch
-Acio is town

Problem: If speed=scum then every other player=town
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
12:11 AM ET (US)
This is the second time he's mentioned PE's meta and its regretability and I feel like that sentiment is more likely to come from a town place
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
11:31 PM ET (US)
DC's 170

@Acio: I have three responses for you: Starting counterwagons is what I do, being wary of hammers is what I do, and the reasons that you and Nana were town were pretty self-evident. You especially. I shouldn't need to explain that to you of all people.

Didn't think there was a doc in this game. Thought it was just cop for the 8-player version, but if there is one then great. Support PR claimfoolery as presented, given the gamestate if there is a doc I don't see any holes in that.

Prefer [b]Lynch: Chuck[/b] because he went at me HARD yesterday and has failed to vote me so far today despite some nice "yeah he's probs scum" in that post up there. Looks kind of like he's expecting someone else to spearhead that lynch and take the resulting fall (protip: even if I get lynched today, DON'T LYNCH ACIO). He also only started poking at Vancho once you guys had mentioned it.

Fingers crossed that the cop checked me or Chuck (if me then fine, if town!chuck then we can afford to lynch me, if scum!chuck then lol)

"Dont lynch acio" was weird but it actually makes some sense in light of a world where he believes what he's saying about speedchuck? That's maybe the strongest thing in DC's favor right now? Maybe? There's a mental leap there that's easy to miss if you're reading it which makes it feel less constructed.

Also the part where he barrels into pushing the speedchuck lynch even in light of the PR discussion. Hrmmmmmm

The doc thing is less great? It /does/ feel constructed like "lol guys I totally wasn't thinking about doctors like scum would!"

Also the sort of tone inconsistency with annoyance at the start and saying it's all right if he gets lynched later.
LSaichsPerson was signed in when posted
10:35 PM ET (US)
I almost reflexively asked "what breadcrumbs", forgetting that to other people I can theoretically be the cop
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