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Philip Parsons
01:59 PM ET (US)
I have been curling for 8 seasons. I Viced on C level team the past 2 seasons and I am looking for a new Thursday Night team to play front end on an A/B level team or to play second or Vice on a C level team.

Phil Parsons
416 823-8400 phil_parsons39@hotmail.com
Edited 04-21-2019 08:37 PM
Mike Fenton
11:21 AM ET (US)
Looking to join a Thursday Men's team ideally in B or C. Been playing vice in skins for 15 years. Strong sweeper, good reader of weight and line and happy to play anywhere but likely best position is second or vice. Happy to play lead if that is what is needed. Skip for our skins team Ross Ankenmann happy to be a fifth and spare as needed for myself or anyone else.
Please contact me at 647-622-9765 or michaelfenton@bell.net.
Ivan Yuen
11:25 AM ET (US)
Kevin Sharples and I are looking to join the Tuesday evening men's draw. We are hoping to pick up a couple of front-end players who need a vice and skip to form a team. We're looking to be a C flight team, with potential to move up. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

01:01 PM ET (US)
Hi Scott - our team - or what is considering playing together next year - will likely try for Thursday nights. Nothing sure at this point. Have you found a team?

What were you playing this year and what position, level. We have been a D level team and would like to improve a bit. Let me know more about your situation if you are interested.

Bob Allen
Scott Edwards
11:12 AM ET (US)
Looking to join a team on Tuesday nights for 2019/2020 Season. Any position. 21 years curling. Weekend bonspiels would be nice.
scott7edwards@sympatico.ca, 416-256-3185.
Michael Lahrkamp
10:38 AM ET (US)
Looking to join a Tue or Thu A/B men's evening team for the 2019/2020 season. Available to spare this current season.
I've been playing for 13+ years in all positions. Aggressive sweeping. Like strategic play as opposed to reactive play. I don't mind playing lead if that's what's needed. My job would be to make the skip and team look good. Team entry into bonspiels would be a plus. Prefer 'great to win' rather than 'hate to lose' play.
mlahrkamp@bitstorm.com or 416-617-3632
Edited 02-12-2019 10:40 AM
Kevin Chong
12:32 PM ET (US)
Looking to skip a Thursday night team, with C/B potential for the 2019/2020 season. Willing to split skipping duties 50/50.

I've been playing for about 13 years, with skipping experience for about 8 years.

If your looking, please contact me directly at chongkevink@gmail.com or 416-726-9878.
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Richard VanPerson was signed in when posted
12:52 AM ET (US)
Sample #3:
New to the city, have curled in the Brier, hoping to skip a team that's just fired their captain. Either night is fine. Contact: lcc . evening . men @ gmail . com (delete the spaces or it won't work!) and they'll forward your message to me.
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