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Retired Postal Employees

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Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
01:24 PM ET (US)
Thanks Glenn /m195 - I agree - it's sickening that they take so much from us...especially those of us that also worked either self-employed or after hours after our USPS jobs and paid into social security.

Do you know - are those retired from the military subjected to WEP?
glenn martin
10:10 PM ET (US)
40% for me. Wish I could get all because I paid in all my quarters
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
07:39 PM ET (US)
Wondering if there are any reader(s) retired on CSRS - and if so, can you share with us how much WEP is taking of your USPS annuity - what percentage?
glenn martin
08:20 AM ET (US)
$8.00 to $10.00 Doctor visit and have co pay of $18.00? Had 13 Doctors when in hospital cost was a lot less than USA. I have low coverage because the VA covers a lot of my expenses if I use them. I choose to use the best Hospital here. Most people here can not afford to go to St Luke because of the expense. The treatment was OUTSTANDING the Doctors were GREAT. The insurance paid 60% of bill. The Hospital and Doctors bills including 16 days in CCU plus two surgeries was less than $40,000.00 with insurance paying 60%. Still very cheap for what was done. In the states the bill would have been $200,000. The important things was the care I was given and I am alive. A new life was given to me. A lot of the Doctors received their training in the US. The rooms are outstanding and your family can be there and they feed them all meals and a good place to sleep. Health insurance is the pits because of only 60% and cost is over $200.00 self only for United Health care. You must pay before you are discharged so have to wait on payment from insurance. VA here does not have a Hospital. Example Emergency room visit here is $25.00 cash only.
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07:42 AM ET (US)

What about the cost and quality of your health insurance? Major surgery, doctor visits, etc?
glenn martin
10:51 AM ET (US)
Only one place Philippines and loving it.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
09:49 AM ET (US)
Glenn /m189 - where did you retire to?

Cali /m187 - Appreciate your comments.
glenn martin
08:53 PM ET (US)
Depends where u live on the amount u need for retirement. I live great on my retirement even after giving my x wife half. I do not live in the USA though. Just built a new 16 room house here and living the life. Happy retirement.
08:27 PM ET (US)
Hey retiree's whats a good amount of money to retire with?
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
07:22 PM ET (US)
Rick, /m180, thanks for that info. about your brother-in-law. My mom ended up at about 100 lbs. and during the final hour of her life I could not lift her out of her wheelchair and put her into her bed, so I can understand your sister's impossible struggle. Three hours before she died, my mom heard the Hospice nurse say they were going try to admit her into the Hospice wing of the hospital asap. I don't think she wanted to die there, so she didn't.

I agree that the Medicare penalty for life is ridiculous. Keep pushing against it - sometimes one person can make a great change for a lot of others as well.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
10:02 AM ET (US)
Tommie /m183 - Thanks - appreciate your posts.

It WILL NOT do any good but I wrote Pres. Trump and Senator Collins this week asking for at least an investigation into this Medicare penalty practice and pleading my case that some spouses are not Medicare eligible due to their age...so, that requires the remaining spouse to carry full health insurance to cover both of them. AND, any penalty for not signing on should be limited to the amount of years that the person did not sign up...NOT for life.
07:57 PM ET (US)
Rick, I did have standard and changed to basic eff the same time I retired. I retired 12/31/16. I knew I couldn’t afford to keep the standard. My husband also did not take Medicare when he first became disabled and since I was primary on health insurance, he didn’t have to. He started Medicare 2016 and luckily he was never penalized. I do agree with you that it is very unfair to be penalized for so long that it never will pay you to get Medicare. I hope your wife picks it up right away so she’s not penalized. I hope this helps others make informed decisions. It’s a very confusing decision with very little info to help those just newly retired or disabled.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
04:50 PM ET (US)
Tommie /m181 - You obviously changed to Basic B/C - Standard B/C Self Plus One costs me $558.59 per month - I've had Standard for over 30 years. It works best for me and my wife. If I sign on to medicare part B that would cost me an extra $170 per month (cause I will be penalized for not signing on at age 65). Total would be around $728. per month.

Wife will not be eligible for medicare for another 2 years.
01:03 PM ET (US)
To those interested; I changed to basic/ standard or standard/basic, whichever is cheaper. My current for 2018 BC/BS is $356.72 a mo for self plus one. My Medicare is $134- mo. Total of $490.72. Also, I’m seeing specialist and no co-pays. That is another savings. Just sayin....
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
06:12 PM ET (US)
Cali /m179 - So sorry to hear about your Mom.

B/C told the rehab center where my brother-in-law was that since he was NOT making any progress they could not pay for any further rehab. So, the rehab released him to home with Hospice care - 3 days per week. His wife, my sister, is 71 and really could not take care of him since he could not walk. Keeping him clean, bodily fluids, was very hard on her. He only lived about 3 days after he got home. He died in his sleep. He was a purple heart Vietnam veteran.

I'm very angry about this Medicare penalty...there is NO WAY this is fair. As I said, I would certainly understand paying a penalty for the same amount of years that you did not sign up...but, paying the penalty for the rest of your life is just criminal in my view.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
01:29 PM ET (US)
/m178 Rick, I am hurt after reading about your brother-in-law. What happened after he got kicked out of rehab -go home and briefly struggle with just family to assist? For those who do have Medicare, my mom (who shared your birthday) died this last Saturday Feb. 3. We had just signed her up with Hospice, and Medicare pays for it - which is a relief. The hardest thing was to remember was to call Hospice and not 911 in a medical emergency involving my mom.
Edited 02-06-2018 01:30 PM
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
12:17 PM ET (US)
Paul Johnson /m176 - I am pondering the same question. I 'may' be wrong but my FEHB B/C is about $550.00 per month - if I signup for Medicare it will cost me about $160.00 more per month due to having to pay the late penalty for not signing up when I turned 65...I am 67 - see here: https://www.medicare.gov/your-medicare-cos...llment-penalty.html

That's about $710.00 per month right off the top of my income...WOW. The late enrollment penalty is SO WRONG. I can see paying the penalty for the same number of years that you failed to sign up - my case 2 years - but for the remainder of your life!!!!

My brother-in-law just passed - we bury him tomorrow. He was retired USPS CSRS. He did not signup for Medicare - he had only his B/C FEHB coverage. He was released from the hospital to a rehab center - he could not walk due to a stroke - after 10 days the rehab said they had to kick him out because his B/C said they would not pay for any more rehab days...even though he still could not work or function. Sad, but true.

I mean...what do we do...give all of our annuities the the damned insurance companies and Medicare - wow. Having paid the Medicare tax, and still paying it, for so long and now I will have to pay a penalty for the remainder of my life (if I decide to sign up).
02:44 AM ET (US)
Paul Johnson #176
My personal situation is keeping BCBS and Medicare A & B. We have a lot of medical. My husband just spent Oct in hospital followed by rehab. Outpatient rehab after that. Followed by several specialists. No hospital bill owed and we haven’t paid any co-pays. RX are reasonable. I had one that was $125- mo, but changed to another. I did change from basic to standard or standard to basic; whichever is cheaper. I did that for the whole year and still save rather than having the higher one. So, for me it works. I assume each person has to decide if it’s right for them. I was nervous trying this because I knew it would be a whole year, but I am pleased with the decision. Good luck on your decision
Paul Johnson
08:30 PM ET (US)
What are the advantages or disadvantages of a retired Postal CSRS employee with FHEP BCBS turning 65 years old filing for Medicare and keeping FEHP BCBS too. I have 35 years civil service, 19 years work towards SSA which would pay for part "B" Medicare. I know part "A" Medicare is free. What do you recommend?
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