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Prettiest Princess - [SCUM] Wicked Witch (Vancho1)

CarnegiePerson was signed in when posted
05:17 PM ET (US)
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
02:57 PM ET (US)
Sure, send me the link. It's not like I can replace in
CarnegiePerson was signed in when posted
10:46 PM ET (US)
Would you like to move to observer/spoilerchat?
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
12:17 PM ET (US)
I was twice as engaged in this game as in Crooks Hollow, and what did it get me? Nothing! Now I wish I were town just to prove them wrong. God, I can only respond to so much, you know? I have homework and other things to do. And anyway, if I write too much nobody reads it. And most of the discussion was speculation on who I would be co-aligned with because they already fucking decided I was scum, of course I can't respond to that.

Ugh, and there was nothing I could do, the decision was made in 74 by acio. And Nana's "not even dignifying a small wagon with a joke response" - look, they were RVS votes and we were out of RVS! I didn't fucking think they were important, asshole.

If Nana reads this, just letting you know that I am a little sick, just woke up, and majorly angry at yet again being a day one Lynch. The only reason I didn't explode in thread was because that would be rude to the other players. Ha, to think my way of calming down (stepping away from the thread) would get me killed.
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
11:53 AM ET (US)
Ugh, I got lynched. But I am mad right now. Where the fuck is Nana getting the "vancho is ignoring the conversation"? I was not ignoring the fucking conversation! I am pissed that I got lynched again for these idiotic reasons.
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
09:18 PM ET (US)
whyyyyy do I always get wagoned d1...

this is the third time! in three games!
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
10:24 PM ET (US)
Crossing my fingers to avoid D1 lynch.... Why does it seem like I'm always about to be lynched D1? Maybe if I ignore it it'll go away.
vancho1Person was signed in when posted
12:02 AM ET (US)
I confirm that I am the wickedest witch, what with my sick moves and my rad broom.
CarnegiePerson was signed in when posted
10:51 PM ET (US)
With a wardrobe of entirely black getups and unsightly green skin, no prince would ever want a piece of your delicious magical booty. Admittedly, though, you’ve been watching Prince Amos from afar, and although initially repulsed, do you admit he has a certain...charm. You want Prince Amos all for your own, and no “pretty” princess is going to get in the way of that! You’ve teamed up with MALEFICENT to destroy all those other girls’ nights and take your beloved all for yourself.

Let’s paint the town green.

You are MAFIA.

Each night you and your cohort will choose someone to visit. You will ruin their dress, and they will have no choice but to leave town.

Mafiachat: http://www.quicktopic.com/51/H/2DqVpHy5StZRR

You aligned with THE PARTY POOPERS and win when your numbers equal that of THE PRETTIEST PRINCESSES.
Edited 10-20-2015 11:42 PM

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