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Independent Reading Journal #4: 9/14/15

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Jordan Heyder
10:20 AM ET (US)
I am reading the Alchemyst {the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel) and i stopped on 138.

The book is called the Alchemyst because of one of the more important characters. Nicholas Flamel is a alchemyst from around 1330s and has even aster eternal life. So there is a lot to do with the title of the book. I know in the sierras all of the books are entitled to one of the characters. The alchemist is Nicholas, the magician is the antagonist Dee, the Sorceress is Nicholas's wife Perenelle, The necromancer is the main character Josh, the warlock is Niccolò. and the enchantress is Joshes sister Sophie. Nicholas was a protecter of the codex, or the book of Abraham the mage. This is what made him such a powerful alchemyst and gave him the elixir of life for immortality. He is only humani though so he can die like most others.
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Zach Neal
10:04 AM ET (US)
This weekend I finished by book The Trap, but I wasn't in class on Monday. It had a sad ending that I wasn't really expecting. After being stuck to his trap in the wilderness for about 4 days and nights with little to eat, his grandson finally comes looking. The reason it took him so long was because his uncle was nonchalant about it, and seemed to think he would make it back fine. When Johnny finally reached his grandpa Albert, he was being attacked by a pack of wolves that kept returning everyday that he would have to fight off. When he scared the wolves away, his grandpa had frostbite in most his lower body and suffered dozens of wolf bites and scratches. Albert died in Johnny's arms under that tree. I enjoyed the book, but the ending made me sad.
Alexia Allen
04:28 PM ET (US)
I’m reading three still and i ended on page 204.

For the book i’m reading now in my opinion the title does fit very well with it. Yes, it does reference the title in the text quite frequently actually. The name Three is the name of a base/resistance in the book. Its where most of the plot takes place, most of the plot takes place there too. Its pretty much what the whole story is based around. They are the main group of the resistance. I’m trying not to give much away.
Melissa Tuttle
04:27 PM ET (US)
If you have started a new book, what were your feelings after reading the opening chapter(s) of the book? Is anything making you laugh? smile? cheer? cringe? cry?

I am reading Go Set a Watchman and I am on page 78. The relationship between the main character Jean Louise and Henry makes me laugh and smile because of the relatable attitude their relationship carries. They work well together and are able to communicate affectively. Because the story takes place in an earlier time, it is interesting to hear about the attitudes toward new appliances such as the air conditioner and how they felt about the change. Some people loved the new lifestyle, but the characters family felt it was absurd and would have rather stuck with tradition. I am curious to see the obstacles her and Henry will have to overcome and anticipate feeling very distraught toward that. I am excited to continue and get to know the characters better.
Dani Cooper
04:27 PM ET (US)
 If you have started a new book, what were your feelings after reading the opening chapter(s) of the book? Is anything making you laugh? smile? cheer? cringe? cry?
I am now reading Vampire Rising and I am on page 45. This book started at a very fast pace, Alex, the main character, is running through the forest and witnesses a murder. Then he meets a crazy girl all in white, has fangs and who tries to kill him. This book is very suspenseful and makes me feel excited and full of adrenaline. Alex is about to go to a fight against his roommates who hate his guts, his teacher is acting weird and talking about a catastrophe coming called the ice breaker, and Alex met a second girl who could have been the first girls twin. I can't wait to continue reading this book and find out what is going to happen. Alex's roommates hate Alex because they wanted a three man room to themselves and Alex became the third man. Because they can't get rid of him, they decided to make life miserable for him. Alex has a secret on why he was sent to this "special" school, everyone does, and Alex is determined not to let anyone know why. I can't wait to keep reading.
Opah Bah
04:26 PM ET (US)
   I am reading the book Outlaw Platoon By Sean Parnell and now I'm on page 125
 Im in the middle of the story and right now its getting deeper and deeper.where I'm at in this book right now is about Sean the main character bonding with his platoon
and how they bring there differences together to build a close and trusting relationship for each other if they want to survive in another man territory.
 Sean gets to know more about there new terp guy who took over the spot of there old terp who they build a relationship with but died in the pursuit to go save his family from enemy that threaten his family from letters on his way he gotten killed. Now when Sean and his man were on the daily mission to clean up parts of iraq they got attack by some insurgents. that time they had to earn each other trust and rely on each other to survive. and one of that person that the team put there life on was Sean who where there leader. Sean had to find the man in him to lead his man into battle with all the trainer they took it was the time to prove to them the man he is and he earn the trust by that fire fight.
Juan wernke
04:25 PM ET (US)
I finished my book never fall down over the weekend. it was amazing the little boy that was put through all the things he had to witness, and do in the Vietnamese war was insane. and how he ended surviving and going to america learning english, and giving speeches on what happened in Cambodia. Now I'm reading a book in india about this girl that is forced to go work her fathers debts off of gambling. She is told that she will be a maid. but what she soon finds out that her father just sold her as a prostitute. and has to stay there till all her fathers debts are paid off. And whats even more messed up about it is that the lady that runs this brothel. lies to her and keeps her debt up because she is of high interest there. and it just makes me sad, and mad that a-lot of stuff is common in countries like india, Cambodia, etc.
Ellie Stone
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Girl in the Park by Mariah Fredericks and I stopped on page 150.

2) I found the exact meaning of the title of my book very early in the reading. The story introduced the characters and shortly after one of them was murdered. Wendy, was killed in a park late at night after a party. So, right there the title comes into play, The Girl in the Park. The title relates exactly to the story line because this entire book has been about a girl killed in a park. Since she was killed very early in the book, most of the story has been about finding who killed her and what the school thinks about what they know. I just found out today for sure you killed Wendy. I have had my suspicions about this guy the entire time, I also have my eye on another character I feel shady about. Anyways, my title fit my book to a ’T’.
Augie Johnson
04:18 PM ET (US)
2. Sometimes when you read a book, you find the very reference to the title somewhere in the text.
Do you think the title fit the book you read/are reading? Why or why not? How did the title relate to the book?

I'm reading Summer Ball by Mike Lupica. I'm on page 204. I chose #2 because I haven't finished my book yet. I haven't seen the actual words "summer ball" referenced in the text, but the whole book revolves around this idea. The book is a story about the experience Danny Walker, the main character, is going through after being cut by the Warriors, which is his regular season team over the winter. I think the name of the book is VERY fitting because the idea of playing "summer ball" is an elite activity to all of the characters in the book. Normally, you have to be a pretty high-tier player to actually participate in a summer league, so the title goes to show that Danny is a pretty good player. Danny would normally be training for the Warriors over the summer, but since he was cut, his dad sent him to the Right Way Basketball Camp. His father, being a former professional before his blown knee ended his career, wants to push his son to the highest level he can, so having him get cut is NOT the thing his father wants to happen to him again. His father also knows that the coach cut his father before going pro, so the coach will be extra hard on Danny, which he is. Also, his father knows that Danny's rival, Rasheed Wallace, is attending the same camp, so it can challenge him to do better. Because of these reasons, Danny is forced to play "Summer Ball", which is how the title of the book pertains to the story.
Rachel Ely
04:18 PM ET (US)
I finished Since You've Been Gone. I am doing question #2, is there a reference from the title to the book. Yes I believe the title fits the book. Because the girl's best friend moves away. She completes a list of thrilling and fun activities her friend left for her to do. So with a fun filled summer comes plenty of stories to tell. She eventually finished all the things on the list she is supposed to finish. Which leads her on a road trip to find her best friend. And once she located her she had so many things to tell her since she's been gone. So Since You've Been Gone refers to all of the stuff she has done since her friend has been away.
Kailee Jorgensen
04:18 PM ET (US)
I am reading We All Looked Up and I stopped on page 201. I think that the title of my book is very fitting. This book tells the story of four high school seniors, who are all apart of different cliches. They are brought together by the coming of the end of the world. There is an asteroid that is set to collide with Earth sometime in the near future. The title is very fitting because everyone is constantly looking at the sky, waiting for the arrival of the asteroid. These four characters are joining together to throw a grand end of the world party. They are planning on hosting the party the night before the arrival of the asteroid. However, the asteroid is still too far away to accurately calculate the exact date of the collision.
Tanner Steineke
04:16 PM ET (US)
I have now finished two books, First Shot, and now Found(page 314) by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
Did you like the ending of the book? Why or why not? What happens next?

I really enjoyed the ending of both books. I will focus on Found since it is the second book I read. Found finished with Chip, Katherine, Alex, and Jonah time traveling to the 15th century. Alex and Chip were originally from the fifteenth century but was kidnapped and then adopted into the 21st century. Jonah argued with JB(A main character in the book) about giving the 4 of them a change to fix the fifteenth century and also fix time. The elucidator is a tool that does a large number of things, including change teenagers to babies, and send people through time. Jonah had stollen the elucidator from JB and taken it into the fifteenth century with them. Hopefully it will allow them to communicate and JB can help the team save the world.
Carter Haas
04:16 PM ET (US)
I am Reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and am now on page 148.

I think that the title of the book which is called Unbroken very much fits the text of which the writer writes. Because they have to survive on an open ocean for weeks which is very tuff to do with very little provisions. And has to endure sharks, hot and cold weather, and hardly any water or food because his friend ate all the food he had. But he has to endure those things and try and survive which he caught a fish. And used a albatrosses meat to catch it and came up with an improvision to catch rain water. And barely dies but fights his way out of the plan with courage and bravery. Lastly, he is trying to keep his friends sane by asking them questions and making them answer so they don't go insane and start doing weird stuff. And those are some reasons that I think the author named it Unbroken because he had to endure hard stuff and is surviving it.
Blaine Wittrock
04:16 PM ET (US)
Sometimes when you read a book, you find the very reference to the title somewhere in the text.
Do you think the title fit the book you read/are reading? Why or why not? How did the title relate to the book?

I am Reading the Book the American Sniper, I left off on page 119.

I think that the title of my book fit the text very well. I think this because Chris Kyle is an American Sniper. Another way that the title fits the book is that even though Chris doesn't refer to himself as thee American Sniper other people refer to him as so. This title really related to the book because when I think of an American Sniper I think of Chris Kyle. I think of him as the American Sniper because of how many confirmed kills that he has had as a Sniper.
Heather Totton
04:13 PM ET (US)
Sometimes when you read a book, you find the very reference to the title somewhere in the text. Do you think the title fit the book you read/are reading? Why or why not? How did the title relate to the book?

I am still reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story; I stopped on page 276 today.

So far in the book, there hasn’t been a definite reference to the title. However, the narrator kind of laughs at himself every once in a while. Personally, I don’t think that the title fits the book. I don’t find the plot very funny at all. If I was in the same situation, I might think it was funny too though. Because I’m only half-way through the book, this could be a story where the title doesn’t become relevant until the end. I am excited to see what will happen at the end, I hope it is actually funny. I picked the book for the title, but so far the title is misleading. However, it is a good story.
Kendra Tucker
04:02 PM ET (US)
I finished the book The Pregnancy Project and now I'm readying Dear Diary, I'm Pregnant; page 40.

When I read the book The Pregnancy Project, the titles coming into play quite a bit. This title especially is self explanatory. The title related to the book because exactly what it says is what she did. She faked her pregnancy for her senior project to see how she would be treated by everyone. At the end, everybody was in shock because she didn't really tell anyone. But, with my new book, Dear Diary, I'm Pregnant is pretty much the same way. It is ten real life stories written as a diary and put in a book. Every single one of these girls has their own unique story. Plus I love reading about teen pregnancy and hearing their own stories, and what challenging things they had to go through or even what the accomplished to prove anyone wrong.
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