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10:53 PM SASK
I am good with all that as well.
Susan Husum
07:54 AM SASK
Sounds like a good plan to us too. Thanks Darc!

Susan and Carl

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Big Bad Brian
09:02 PM SASK

It would be the EDMONTON ELKX

I agree with all of the comments and your plan.
05:37 PM SASK
Thanks for your comments everyone, it's appreciated.

We will just have to see what the CFL says.

I just can't embrace the Edmonton Elks...smh
David Kirby
05:10 PM SASK
The league sounds like a lot of fun. Mike was showing me last season how it worked and seems like a great way to do a CFL fantasy league. I am definitely in should a spot be made available.
01:14 PM SASK
I love that you made a plan Darcman. I really like the idea of exhibition season if this season is shortened, and am also good with just moving to 2021 if the season is cancelled.

Can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate everything you do for this league! Keep being awesome!!
Oromocto Four Horsmen
12:38 PM SASK
I am for the free shortened CFL season. If no season happens than we should move ahead to 2021.
gartsPerson was signed in when posted
12:07 PM SASK
I agree with Mike. Thanks Darcy for putting out some kind of plan.
12:01 PM SASK
Everything you said there makes sense to me Darc. If there is no season, I have no issue with carrying everything over until 2021. That's how all leagues (CFL, MLB, etc.) that end up cancelling their season will operate I'm sure.

If the CFL runs a shortened season, it makes a lot of sense to me to have an "exhibition" season so we can work out any kinks we have with the scoring, etc. as there didn't seem to be universal agreement that anything we debated at the AOM was the best direction to go in.
10:55 AM SASK
As per my email, I have updated the AOM minutes from the 2020 AOM, updated the Rules of Play and the Scoring Table with the changes that were implemented from the AOM. And here is what the plan is based on certain scenarios happening with the 2020 CFL Season.

As this should have been opening weekend, it is clear that there will not be a full season. That means that there will either be a partial season or no season at all for this year.

If there is no season at all:
- all money, fees & credits would simply just carry over to the next season
- in the 2021 season we would resume play just like normal with Garts as the defending champion etc.

If there is a shortened version of the 2020 season:
- there would likely not be a balanced schedule
- because of no balanced schedule, I am proposing that we play an "exhibition season" for lack of a better term
- there are currently 2 owners waiting to get into the JSN CFFL (Clay Brooks & David Kirby (a.k.a. the Better Kirby)), so depending on the length of the shortened schedule, what I am proposing is that the 2020 season be a free league, we add the 2 extra owners for this season, switch to two 7 team divisions, hopefully play everyone in your division once, then we have playoffs, crown a paper champion, then in 2021 we can revert back to the 12 team/3 division money league (unless we really like the 14 team 2 division thing, we can discuss that at the next AOM). Keep in mind that there is still a good possibility that a 2nd JSN CFFL starts up in 2021 anyway.
- no fees, no prizes and even if we did this, regardless of who won, Garts would still be the defending Champion in 2021

*Please keep in mind that this is all dependent upon IF the CFL announces a shortened season and how long of a season it would be. For the above scenario we would need a 9 week schedule, but even if they announced a 7 or 8 game schedule it would be doable, just not a balanced schedule*

So, what do you all think? I would like to hear your feedback on this.
gartsPerson was signed in when posted
08:47 AM SASK
Thank you.

It was a fun 1st year.

Thanks to Darcman and all who made the league easy to play in.
Oromocto Four Horsmen
04:19 PM SASK
Congrats Chris on steam rolling our league & winning it all. Thanks again Darcy for your efforts. It was worth the effort for us all.
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
11:20 AM SASK
The site has been updated to reflect the final update for the 2019 season.

Thanks again to you all for your contributions in making this league as good as it is.

I will be sending out an open/group email to everyone explaining all the team/league finances hopefully later today.
08:18 PM SASK
Congrats Garts!
DarcmanPerson was signed in when posted
01:19 PM SASK
Here are your final scores both for the 2nd game of the final and the final 2 game combined scores:

Game #2
WW Pts
V. Adams 8
W. Powell 25
S. Cooper 28
D. Jackson 6
J. Johnson 20
D. Walker 5
E. Rogers 9
R. Parades 12
Stamps 12
Calgary Coach 2
OT - MThompson 14
Total 127

Pts 22's
0 M. Reilly
19 J. White
32 A. Harris
5 D. Adams
15 R. Begelton
4 B. Burnham
3 S. Evans
13 S. Whyte
5 Lions
0 BC Coach
18 OT - C. Fajardo
96 Total

Final 2 game combined scores:

Lemberg 22's: 138 + 96 = 234

Waskesui Warriors: 189 + 127 = 316

Congratulations to Garts, our JSN CFFL XXV Champion!!

In becoming Champ, expansion owner Garts set a new league record for best record in a season going 11 - 2 - 1 beating last year's record of 11 - 3 by Rob. Garts played a great season and really is deserving of the title. Well done!

I am swamped today, Thanksgiving tomorrow, in the hospital for my treatment on Tuesday, so it may be a bit before I can take care of all the business that needs to be attended to, but I will do it when I can get to it! All financial info will be sent publicly to the whole group in one open email. Also on a side note, I am getting the trophy this year, so Garts will be the first one to get the cool new trophy.

Thanks again to all of you for your dedication and involvement in the league, I put a lot of work into the league, but it's also your work that ultimately makes this league successful. Thanks to all of you!
gartsPerson was signed in when posted
08:12 AM SASK
Thanks Jeff. I swear it may have been tight had you not encountered some bad shit.
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