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Retired Postal Employees

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old and tired
03:09 PM ET (US)
perhaps the nalc members should march on nalc headquarters this May, 1 year after the contract expired and fred hasn't even filed for arbitration yet
old and tired
03:05 PM ET (US)
Fred sold retirees down the road, to make the nalc the secondary payer behind medicare, imagine the $$$$ the hbp saves from not being the primary payer( but they still collect usps and retiree contributions) and it costs the nalc hbp NOTHING to do it. As far as retirees not being able to do anything, they (we) can do 2 things; 1. retirees should go in mass to the next convention to do something or vote out fred when his term is up. 2nd, they still have a fiduciary responsibility from collecting our retiree dues to represent us, a class action lawsuit should be brought up. The only way fred could make a save here is to have a nalc medigap plan that saves retirees substantially more $$ than the cost a husband and wife must pay for medicare part b, which is highly unlikely. If I had to guess fred sold out the retirees to get cca's better hbp coverage because he has done such a sh** job in the last contract. Hopefully retirees will show up in mass at the convention
the way it is
09:52 PM ET (US)
Sorry, but Fred has sold you retirees down the river on the Medicare boat. This is the ultimate give back to help the USPS with prefunding. The funny thing is that the USPS has not paid prefunding for years and why the NALC is in such a hurry to help is really a mystery. The worst of it is that since the beginning of time EVERYTHING that came down the pike NEVER affected retirees or those about to retire. Now that Fred has set this new precedent, you can bet the USPS will attempt to cut current benefits for retirees. It will be a slow process, with a little here and a little there, but it will happen. Remember, retirees don't pay dues for the most part and you have zero political clout. My prediction is a big jump in health care premiums.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
08:05 AM ET (US)
Glenn /m89 - Wow - married 52 years and she decided to leave? that's tough. Been married 45 years and we're happy.

Have you signed up for Social Security? if so, how bad did WEP hit you?
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
07:55 AM ET (US)
busyb /m88 - Yes - currently we can refuse to signup for Medicare - if this bill passes that will end.

I am 66 and do not receive Medicare coverage and have not signed up for Social Security...just yet (that's another pill...when I do sign up the government will take about 45-50%, or more, of it away because of WEP).
glenn martin martingd@bel
12:26 AM ET (US)
Rick: So you were under the Walter Moon people? He and I worked together in Marietta Ga. I went to the NC then to DC for awhile then to the Tennessee District. I am so glad to be retired under CSRS but the x wife gets half of my retirement. We were only married 52 years and she chose to want out and take me to the cleaners. I am happy even though it hurt for a period of time.
busybPerson was signed in when posted
10:58 AM ET (US)
I interrupt your article to infer that currently, Medicare in addition to FEHB is optional after age 65, is that correct?
Edited 02-27-2017 04:27 PM
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
10:43 AM ET (US)
busyb /m86 - Read this:

76,000 Postal Retirees Will Get The Shaft While Large Mailers Say Pass The Postal Reform Bill


If the bill passes those of us that DO NOT desire medicare coverage, for whatever reason, will be forced into medicare. In my case, I will have to pay for my FEHB, to keep insurance for my wife, and medicare. However, the money is NOT the point...the point is they're trying to renege on the benefits we were promised when hired and retired...so, what will be next. That is the point.
busybPerson was signed in when posted
11:54 AM ET (US)
Worked for USPS June 1960 thru October 2002 and have Medicare as primary and union insurance as secondary.

How will H.R. 756 change what I currently have?

I see no difference.
Edited 02-24-2017 07:12 PM
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
06:53 PM ET (US)
Please - if you are a retired postal employee PLEASE write or email President Trump, and your legislators, and ask them/him to not let H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, pass as written. This law will force postal retirees into Medicare. This IS NOT right. It is wrong to renege on the benefits that we were promised when we were hired. I may be wrong, but I believe our unions will approve of this bill...and throw us retirees under the bus.

Use this link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/#page

Rick Owens
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
10:37 PM ET (US)
Art, my mom cannot use a portable machine, or any oxygen machine that is a "pulse" type. I never thought of buying a home concentrator, but my mom pays nothing for her oxygen currently. The money she has will not quite pay for her burial, so she probably wouldn't buy her own, but thanks. She is 88.
ArtComptonPerson was signed in when posted
04:42 PM ET (US)
Cali to Colo, You should look into buying your own oxygen machine. Really good ones run about $2500. They have 3 year warranties, usually last 5 or 6 years. The companies furnishing oxygen are making a fortune on them. I'm buying one for my nephew who has COPD.
06:03 PM ET (US)
Has anyone retired under fers and received the supplement. Is it what you thought it would be, amount wise, considering its based on your social security at 62, but you are retiring at 56. Is it close using the formula of estimated SS@62, multiplied by usps years/ 40. So if your SS@62 est is 1600, and you worked 30 years for the usps, you would have 1600 x 30/40(.75) leaving you with approximately, a 1200 monthly supplement. Anyone have a real estimate and actual amount and do they match.
TommiPerson was signed in when posted
11:12 PM ET (US)
Hoping to get an answer soon so I don't make a mistake. Definitely retiring the end of the year. On LWOP. I have been looking at plans to go with my Medicare. Do most stay on federal B/C B/S or get a seperate plan like I am looking at?
06:22 AM ET (US)
Feb.2017 would be 30 yrs with Post Office. I'm 68 yrs old and have been in pretty good health until the last couple of months with back problems. Have decided I can't make it to Feb. and will give retirement date of Nov.30th. However, the last couple of weeks unable to work due to this nagging back problem. Have used all my sick leave, vacation, etc. and now on FMLA without pay. I just went to work the last two days and came home with severe back problem. I don't think I can even finish the next few weeks until Nov.30th. I have an appt. with HR on Thursday...Should I continue FMLA without pay until 30th? or just retire effective immediately. Pros/Cons? Thanks.
07:59 AM ET (US)
Hi. Contemplating retiring soon and was wondering after retirement date how long it takes to receive the supplement...( the Social security supplement ) online it states 2-10 months.... wondering how long I will be looking for it?
09:49 AM ET (US)
Ss will also ask for drivers license and the ingredients you utilize for that hot cup of joe in the morning.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
04:02 PM ET (US)
Update: Starting In August 2016 Social Security Will REQUIRE You Provide Your Cell Phone Number To Login


Social Security changed their minds. Great! don't do stupid things again...I don't care what Obama or any other politician wants.
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
10:49 AM ET (US)
Once you're retired neither USPS or the unions give a damn about you. In fact, the unions seem to be pleased with these bills.

Additionally, I just got an email the other day from Social Security (SS) advising me that starting this month in order to login to mySocialSecurity you must provide a text enabled cell phone number so they can send a login code to you via a text message.

Well, that's just great for many folks, but not for me and many others. You see, I am hearing impaired...just can't understand the other party on a cell phone...so, I don't own one and have no intentions of getting one. I sent them an email and their response? "well, you won't be able to login to mySocialSecurity."

I understand that I am not in the 21st century without a cell phone but why pay for one when I never even turn it on? I did have one...twice. I never ever turned either one on - so, I learned my lesson.

Retired? we'll just kick you under the bus and then back up and run over you again.
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