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Carl and Susan
03:04 PM SASK
What a nail biter yesterday! It was a lot of fun. Thanks Matt for a great game!
02:56 PM SASK
Congrats to the winning teams! Good luck to Carl and Susan moving forward!!
Huge thank you to Darcman for putting in the effort to run this league so efficient and accurate!! Definitely a better commish than Roger Goodell
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
02:42 PM SASK
Here are your final scores for Week 1 of the 2019 Playoffs!

MV Pts Pts STJ
M. Reilly 15 7 B. Mitchell
J. White 28 18 CJ Gable
J. Wilder 13 5 W. Stanback
D. Walker 16 29 A. Harris
B. Addison 26 9 K. Carey
B. Burnham 28 18 B. Banks
E. Lewis 10 19 E. Rogers
S. Whyte 9 11 R. Parades
Bombers 14 9 Ti-Cats
BC Coach 2 2 Calgary Coach
*OT - B. Mitchell* 0 -1 OT - MThompson
Total 161 127 Total

DC Pts Pts RR
V. Adams 37 15 M. Reilly
CJ Gable 18 5 W. Stanback
K. Carey 9 29 A. Harris
J. Wilder 13 28 J. White
D. Walker 16 28 B. Burnham
B. Addison 26 10 E. Lewis
E. Rogers 19 18 B. Banks
S. Whyte 9 11 R. Parades
Ti-Cats 9 10 Stamps
BC Coach 2 2 Hamilton Coach
OT - MThompson -1 20 OT - D. Evans
Total 158 156 Total

An unbelievable comeback by the Montreal Alouettes yesterday as well as a HUGE come from behind victory by the Montreal Voyagers to take the victory in an upset win over the St. Joseph Altar Boys.

Also not to be outdone, Regina Rampage did their best to also get that comeback victory, but fell just 2 points short of the victory, no doubt attributed to the play of Dawson City's starting QB V. Adams who put up a week high of 37 points!

Either way you look at it, they were excellent games this weekend! I will give you guys a day or two to go over the scoring and ask any questions, but if what I have calculated is correct, then next week the games will be:

Montreal Voyagers (5) vs. Lemberg 22's (2)


Dawson City Salary Caps 2.0 (6) vs. Waskesui Warriors (1)

Please get back to me with any scoring issues asap so that I can do up the next round of the playoff schedule etc.

Great job to all!!!!
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
02:18 PM SASK
Hey guys sorry for the delay in the scoring, it's my anniversary today, NFL ff needed to be done this morning and have some minor technical issues with computer. I will try to get the final scores up shortly for your confirmation.

That was funny Mike!
04:34 PM SASK
Well, at least I have the stifling Ottawa defence to depend on to keep my lead heading into the last game of the weekend...
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
12:16 PM SASK
Here are your halftime scores for Week 1 of the Playoffs! (Because it's playoffs, I put the full scorecard for each team so far, let me know what you guys think of that, also please see below for a penalty announcement)

Montreal: 64 (6) vs. St. Joseph: 93 (2)

M. Reilly
J. White
J. Wilder 13
D. Walker 16
B. Addison 26
B. Burnham
E. Lewis
S. Whyte 9
BC Coach
*OT - B. Mitchell* 0
Total 64

St. Joseph:
7 B. Mitchell
18 CJ Gable
 W. Stanback
 A. Harris
9 K. Carey
18 B. Banks
19 E. Rogers
11 R. Parades
9 Ti-Cats
2 Calgary Coach
-1 OT - MThompson
93 Total

Dawson City: 119 (2) vs. Regina: 41 (6)
Dawson City:
V. Adams
CJ Gable 18
K. Carey 9
J. Wilder 13
D. Walker 16
B. Addison 26
E. Rogers 19
S. Whyte 9
Ti-Cats 9
BC Coach
OT - MThompson -1
Total 119

 M. Reilly
 W. Stanback
 A. Harris
 J. White
 B. Burnham
 E. Lewis
18 B. Banks
11 R. Parades
10 Stamps
2 Hamilton Coach
20 OT - D. Evans
41 Total

B. Addison 26 - Matt & Carl/Susan
E. Rogers 19 - Mike & Carl/Susan
CJ Gable 18 - Mike & Carl/Susan
B. Banks 18 - Mike & Rogers

K. Carey 9 - Mike & Carl/Susan

** Penalty **

Montreal announced B. Mitchell as their OT player when St. Joseph's has him as their starting QB, this makes Montreal's OT player illegal and invalid. Should the game end up as a tie, even though St. Joseph's OT player ended up with a final score of -1, they would still be announced as the winner simply because they played a legal OT player while Montreal didn't.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave a message or contact me directly. Thanks.
Montreal Voyagers
11:30 AM SASK
Out Rutley bc
In white bc
Edited 09-21-2019 11:30 AM
Carl and Susan
08:05 PM SASK
Just wanted to clarify that Walker is in Toronto...sigh. Vacation brain. Sadly Carl is at home so our ownership group is not together this weekend.
Montreal Voyagers
03:44 PM SASK
Ot player Mitchell Calgary
03:31 PM SASK
OT player: Bethel-Thompson QB TOR
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
02:31 PM SASK
Ok so what some of you don't know is that veteran owners get to play their playoff games in far off places. The game between Dawson City & Regina will be played in BC this week.

Dawson City owners Carl & Susan are currently in Nanaimo awaiting Rogers' arrival, who is currently en route to BC as I type this!! We spare no expense to keep you owners happy!!

Because of the above, neither owner is able to physically announce their OT players, but the have reported them to the league, and so I will report them here for them.

Regina Rampage OT player:
QB - D. Evans HAM

Dawson City Salary Caps 2.0 OT player:
QB - M. Bethel-Thompson TOR

Good luck to both teams and enjoy the BC air!!
Carl and Susan
12:51 PM SASK
DC Caps Lineup:

QB - V Adams - MTL
RB - CJ Gable - EDM
RB - K Carey - CGY
RB - J Wilder - TOR
WR - D Walker - EDM
WR - B Addison - HAM
WR - E Rogers - CGY
K - S White - EDM (c)
Coach - BC
Edited 09-20-2019 12:53 PM
11:00 AM SASK
Rampage Lineup:

QB - Reilly - BC
RB - Stanback - Mtl
RB - Harris - Wpg (c)
RB - White - BC
WR - Burnham - BC
WR - Lewis - Mtl
WR - Banks - Ham
K - Paredes - Cgy
D/SPT - Cgy
Coach - Hamilton
Montreal Voyagers
08:23 AM SASK
Rb-Rutley- bc
K -Whyte edm 🇨🇦
Coach bc
Edited 09-20-2019 08:24 AM
05:27 PM SASK
Altar Boys playoff lineup:
QB Bo Levi Mitchell CGY
RB William Stanback MTL
RB Andrew Harris 🇨🇦 WPG
RB KaDeem Carey CGY
WR Brandon Banks HAM
WR Eric Rogers CGY
K Rene Parades CGY
DEF Hamilton
Coach CGY
Big Bad Brian
05:56 AM SASK
A coin toss!!!! What the Fu***K!!!

You need an analytical expert to draw up a tying breaking formula!!!! LOL!!
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