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Feedback (TruthIn7Minutes.com)

10:05 AM ET (US)
I treasure the details on your websites. Thanks a lot.

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01:22 PM ET (US)
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Michael C Fischbach
12:37 PM ET (US)
After reading your post about financing vs leasing it helped find a solution for trading in 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L 63k Miles & with $7k of negative equity off my EX wife(trying to do the right thing). I getting myself a new 2017 honda accord hybrid (model base) lease with no money down and 30 day first payment from date of lease. Dealership is paying off $26,618.55 debt to capital one auto which takes it completely off her and gives her a boost, i'm sure, with credit history. I haven't gone in to sign for $510/month 36 months. Does anyone have suggestion about negotiating points for a better monthly payment? thnx
04:50 PM ET (US)
Hi liked your articles about Rav4 and buying a new car. I read all after I bought a 2017 Rav4 Limited Hybrid.
Almost I have followed your steps and got a decent deal.. ($31970 with remote starter and other basic accesaries). Not sure it is a best price.
Have a nice day...
05:30 AM ET (US)
I liked the video of the Lego machine that moves the balls around; but the headline? RUTH Goldberg?? Really??
If you're going to be that ignorant, at least get an editor!!
RUBE Goldberg (1883-1970) was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor., who is best known for his zany inventions; these types of which bear his name as "Rube Goldberg Inventions."
I hope the rest of your posts don't show this level of inaccuracy.
Hire an editor.
09:25 AM ET (US)
I just read your review of the Rav4. I'm picking mine up within the hour. Do you think that it is possible if Toyota decides to adopt Android Auto that it would be a simple update or would it be incompatible with the hardware of the Entune headunit? Thanks
Until Tomorrow
12:15 PM ET (US)
There are a LOT of duplicates in this list - & I would be truly impressed if you could provide actual legal citations.
01:01 PM ET (US)
cool! and now repeat 3 times more:-) Then we have science:-) sort of. I do not need proof, I already believe in positivity! Thanks again!
06:22 AM ET (US)
The rice experiment isn't a thing.

When you cook the rice you scoop it in order from nice, bad, ignored. It's habitual.

As such the good gets less exposure to the atmosphere and the bacteria/germs therein that would allow fermentation, the bad gets more exposure allowing for a more drastic effect, whereas the ignored gets the worst of it being exposed the longest. Lo and behold this coincides with these experiments.

If you remake the experiment with ignored jarred first, then the results from the good in other attempts would be strikingly similar.

It's bad science through and through, and unfortunately people are gullible or lazy.
Brian Carman
10:58 AM ET (US)
Regarding your Dr. Emoto rice experiment, it's possible the rice didn't change in the vacuum-sealed jars because sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. In a sense, the rice didn't "hear" you, though it would've gotten a slight vibration of the sound from the glass jar vibrating as you spoke. But apparently that's not enough to make a difference.

I've always thought this experiment was interesting. I'd like to see it done with other fruits and vegetables to see if the effects continue to be the same in fruits and vegetables. Maybe fruits are opposite for some reason due to their high sugar content and its differing characteristics from vegetable sugar. Or maybe it's something completely different. Who knows.

By the way, your email links at the bottom of the blog didn't work for me, because none of them would fill in your email address, so I was unable to go that route about contacting you. Luckily, I found this other method. Good luck and thanks for the interesting experiment.
jimmy kraktov
01:28 AM ET (US)
About that plant in your backyard. I've always known it as 'milkweed' and where I live in Ontario, Canada it's considered a 'noxious' weed and you can be fined if you have them growing on your property. Now, knowing about its curative properties, it all makes sense. Like the Hemp plant, Big Pharma can't patent it. Thanx for the tip!

BTW, the picture of the plant didn't open in my browser. I reloaded 3 times. I'm using Google Chrome Browser, up to date.
Markus AllenPerson was signed in when posted
03:41 PM ET (US)
Hi everyone...

Here's where you can let me know what you like (and don't like) about my daily blog and podcast.

I check this every morning and read every single entry.

Markus Allen
Editor & Publisher
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