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Independent Reading 2nd Qtr Journal #4: 11/17/15

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Dani Cooper
12:30 PM ET (US)
Wicked is about to set up the Maze to "save the world" by running tests on children.
In the end the few surviving children will escape to a safe haven far from the rest of civilization.
Now in the prequel, Mark is fighting the people who will start it all.
Tersa is Marks friend and they are helping each other survive.
Everyone is in a panic when Wicked begins attacking Mark's friends and community
Ready to strike back, Mark and his friends shoot back at the intruders
Zach Neal
09:03 PM ET (US)
W- Watto is Anakins owner as a child. He is a mechanics dealer, and Anakin and his mother are his slaves and work for him.
I- The galaxy is infinite. In Star Wars, there are tons of different and interesting planets.
N- Naboo is a planet similar to Earth. Anakin flies his first straighter there and destroys a droid battleship in the atmosphere to save the planet.
T- Tatooine is Anakins home planet. It is a desert wasteland and symbolizes his poverty as a child.
E- Energy from the Force is an ability of the Jedi. They can sense danger and people, lift and carry objects in the air, and jump high and run fast with it.
R- The Jedi are guardians of the Republic. They keep peace and are also generals for the clone armies during the Clone Wars.
Nick Gabbert
04:19 PM ET (US)
I am reading the Maze Runner by James Dashner and I stopped on page 58.

W - Weird! Everybody thinks that they maze is weird. Because there are creatures on the other side that prevent them from finding a way out. So every one is very nervous that they will never find a way out of the maze.
I - Impossible! They think that it is impossible to get out of the maze, because every night the walls move. Which prevent the runner from finding a safe path to get out of the maze.
N - Nightmare! Most of the boys are having nightmares. Because they don't know if they Grievers are going to kill them while them are sleeping.
T - Thomas! Thomas is the main character in the book. He is a major part, because he is the one who leads them out of the maze by finding a secret door in one of the wall. Everyone disrespected him at the beginning of the movie, but now they thank him.
E - Envious! The leader of the people, is very envious of Thomas. Because he thought that he would lead them out of the maze. But that didn't happen because Thomas came in and leaded everyone to safety.
R - Remember! Everyone who got out of the Maze, will remember the maze for the rest of there lives. Because some of them were trapped in there there whole lives. So they will always remember that place. AS an evil place, and as a home for them to be protected by the Grievers.
Colter Quinn
03:02 PM ET (US)
I am reading Hope Solo: My Story. and I finished the book actually:

W - Watching her family tear apart then having to watch her dad leave the family.
I - Investigation into her fathers case of him being accused of murder which in the end he really wasn't.
N - Nerves set in once Hope called out her coach and the whole world heard her and she was almost banished from the team.
T - Trust with her teammates, simply because after the world was told about the coach, Hope had to earn all her teammates trust back..
E - Ending old friendships and making new ones, only because she finally realized what was good for her and what wasn't. She was in a lot of trouble for doing the right thing, which in the end worked in her favor but she came out on top.
R - Rocking on the field -- in the end they finally let hr back in for the world cup and they lost but they still got the chance to have her back on there and she rocked it while she was there her coach said.
Ellie Stone
04:31 PM ET (US)
I am reading Crash Into Me and I have stopped on page 100
Ellie Stone
04:30 PM ET (US)
W- Witnessing the attack were other frat boy friends of William. The troubling part is that these witnesses weren’t just by standards, they helped force Liz into a room with William.
I- Investigation is typically a huge part in solving rape cases, however Liz was cheated of this. All of the people she tried to get help from for justice shot her down.
N- Nerves have gotten the best of Liz since the day of the attack. She now suffers from anxiety and gets very nervous about the simplest of things.
T- Troubleshooting has played a huge role in Liz’s life. She has had to figure out what to do and how to pursue things in order to get her life back.
E- Emailing William has brought back lots of hurt. However, Liz needs answers and he holds all of the truth.
R- Rape is the focal point in the conflict of the book. It has been the main reason Liz has hurt so much in her life.
Kailee Jorgensen
04:29 PM ET (US)
Im reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I stopped on page 133.

W- When Kate becomes ill, she asks Ana to interview a very rich business owner for the school newspaper that she’s in charge of. Ana goes to the interview to find a very handsome, young man whom she is very attracted to.
I- Ironically, Christian goes to the hardware store that Ana happens to work at. She tells him that Kate is writing a great story but would like an original picture of him.
N- Never has Ana fallen for a guy before. She is surprised by her feelings, herself.
T- The night of her final exam, Ana decides to go out with a few friends to celebrate. She gets drunk and Christian comes to her rescue.
E- Even though she hasn’t known him long, Ana is drawn to Christian. He shows that he is drawn to her as well through the way that he is always there for her.
R- Red is the color of the room Christian shows to Ana. She is very surprised and overwhelmed by it.
Tanner Steineke
04:28 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and I finished on page 80.
W-White is the color of snow. The first 80(or more) pages of my book take place when there is snow on the ground.
I- Initially Liesel was scared because of her new home, but after her new father showed that he was nice she was able to allow her self to enter and become a part of the new famiy. She was inserted as the goalie in the soccer games because she was the new kid in town.
N- Nothing; Liesel is left with noting after her brother is killed on the way to her new home. Her mother leaves her on the doorstep of a strangers home.
T- Tommy Muller is the second kid that Liesel beat up. After 20 kids made fun of Liesel for her failing attempt to read, she exploded and beat up two kids.
E- Everything; everything is taken away from Liesel. Her brother taking away by death, her mother taken way by life, and her self-esteem taking away during school.
R- Rudy is the main characters best friend. He helps Liesel during school after she makes a fool of herself and can't read in front of the class.
Carter Haas
04:26 PM ET (US)
W-Weasley is one of Harrys best friends at the school of Hogwarts. And they are always doing everything together even if they are not supposed to do it like leaving the school and going to Hogshead.
I-Imprisoned is kind of what Harry feels like when he goes to school and Sirius Black is on the loose. He feels like it because he can't go anywhere without a teacher coming along with him but he does it anyways using the secret passage way that the map showed him.
N-New because he gets a broomstick that is the best one that they have ever came out with. And he has used it to win the Quiditch cup for the Gryffindor team beating the Sylitherans by 210 points.
T-Tree because when he feel off the the broom it hit the tree which is called the Whomping Willow and it tore it apart. So that is when someone, but we don't know who gets him a new one which is the best one out.
E-Excited is what the whole Grifinndor team is when the win the cup after beating the other team really bad. They where so happy because they had never won it and they finally beat their rivals by a lot of points.
R-Rosemerta is the waiter at the Three Broomsticks that sit down with the teachers from Hogwarts. And they talk about how Harrys parents died and how Harrys dad was so close to Sirius Black in school.
Melissa Tuttle
04:26 PM ET (US)
W- When Kim and Krikkett get married, they vow to love each other and be with each other until death do them part. But neither of them foresaw the events that would come upon them.
I- In an instant, everything changed. Two months after making their vows, they got into an accident that left Kim severely injured and Krikkett in a coma.
N- Nothing felt as though it would ever be the same for them. Krikkett was making incredible recovery physically, but she still had no remembrance of her husband.
T- Time would only tell what would happen. But faith was the only way they would make it through.
E- Eternity was what they were looking forward to; but eternity was what it felt like as they tried to initiate the spark between them again. They wondered whether they were fighting a hopeless battle.
R- Remembrance never came to Krikkett of Kim. The only thing they could do was make new memories and hope that would be enough.
Rachel Ely
04:26 PM ET (US)
I was reading Stork and I finished it today.

W-Winter is the group of people Jack belongs to. He is a descendant of Jack Frost and can change the weather to make it cold and snowing.
I-Introduced into the Stork society at the beginning of the Katla is very surprised and not sure what to believe. She is considered to be 2nd chair in the secret Stork group.
N- New is what Katla is to this town. She lived here very briefly when she was younger and now she's back. And because she had trauma induced amnesia she really does believe she is new here.
T- Trouble is something that fits Wade. All he does is cause trouble and it just follows him around.
E- Excitement for Katla as she finally persuades her dad to relocate his newest warehouse to her new town. She hasn't gotten to spend much time with her dad so she finds this to be a exciting opportunity for him to be around more.
R- Ravens is the group of people that Wade is apart of. He is not a good person and this group accentuates that because all this group does is cause harm.
Alexia Allen
04:25 PM ET (US)
I’m reading Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and I stopped on page 52.

W- Who, what, where, and why, are commonly asked questions when The Naturals are trying to solve their “cold cases”.
I- Instinct is something Cassie and everyone else in the group use often. If they doubt their instant its like they are doubting their gifts
N- Never-ending is what it may feel like in their position. They cant deny that its one of the best things when they solve a case that everyone else has lost hope on.
T- Talent, is what some people may call their abilities to seek our any lie, or profile people without even talking to them. Really its just something they were born with that would take years if ever to achieve for a regular person.
E- Everything matters when they are at work every detail, no matter how small it could still help paint the big picture. Thats how they saved the girl that was kidnapped a while before.
R- Respect- Thats what the new supervisor seems to feel so strongly about getting. Even more after her ex-husband who is also an FBI agent walks through the door.
Opah Bah
04:25 PM ET (US)
W- why would people accuse a mother of killing her own daughter because she works at a club as a waitress don't make her a unhealthy mother.

I- Innocent or not i think its wrong to treat a lawyer that why that is trying to do his job. and provide for his own family.

N- Needy people are always gonna come back for more help because they don't wanna do things for them self like Sydney.

T- Trusting Sydney as jack client is a difficult thing for him to do because he never had a case like this before. a mother accused of killing her own child.

E- Evil is surrounded Jack home and his family and friends that he care about because he wants to help Sydney the child killer that every one thinks of.

R- Retaliating won't solve this case Jack told sydney who thought that fighting back the public will teach them a lesson to not mess with her.
Heather Totton
04:25 PM ET (US)
11/17 Today I started reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. I stopped on page 70.

Writing movies is what the main character Greg likes to do. This time he is writing a book because he retired after making The Worst Film Ever Made.
I like the book so far. I think that Greg is kind of a funny narrator. I also like how he writes part of the book as a movie script.
None of the groups at Greg’s school are the most popular. Each group wants to be on top but none of them are. Greg decides that instead of picking one group he will secretly be a part of every group at his school.
The book is funny even though it is about a dying girl. I picked this book because the reviews were so positive and it is going to be made into a movie.
Earl is Greg’s best friend. He has a strange home life and says a lot of inappropriate things but he gets away with it because he's funny.
Rachel is the dying girl of the story. She was Gregs girlfriend in middle school and just got diagnosed with a form of leukemia. Greg's mother is forcing him into spending time with Rachel before she dies.
Augie Johnson
04:23 PM ET (US)
I'm reading J.R. by Jeremy Roenick and I'm on page 198.

W - Winning is everything to Jeremy throughout his career. He even quoted Team USA teammate Gary Suter for thinking that it was no big deal that he had boarded and injured superstar Wayne Gretzky during the tournament.

I - Intimidation is something that drove Jeremy to being a better player throughout his career. He was always trying to fight the urge to talk back to his coaches, but he knew that those cpaches could end his career before it even began.

N - Not being able to see his family was a big part of one his least favorite parts of being a hockey player. He even stated that he missed 7 consecutive Thanksgiving dinners with his family for either practice or a game.

T - Tolerance and being able to withstand pain is another thing that he quoted to having. He said he ended up having over six hundred stitches, broke his jaw twice, had 21 concussions and probably a dozen more that were unreported throughout his career.

E - Excitement was one of the main aspects to his game that kept him going. He personally told his readers that if they follow sports, cheering and getting loud as much as possible WILL get the team going. He said he simply could not perform on the same level as he could when the music was loud and the fans were louder.

R - Retirement was one of the most difficult things Jeremy had to go through in his life. Hockey was his life every day up until that point, playing in a league from age 4 up until the day of retirement. One things he promised to himself was that after he would retire, he promised he would find a way to stay in front of the camera, so he became an NBC Sports hockey analyst.
Jordan Heyder
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading the sorceress and stopped on page 300

W- War is one of Joshes strong points. having the knowledge form Mars, the Elder/god of war gives him great strategy in warfare.
I-Iris is the the elder/god of the rainbow do to her rainbow color area. Nicholas used a bracelet that was once given to him by Iris.
n-Necromancy is on of the magic schools John Dee knows. He has used this to raise the dead before
t-Tree spirits are creatures that live near shakespeare. They help fight off Dee and the Archon.
e-excaluber is the sword that John Dee uses. It is the sword of ice.
r- Realms are real things in this book. Many Elders have there own and often call them shadow realms.
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