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Big Bad Brian
05:56 AM SASK
A coin toss!!!! What the Fu***K!!!

You need an analytical expert to draw up a tying breaking formula!!!! LOL!!
Oromocto Four Horsmen
05:50 AM SASK
Congrats to Mike & Garts for coming in & steam rolling the competition. My hopes for next year for you two is that your success falters, against me anyways.

As for the tie breaking rules, I'm in favour of a winning coach deciding the winner. Failing that, I recommend a home side called single coin toss. If distance between owners is an issue, using Skype, or some form of video streaming in performing the coin toss should work.

For the visitor scoring, tweaking is still needed. I'm open to input. Two plus years in scoring a visitor win is an issue (me).

DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
10:25 AM SASK
Okay, the site is updated with all the end of regular season stuff. Our games this week are:

Dawson City vs. Regina (deja vu from last year I think)

Montreal vs. St. Joseph

As a refresher and for the expansion teams, here is how posting your lineup for the post season works:

1 - the home team posts their regular lineup just as you have been all season
2 - the visiting team posts their regular lineup just as you have been all season
3 - after the visiting team has posted their lineup, the home team now need to start an OT player (just like we do in the DFFL's), there is no restriction on the OT player other than it cannot be someone that is already in either the home or visitor's lineup already, it has to be a unique player for that week. Doesn't have to be Canadian, it can be a kicker, RB, QB, whatever you want, just as long as they are not already playing for you or your opponent.

Your OT player will not factor into your score at all UNLESS there is a tie, then it comes down to the OT player.

If the playoff game is tied, the rules for post season tie breaking are as follows:

1 - OT player score
2 - highest scoring player in starting lineup, higher single score gets the win
3 - if you're STILL tied, what do you guys think about using the HC as a tie-breaker? if your game is still tied at this point, if one of you picked a head coach that lost, you lose. If they both lost then we move on to the worst tie breaker of all...
4 - the coin toss, home team makes the call, heads or tails and we go best 2 out of 3

We should NEVER get to even #2 let alone #3, but it is a cool option, feel free to comment on your thoughts as I would implement this for this season.

I think that's it for now, with the extra posting, please try to allow yourself and the visiting owner time to post both a lineup and an OT player, so try to give a little extra time if you can, you can always swap players out right up to kickoff.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or leave a message, thanks and good luck!
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
10:04 AM SASK
Thanks for the kudos guys. There are 2 main components to making the league successful:

1 - correct calculations of all the manual scoring that I do, I do make the odd mistake here and there, but Susan keeps on top of all that for me! A BIG thank you to Susan for questioning my scoring through the regular season, I do appreciate you 'checking my work!', I am usually correct, but every once in awhile I am not, (on a side note there has been an owner or two who has brought up something along the way as well, your efforts are also truly appreciated. Again, I am usually right (not tooting my own horn, just showing that the accuracy is USUALLY spot on), but I am human and do make mistakes from time to time so it's nice to see the owners invested in accurate scoring as well as Susan).

2 - the consistency of posting lineups by dedicated owners like yourselves! This league would be a disaster if you guys weren't so diligent on posting your lineups on time. Ultimately, that is the real reason why this league is so successful! So thank you to each and every one of you for that!

I think the league still needs a tiny bit more 'tweaking' here and there and I know some good ideas that are coming up at the next AOM. Once the league runs properly, I may consider opening up a 2nd one to others and will be relying on you guys to spread the word and/or join in yourselves. I already have 2 people waiting to get in, but I don't want to do more than a 12 team league...for now.

Anyway, thank you all for the comments, I appreciate all of them, it shows that you guys actually care and that makes me care as well.

And Mike's comment about this league perking his interest in the CFL is awesome! I was the same way, only watched Rider games, couldn't tell you the RB's for every team (or at least their backups anyway), but now I try to watch every single play of every single game every season. Part of that is that there are sometimes scoring issues on 'weird' plays, but it's mostly because of this league, so I am pleased to hear that this league increases your enjoyment of the CFL as well.

And who knew trying to find that jewel who is recognized as a Canadian player could be so interesting/frustrating at times??

Website updates and new schedule will be out in a few minutes. Thanks again to all and good luck to those who are in the playoffs!
Edited 09-17-2019 10:04 AM
07:13 PM SASK
Good luck to all the playoff teams.
gartsPerson was signed in when posted
07:52 AM SASK
I agree with Mike, this is a great league and great job by the Darcman getting the info up in a timely fashion every week. It is very well run.

Great fun!
08:10 PM SASK
Just wanted to thank the other owners for opening their league up to some new blood. This league is fun as hell & brought my interest level in the CFL back up as it was starting to wain a little these past couple years.
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
02:43 PM SASK
Ok, so here is what the "unofficial" playoff picture looks like:

1 - Waskesui Warriors: 11 - 2 - 1 (27), first round bye
2 - Lemberg 22's: 9 - 5 (21), first round bye
3 - Regina Rampage: 8 - 6 (19), lowest ranked division winner
4 - St. Joseph Altar Boys: 8 - 6 (18), gets #1 ranked wild card team due to beating Montreal Voyagers in Week 4
5 - Montreal Voyagers: 8 - 6 (18), gets #2 ranked wild card team due to losing to St. Joseph Altar Boys in Week 4
6 - Dawson City Salary Caps 2.0: 6 - 7 - 1 (16), gets #3 ranked wild card team

Note: Despite Southey Slammers having a better record, Dawson City had 1 more point in the standings due to more visitor wins through the regular season, so they get the last playoff spot

There is no Toilet Bowl/Consolation round for the Post Season, if you didn't make the playoffs, your season is over.

If all of this week's scores and my calculations are accurate, the above will be correct and this is what the playoff schedule will look like:

Week 1:
Dawson City Salary Caps 2.0 (6) vs. Regina Rampage (3)
Montreal Voyagers (5) vs. St. Joseph Altar Boys (4)

Week 2:
lowest ranked winner from Week 1 vs. Waskesui Warriors (1)
highest ranked winner from Week 2 vs. Lemberg 22's (2)

Weeks 3 & 4:
Home and Home 2 week total points series with the team with the highest rank getting to choose which week they will be home & away

I think that covers everything? If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly. I will advise you all when the above/below, becomes OFFICIAL.

Thanks again to everyone who made this another highly successful season! Each of your efforts with lineups being posted on time is what makes this league enjoyable. Thank you everyone!
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
01:01 PM SASK
Here's what I have for scoring, with a little explanation afterwards.

V. Adams 16 28 M. Reilly
B. Rutley 20 6 J. Bennett
M. Madu 16 22 W. Stanback
S. Evans 10 34 W. Powell
B. Burnham 18 15 K. Carey
B. Addison 23 16 R. Begelton
D. Rhymes 16 25 B. Banks
R. Parades 13 3 L. Ward
Riders 6 8 Stamps
BC Coach 2 2 Calgary Coach
Total 140 159 Total
B. Mitchell 11 28 M. Reilly
M. Madu 16 0 *W. Powell*
B. Rutley 20 22 W. Stanback
R. Begelton 16 15 K. Carey
D. Rhymes 16 25 B. Banks
B. Addison 23 18 B. Burnham
D. Posey 13 10 S. Evans
B. Lauther 7 13 R. Parades
Riders 6 8 Stamps
*BC Coach* 0 2 BC Coach
Total 128 141 Total
M. Reilly 28 11 B. Mitchell
K. Carey 15 34 W. Powell
M. Madu 16 20 B. Rutley
B. Banks 25 22 W. Stanback
B. Burnham 18 6 J. Bennett
S. Evans 10 16 R. Begelton
D. Rhymes 16 23 B. Addison
R. Parades 13 7 B. Lauther
Riders 6 8 Stamps
BC Coach 2 2 Calgary Coach
Total 149 149 Total

22's 4H
M. Reilly 28 16 V. Adams
W. Powell 34 22 W. Stanback
K. Carey 15 6 J. Bennett
S. Evans 10 20 B. Rutley
B. Burnham 18 16 D. Rhymes
B. Addison 23 25 B. Banks
E. Lewis 27 16 R. Begelton
B. Lauther 7 13 R. Parades
Riders 6 8 Stamps
Calgary Coach 2 2 Riders Coach
Total 170 144 Total
M. Reilly 28 23 C. Fajardo
B. Rutley 20 34 W. Powell
W. Stanback 22 6 J. Bennett
K. Carey 15 25 B. Banks
B. Addison 23 16 R. Begelton
E. Rogers 26 18 B. Burnham
S. Evans 10 16 D. Rhymes
R. Parades 13 3 L. Ward
Redblacks 13 8 Stamps
Calgary Coach 2 2 Riders Coach
Total 172 151 Total
V. Adams 16 23 C. Fajardo
R. Begelton 16 22 W. Stanback
S. Evans 10 15 K. Carey
B. Addison 23 34 W. Powell
D. Rhymes 16 6 J. Bennett
D. Posey 13 18 B. Burnham
K. Moore 7 25 B. Banks
B. Lauther 7 13 R. Parades
Stamps 8 6 Riders
Montreal Coach 0 2 BC Coach
Total 116 164 Total

- St. Joseph was penalized for playing the same Coach as the home team and was awarded 0 points for their Coach

- It appears that Waskesui & Dawson City have tied their game, I think that changes the playoff race a lot, but with Montreal winning and Carrot River losing, it may be an easy playoff formula. I will NOT be advising of the playoff race until after I have given Susan & Garts time to go over their scores in case I missed something.

- Regina failed to play a Canadian in their lineup. With that infraction, they lose their highest scoring player's score, in this case it was W. Powell's 34 points. Ultimately it ended up making no difference in the final score, but needed to be reported nonetheless.

I will give you all a bit to look up and double check my scoring. I have my treatment tomorrow so I will likely not make an "OFFICIAL" ruling on the playoff hunt until sometime late tomorrow or even early Tuesday, all depends on how I react to this treatment. However, I will take a quick look shortly and will make a posting on an "unofficial" playoff picture.

Stay tuned folks...
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:50 PM SASK
You guys are sure making the last week interesting to calculate...

- a tie in an important game (currently triple checking the scoring)

- a home team neglected to play a Canadian which results in a 34 point penalty, also in an important game!

- then there's still all the playoff stuff to work out!

Stay tuned!!!!
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:01 PM SASK
Working on final scores etc now, sorry the NFL keeps distracting me.
Oromocto Four Horsmen
11:35 AM SASK
You set a high standard Darcy. Well done on another great year.

We need to tweak the visitors role some more. More input will be needed.
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
11:33 AM SASK
Ya, that JPL is a pretty good dude.
Oromocto Four Horsmen
05:54 AM SASK
Thanks buddy 🙂.
Lemberg 22's
02:52 PM SASK
I was heads uped by my gentleman opponent Dman. Total class act the 4 horsemen.
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:02 PM SASK
Here are your Week 14 scores as of halftime:

Carrot River: 72 (5) vs. Southey: 31 (8)

Lemberg: 46 (8) vs. Oromocto: 36 (8)

St. Joseph: 52 (6) vs. Regina: 48 (7)

Kinookimaw: 61 (7) vs. Drumheller: 37 (7)

Waskesui: 80 (5) vs. Dawson City: 20 (9)

Flin Flon: 16 (9) vs. Montreal: 20 (8)

M. Reilly 28 - Rob, JT, Rogers, Darcman, Garts
B. Rutley 20 - Marina, JPL, Mike, Darcman, Carl/Susan
B. Burnham 18 - Marina, JT, Rogers, Sabu, Garts, Matt

L. Ward 3 - Rob & Sabu

St. Joseph Altar Boys are awarded a 0 for their selection of BC Coach as the home team had already played them.

JT came up with the nice last minute save swapping out D. Rhymes (already played by home team) with Addison.

Good luck to all in the 2nd half!
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