Prettiest Princess - [SCUMCHAT] Prettiest Princess - [SCUMCHAT] QuickTopic <![CDATA[Carnegie | With Vancho hammered, you both know what's coming....]]> 2015-10-26T16:05Z <![CDATA[TryTryAgai... | Gonna fake a scumtell on speedchuck. I was planning on...]]> 2015-10-25T02:28Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | It looks like I slipped up, so keep doing what you're doing,...]]> 2015-10-25T02:19Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | Also, be cool right now. Don't make a note of me being at H-2,...]]> 2015-10-24T03:24Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | If I get lynched d1, be cool. Because I am hoping to god that...]]> 2015-10-24T03:18Z <![CDATA[TryTryAgai... | Let's do this]]> 2015-10-21T19:48Z <![CDATA[vancho1 | Mwahaha, let's be evil together.]]> 2015-10-21T05:01Z <![CDATA[Carnegie | This chat is for THE WICKED WITCH (Vancho1) and MALEFICENT...]]> 2015-10-21T03:54Z