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Independent Reading 2nd Qtr Journal #1: 11/4/15

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03:08 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashians I am currently on page 5.

Q. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.

A: In the first pages of everything Kris has talked about her childhood and how hard it was, so this all goes back for like flashbacks. Which were hard for her to do, because she had trouble growing up. So, so far Kris has talked about how life was like growing up and what it was like when she would get home from school. It was hard for her to come home because her parents would constantly be fighting. She would never really understand why they were fighting. She talked about when her mom and dad got a divorce and how hard it was on her and that she would never understand what was happening, but could understand what they were saying, just couldn't comprehend. She talked about how her dad storm up stairs and grabbed a suitcase and filled his stuff and aid he was out of there and would return one day, but hasn't yet. She had a sister Karen, but hasn't talked about her much, except when she would flashback to when her and her family (mom & sister) went to the beach, La Jolla in California. She hasn't had a lot of experience more than just that. But it's going to get better.
Jordan Heyder
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading the Sorceress and i stopped one page 100.

The first major event of this seris is When dee shows up at the shop. This causes a major fight to happen and the twins josh and Sophie to learn of the existence of magic. The second is seeing Hetake. Here Sophies powers were awaken and we met the blade excalibur. The Third is going to see the witch of Endor. The witch gave Sophie her memories and Sophie learn wind magic, also Josh had a talk with Dee here. Next is metting Frances and Joan of the arc. Here Sophie learned fire and to control here memories, and Josh got clarinet and joined Dee a for a bit. Next is getting Mars. Josh had his powers awakened and was giving a mass amount of knowledge on strategy.
Ellie Stone
04:26 PM ET (US)
I am reading Crash Into Me by Liz Secure and I stopped on page 70.
2) Liz has faced many many problems in the book this far starting with receiving a letter. The letter was from her attacker from college. This was a problem for her because she was learning to forget about the incident when the letter came opening the wound. She has written back trying to gain information to help her move past this horrible time in her life. The second problem that I’ve read was her attack itself. The book describes how she was drugged and attacked at a frat house party. She felt so broken and alone after the assault; her way of trying to handle the situation was to go to the hospital. This brings us to the next problem: the hospital doesn't check rape cases. She then has to find a new way to report her attack.
Kailee Jorgensen
04:25 PM ET (US)
Today I finished Stargirl and started Fifty Shades of Grey. I stopped on page 22.

Stargirl starts attending Mica High School as a tenth grader. Before that she was homeschooled by her mother.She agrees to go on Leo and Kevin’s show “Hot Seat” at the climax of her popularity. It goes very wrong and a lot of students attack her verbally. Leo begins to have feelings for Stargirl. They soon start dating. Eventually, Leo gets frustrated with everyone shunning him and Stargirl so he tells her that she needs to change. She changes her name to Susan and starts to act “normal” but it doesn’t last. They break up. At the Ocotillo ball, Hillari slaps her and tells her that she ruins everything. Stargirl is never seen again.
Carter Haas
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and am on page 183

One problem in my book that the main character faces is that he is getting hunted by Sirius Black. Sirius Black is an escaped dangerous person that escaped from the Azkaban Jail and the wizards and ministry of magic are protecting him. And he can't go anywhere outside of the school unless he has a teacher or wizard with him in case Sirius Black shows up and tries to kill him. Another challenge he has had is that he can't go to Hogsmeade because he didn't get his slip signed by his guardian and if you don't get it signed you can't go. But he tries getting a teacher to and he won't because going along with the first thing he is concerned by Sirius Black and him not being caught yet. And his last challenge is that I have got to is his Nimbus 2000 is broken so he has nothing to ride around. He also uses the broomstick in Quidich matches which are matches where you have to get the flying golden creature before the other team. He crashed because of the demeanors which is also another challenge that he faces because he always passes out when they come near him like he did going to the school when he was on the train.
Melissa Tuttle
04:23 PM ET (US)
3. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.

I finished Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The author sets this story up in an interesting manner. It is set up in an interview between the author and the main character, Pi Patel. In Part One, it transitions from personal insight from the author to the story told in the interview. It does this by different chapters, both in first person, but the author's insights are italicized. Part two does not consist of any interceptions from the author. As Pi tells his story, he includes differing formats to keep the reader interested. For example, when Pi finds a list of advice in case of an emergency, the list appears in the book in bullet format versus paragraphs. Another example would be when he includes a direct excerpt from his journal. At the end of the book, Pi is in an interview with two different men, and when they question the authenticity of his story, he admits that it was the "better story" to tell compared to the harsh reality. This plot twist changes the events of the whole book and when looking back, it is easy to spot the foreshadowing that signaled the different story. Throughout the book, the author uses poetic, descriptive language that provides great visual imagery. These things made the reading better because it kept me interested through a slow moving plot line and helped me enjoy the time I spent reading it.
Rachel Ely
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading Stork and I stopped on page 152.

4. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. Make a list of five characters, what famous actor will play each character and what about the character makes that actor the best choice for the part.

The main character who's name is Katla is a very fun, stylish and outgoing person. I would choose Jennifer Lawrence to play her. The main boy characters name is Jack. Jack is a very mysterious guy at first until you get to know him, and once you do he is a very outgoing person. I would choose Ashton Kutcher to play him. Penny is a very style lacking person, but she's very friendly, nice, and welcoming. Because of Anne Hathaway's role in The Princess Diaries I think she would be great in this role. Jack's best friend Pedro is a more shy guy. He is like Jack's sidekick, but he is also very welcoming and has a great personality. I think that Matt Lanter would be great in this role. Wade is a big tough guy who's on the football team and thinks he's so much better than he actually is. Alexander Ludwig plays Cato in the Hunger Games and I think he would fit this role pretty good.
Augie Johnson
04:22 PM ET (US)
I finished Band of Brothers. I am now reading J.R. by Jeremy Roenick and I'm on page 29.

I've only read about his childhood so far, but he faces a lot of challenges. First off, he moves constantly because his parents are trying to support his youth hockey career. In a span of 15 years, he moved 10 times, both because of hockey and because of his father's job with Mobil Oil. He combats this by focusing on his career and getting along with his teammates so he can fit in well everywhere he goes. Second, he claims that he wishes he could do a do-over on his childhood. He says he wants this because his life revolved so much around hockey that he barely had any time to do what HE wanted, like party and go to the movies. He only spent time with very few people, and the majority of them were his teammates. He was asked all the time by his friends to go to parties but he instead was forced to stay home and focus on school work. He said he just accepted the fact that he it wasn't worth sacrificing his talent for a bit of partying, so he agreed to stay home. Lastly, he was always being hounded by recruiters for college, minor league hockey, and even NHL recruiters. At one point, he spoke with the Penguins general manager and Wayne Gretzky himself. He decided to try his best to be at every tournament and every game his team was a part of, even if he was miles away from there. He skipped a movie with his father so they could both play a development game in front of the Penguins GM on a night that he wasn't scheduled, and he even drove 10 hours overnight from Ottawa, Canada to Boston, just so he could be to practice on time before a tournament.
Dani Cooper
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading Spells the second book to the series Wings I read this weekend and I am on 39. In the first book Wings, the first main event is when she is put into high school. All her life she has been homeschooled so she's nervous and shy. Lucky she meet David, a kind young man who is more than happy to show her around and help her. The second main even would have to be when Laurel found this bump on her back. It started quite small but grew over the course of a week to the size of a tennis ball. Obviously Laurel was in despair. The third would probably be her trusting David and telling him about the bump that has now burst into a dazzling flower that resembles wings. David and Laurel try to figure out why this is happening to her and try to do some experiments. The fourth event would have to be the results of the tests. Laurel not only has a flower growing out of her back, she is a plant! The fifth is probably where I am in the second book. After meeting some fairies at her old home she is told that she is one of them. They invite her to come back home to learn about her duties as a Fall Fairy and she accepts.
Alexia Allen
04:20 PM ET (US)
I am reading Slide and I am on page 50.

Describe three problems or challenges that main character has faced in the book.

1.To start off is the major problem and thats the fact that Vee was diagnosed with Narcolepsy so she passes out every so often. Little does everyone know though that when she has one of her episodes she “slides” into someone else mind and sees what they are doing. She tries to control who’s mind she does or doesn't go into by keeping away from objects that she thinks may mean something to them when she feels she's about to faint.
2. Another problem is Vee thinks her and her friend are driving apart. To deal with this she tries to plan more things with him like “fright night Fridays” when they just watched scary movies together. Before that she even took the blame for his tardiness so he wouldn't get suspended. She also tries to be more open with him but tries not to reveal to much.
3. The final problem is when Vee slide into her sisters friend’s mind and say/heard them both talking about another girl. All she saw/heard was how they plan to get the girl back for something. Yet the girls never specified what, so now Vee tries tell the girl that they were talking about that she needs to get new friends.
Tanner Steineke
04:19 PM ET (US)
I just started The 100: Homecoming and stopped on page 89.
2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

The first problem faced by Wells Jaha was that his girlfriend was going to be sentenced to death on her 18th birthday. His response and solution to this problem was to open the ships oxygen support and leak the oxygen. This caused the council to send 100 kids to Earth. Wells also burnt down the only tree the colony had saved, so that he could be sent to Earth with his girlfriend. The second problem is finding out that the 100 kids that were sent to Earth were not the only people on Earth. Apparently, a large group of survivors of the radiation were still living on Earth. Also, the 100 were not the first group of people that were sent to Earth as Clarke's parents had been to the survivors' camp. The third problem is the rest of the colony coming to Earth. Wells and the 100 had set up a community and had set their own laws on Earth. They had built cabins to live in and learned how to track and kill animals for food. Clarke has learned how to treat sicknesses and injuries that she had never known about. The 100 had made a relationship with the survivors and learned about the dangerous faction that had split off. Now the rest of the colony comes to Earth with the Vice Chancellor leading the charge. Vice Chancellor Rhodes had sentenced Clarke's parents to death(or so I thought) and is trying to set up new rules. Will the colony survive with Wells(the leader of the 100) and Vice Chancellor Rhodes both trying to lead the human race to survival?
Opah Bah
04:18 PM ET (US)
My book that I'm reading Genocide of one by Kabuki Takano
the main character in this story is Yeager who is one of the special force leader for operation nemesis it was called. some situations that Yeager had to go through were joining the special mission to get the money to save his child that have PEACs, Yeager had the choice to either killed the Music village that they were order to kill everyone in that village but decided not to since what Pierce the scientist offer him a cure for his son. Last of all was deciding if he should kill his fellow comrade to save some child soldiers or to let them die by one of his guys that is going crazy over the enjoyment of killing. So Yeager decided to kill his fellow soldier and bare that guilt for a long time
Zach Neal
04:16 PM ET (US)
I am reading Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
The character Jonas has had a lot of hardships. He lives in the poorest country and struggles to survive. His brother Tomas was stabbed and killed in front of him. When he went to avenge his brother, his friend stopped him. He told him that he shouldn't try ti kill the man who killed Tomas. Instead he told him to talk to the War chief to get his help. When he went to the chiefs castle, he wasn't there. He was in a different country making an alliance. This might be good for Jonas because they might go to war with the country that the man belongs to.
Heather Totton
04:08 PM ET (US)
3. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.

I finished Paper Towns on page 305.

The author wrote this book in first person. I think that this was the best way to hear the story. I like how we get to hear all of Q’s thought processes and feelings. I like the way that the author uses Q’s thoughts while other people are talking. The author is also very descriptive so you can imagine exactly what is going on in the story like it is a movie. I like being able to visualize the story as it is happening. I also like the mystery of the book and how the characters are trying to solve it. They don’t make a decision and go with it right away. I like how they take time to research and make a plan to find who they are looking for. I look forward to seeing the movie, I think it should be pretty close to the book because it is so descriptive.
Kendra Tucker
04:00 PM ET (US)
I am reading Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and I am on page 130.

2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

There are many situations in the book so far that they had to figure a way to solve it. One being trying to figure out what exactly Four Eyes was hiding in the suitcase. They solved it by trying to work with him to get music. They ended up going through and getting the book. They regretted it in the end when they gave it back. Another problem would be the narrator and Luo talking to old Miller about getting the old songs. If they ended up getting them their life would be happy because Four Eyes promised them he'd give him books in return. Also another situation would be when they snuck into Four Eyes's home to try to steal the suitcase, his mom and Four Eyes came home early because he wasn't feeling the best. He came home because of the bull blood he drank luke warm which made him sick. The boys thought it would be a good choice to sneak in a steal it then because they would be at the celebration and not at home. They ended up getting out just fine (I think because of luck), but not getting caught and getting in big trouble with everyone.
Blaine Wittrock
03:56 PM ET (US)
I am reading Conspiracy 365: May and I am on page 54 (just so you know the page numbers count backwards so in a regular book I would be on page 127)

Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

One of the problems that Cal has had in this book is that he was admitted falsely in to a psychiatric hospital. He got out of there by dressing up as his friend Winter while she put on his clothes.

Another Problem that Cal is having is that Oriana de la Force tracking him where ever he goes. To solve this problem he starts by rummaging through his backpack trying to find a GPS bug. When he doesn't find it there his great-uncle finds it lodged in Cal's shoulder. So Cal has his great-uncle take it out with a pair of tweezers.

Another porblem that Cal is having is getting to his great-uncles place in Mount Helicon. To solve this problem he catches a ride with a total stranger who takes him to Mount Helicon.
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