Prettiest Princess - [SCUM] Wicked Witch (Vancho1) Prettiest Princess - [SCUM] Wicked Witch (Vancho1) QuickTopic <![CDATA[Carnegie |]]> 2015-10-27T22:17Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | Sure, send me the link. It's not like I can replace in]]> 2015-10-27T19:57Z <![CDATA[Carnegie | Would you like to move to observer/spoilerchat?]]> 2015-10-27T03:46Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | I was twice as engaged in this game as in Crooks Hollow, and...]]> 2015-10-26T17:17Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | Ugh, I got lynched. But I am mad right now. Where the fuck is...]]> 2015-10-26T16:53Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | whyyyyy do I always get wagoned d1... this is the third...]]> 2015-10-25T02:18Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | Crossing my fingers to avoid D1 lynch.... Why does it seem...]]> 2015-10-24T03:24Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | I confirm that I am the wickedest witch, what with my sick...]]> 2015-10-21T05:02Z <![CDATA[Carnegie | With a wardrobe of entirely black getups and unsightly...]]> 2015-10-21T03:51Z