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Beginner Mafia chat

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03:58 AM ET (US)
I will attempt to kill Rizky
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02:18 AM ET (US)
There appears to have been a miscommunication lol... all good
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09:44 AM ET (US)
09:29 AM ET (US)
I will kill TWR, as discussed earlier.
09:20 AM ET (US)
What the crap? No, it's not.
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05:09 AM ET (US)
Epi, I will attempt to kill The White Rose. This is out final choice for tonight.
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05:04 AM ET (US)
11:34:15 ‹Streaker› would you prefer to kill the doc, and be sure?
11:34:27 ‹Streaker› or take a gamble and shoot for cop? 50/50 alladin and rizky I think
11:34:40 ‹Streaker› or something else?
11:35:41 ‹bosaardbeitje› I really need to go back and read first
11:36:00 ‹bosaardbeitje› Most of my attention went to the other game
11:38:18 * bosaardbeitje quit (timeout)
11:53:50 ‹bosaardbeitje› What are your thoughts on TWR?
11:56:04 ‹Streaker› not onto us
11:56:11 ‹Streaker› we should be able to direct him to our cause
11:56:28 ‹Streaker› rose very prone to logical errors
11:56:40 ‹Streaker› like 'surely nobody would try out the cop when town'
11:56:59 ‹Streaker› if we let DJ live, and our kill goes through, rose can be swayed to vote DJ for surviving.
11:57:12 ‹bosaardbeitje› I actually think he could be the cop
11:57:24 ‹Streaker› Well, let's hope so
11:57:32 ‹Streaker› Less chance of an investigation on me
11:58:11 ‹Streaker› Who do you think is a good night kill for us?
11:58:28 ‹bosaardbeitje› Aladdin actually mentioned you for an investigation
11:59:04 ‹Streaker› yes
11:59:05 ‹bosaardbeitje› Since everyone thinks he is Town I think could happen anyway
11:59:32 ‹Streaker› If a cop checks me out and we don't kill the cop, i'm screwed anyway
12:00:22 ‹Streaker› aladdin makes the best nightkill, according to me, because if i'm not checked, he is the biggest chance of a push against me
12:00:34 ‹Streaker› he's the one hardest to manipulate right now
12:01:12 ‹bosaardbeitje› I don't agree. The doc will protect him I think
12:01:52 ‹bosaardbeitje› I am most interested in TWR atm
12:02:19 ‹bosaardbeitje› He's holding back too much
12:02:42 ‹Streaker› ok
12:02:56 ‹Streaker› actually, that is a good thought
12:03:04 ‹Streaker› he is not pushing as much as you would expect
12:03:44 ‹Streaker› btw, i paste these conversations into QT for reference
12:03:51 ‹bosaardbeitje› So, we agree?
12:03:57 ‹Streaker› sure
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04:25 AM ET (US)
I think I want to go with the 'rizky' play, and attempt to night kill Aladin. I have a better shot at convincing rizky then alladin.
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04:53 AM ET (US)
11:44:00 ‹Streaker› beginner mafia night now
11:44:24 ‹Streaker› I posted my thoughts in the QT already, let me know what you think (in there or in here)
11:44:39 ‹Streaker› ----
11:44:39 ‹bosaardbeitje› I know, will post later
11:44:50 ‹Streaker› But you should know, I went after the doc claim for funz
11:44:58 ‹Streaker› to give town a chance to catch me
11:45:15 ‹Streaker› I did in fact miss his claim on D1 :lol:
11:45:24 ‹bosaardbeitje› I don't care having a 48 hour break LOL
11:45:45 ‹Streaker› any read on the cop?
11:45:48 ‹bosaardbeitje› I thought he was vanilla
11:46:07 ‹bosaardbeitje› Because of the Cherry teference
11:46:35 ‹Streaker› ??
11:46:46 ‹Streaker› ah, DJ
11:47:01 ‹Streaker› 100% sure DJ is doc
11:47:09 ‹Streaker› no doubt about it
11:47:19 ‹Streaker› but killing the doc gives us little to work with
11:47:27 ‹Streaker› the cop is very likely to investigate me tonight
11:47:44 ‹bosaardbeitje› Why are there 2 docs?
11:47:49 ‹bosaardbeitje› cops
11:48:05 ‹Streaker› 2?
11:48:13 ‹Streaker› There will be just 1, bos
11:48:26 ‹Streaker› the back-up cop was killed, yes?
11:48:34 ‹Streaker› That role takes over the Cop role when it dies
11:48:41 ‹Streaker› but it's vanilla until that time
11:48:58 ‹bosaardbeitje› I know but why put a back up cop in
11:49:21 ‹Streaker› Why? To make town more powerfull, without giving it an extra power role
11:49:54 ‹Streaker› It's usually done when town is slightly underbalanced, but a full extra power role is too much
11:50:18 ‹Streaker› (not very common to do on this forum, but it happens)
11:51:24 ‹bosaardbeitje› so basically they will only find me in a lynch
11:51:33 ‹Streaker› yep
11:51:47 ‹Streaker› (or town has a framer)
11:52:00 ‹Streaker› but framer is 99% always a mafia role, because it screws cops
11:52:40 ‹bosaardbeitje› Will think about it a bit more gtg now
11:52:57 ‹Streaker› kk
11:53:05 ‹bosaardbeitje› talk later!
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01:54 AM ET (US)
That was so much fun :D
So there is a decision to make now: do we kill the doc or not. In a normal game, I'd say yes every time. In this game, maybe we can have some more fun with DJ here...

We can kill either Alladin or Rizky (one of them is most likely to be cop, AND use it on me), and hope DJ doesn't save them. IF we get the kill through, we can lynch DJ tomorrow (he survived, no save, etc). Mitch can also be lynched tomorrow.

The biggest threat right now is a cop check on me (in which case you insta jump on me), so I think we should go for the cop kill (either alladin or rizky I think).

01:43 PM ET (US)
Okay, no problemo!
EpiPerson was signed in when posted
01:19 PM ET (US)
I'm waiting on an action. You're free to change your NK until the scene is posted. I'm being a little more flexible with the deadlines since this is a game for beginners.
11:09 AM ET (US)
Epi, isn't the night ending within half an hour? Just to make sure: we kill IB.
Edited 11-15-2015 11:13 AM
StreakerPerson was signed in when posted
05:57 AM ET (US)
Ok let's go for IB.
05:11 PM ET (US)
I appreciate your flexibility, but I am going to pass, what about you Streak? :-D
EpiPerson was signed in when posted
03:54 PM ET (US)
You're welcome to use your NK on Wing. ;)
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