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Are there any new facts in this case? What makes some people more resilient then others when faced with an ordeal?

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01:51 AM ET (US)
Were all kept jostage in a house in cleveland,Ohio.These now women were all kidnaped when they where teens and has been imprisoned for 10 long horific years.

  Charles Ramsey was the man that helped these wome finally escape this horivice torture. Charles ramsey was outside in his porch eating hus MCdonalds burger when he saw Amanda Berry runnig and screaming out of his neighbors house. Amanda berry told him whi he was and then both of them called the cops said that there were to other women traped in that house.

  I really do not know how a man could commit such a horrific crime like that. The man had brithers whi were also arrested but later inthe week the two if the three castro brithers were released caus they little to no evidence on them.This man shall and will pay what he did he raped one of them and made them loose precious years if there lives thst they will never get back this man needs to see the full weight of justice brought down on him.
05:52 PM ET (US)
After 10 years of being hostage these three brave women have finally been free.Amanda Berry,Georgina dejesus and
Jose Villanueva
01:33 PM ET (US)
   Cleveland,Ohio after 10 years of being missing 3 girls by the names Amanda Berry, Charles Ramsey and Georgine DeJesus. These three women who were kidnapped when they were young teens for 10 years finally escaped. Three men are responsible for the kidnapping of these three women. Ariel Castro and his other 2 brothers were charged for rape and kidnapping he is a 52 year old man and was a bus driver. Amanda Berry, a victim of the Castro brothers, she was kidnapped on April 21, 2003 and was the one who informed authorities about her and the other kidnappings.
    Some people don't know how to react to these situations and if it wasn't for Amanda who knows for how much longer they could of been trapped in the Castros house. The other girls who were kidnapped didn't know what to do when the men left the house so if it wan't for the courage of Amanda who knows how long they would of been in there.
    I think its a blessing that the women got away because they been in there for so long. Good thing that a girl like Amanda was in there with them because she was brave enough to do something a escape. If I was in that situation I will try my best to escape. Well thank God that theses women are home safe and there just fine.
Jasmeen Mann
03:15 AM ET (US)
   In Cleveland Ohio, Three girls were said to be missing for a very long time, Amanda and three other girls were gone for 10 years. A man held these four girls and decided to pretend that Amanda was his wife, and the other girls were apart if his family, i guess he considered them his sisters or something. I think that dude might have some mental problems or something. The kidnappers name is Ariel Castro, he is 52 years old he also has two brothers that were involved in this case, Amanda had a child with the kidnapper, she was rapped, just like the other girls.
  The other idiotic males rapped the other girls that were held captive in the home, It was said that they were beaten every time they got pregnant, I can not imagine what hell those girls went through, being raped and then being beaten and your child killed. I mean i can understand that it would have been very hard for those girls to accept what happened to them, but still those where their babies.
  This is so cruel , for ten years, and what's even more sad is that Amanda's mother died of a broken heart, Finally Amanda called the authorities and told the what was going on. Another thing i don't understand is why it took them 10 years to call. How did the residential area not know or did not suspect anything, did the neighbors not hear anything, screams, talking, .. anything. These criminals should not even be alive for all the lives they took, and those girls they hurt. They need some mental help. actually they should not be helped at all.
Jesus Galindo
02:27 PM ET (US)
A a shocking discovery was made in Cleveland, Ohio. Three girls had been missing for nearly a decade. Police were the first ones to the scene after a call was made by one of the three girls who were held in captivity. Amanda was the girl who called the authorities. Three girls were kidnapped and all three made it out the same night Amanda called. A dumb ass man who looked like Osama kidnapped these girls and held them captive for 10 years with out the sight sunlight. The girls were saying that the man had kidnapped them because he wanted to pretend that he had a family. The man even had a kid with Amanda. He was pretending that the three girls were a family with him. Am going to call the kidnaper a weird ass. The weird ass pretended that Amanda was his wife and that and the other two girls were his or sister or something like that. I hope the weird ass feels the full wait and even more that can be granted of the law. The three young ladies were reunited with their family.
Edited 05-09-2013 02:28 PM
Yesenia G
12:19 PM ET (US)
In Cleveland , Ohio some girls who were missing for a decade were found. Ariel Castro is held and is charged for this tragedy. Ariel Castro held three young ladies for 10 years. Amanda Berry has a kid that is 6 years old they still have no evidence on who the dad is. One of the other girls they havent said yet but when they interviewed them she said she had gotten pregnant more than once but they would beat her and she lost every single one of them. I think thats the saddest thing ever. Thats so wrong and that must be hard for her because those were her babies. I can imagine how hard that was for her.

   Anthony Castro said when he would go visit his dad Ariel Castro that he wouldn't let him in the house that they would only be in the front porch. I dont know how he didn't suspect anything. I thing I dont get is how did he have them there for so long in a residence area. Like I mean if it was out in the country that a whole different story but like in a residence are where there is neighbors around how didn't they suspect anything.

  Who knows how much longer would they have them in there if Amanda didn't try to escape.
Jasmine Mendoza
04:01 PM ET (US)
      In Ohio, Cleveland they have finally found three missing women, the young women have been missing for a decade. There are now three men that have been taken into custody, he is a 52 year old man and was a bus driver. The brothers are being charged for kidnapping and rape, Ariel Castro had a daughter with Amanda Berry who has been held captive for 10 years, their daughter is now six years old. The other two females that were also held captive were Georgina De Jesus, she was kidnapped in 2005, Michelle was also another victim.
      One of the neighbors, Charles Ramsey, had helped Amanda get out of the house. Many of the other neighbors that lived around that area had no clue that they were held captive in the house. Some if the neighbors have been suspicious because everything was boarded up and no one was able to go in the house.
      I think that this is crazy how someone can do this to people, those three brothers probably were all sick in the head. I also think that it is nasty how he had a child with Amanda, it is scary to know that there are people out there that can have the nerve to do that to other people. It is crazy how held them captive in the house for ten years and for all those years no one knew that there were people in there but justice was served when they were finally free.
Jose Ramiez
03:15 PM ET (US)
   In Cleveland, Ohio, they busted three men that had kidnapped several girls, now women. They had kidnapped these girls about a ten years ago, they are now grown women and have reunited with their families. The neighbors never thought that they would be kidnaped people in Ariel Castro's home, the kidnapper. They said that all windows were bordered, and all doors were locked, well not all doors were bordered because one attic window wasn't. The one who called 911 was Amanda Berry, a victim of the Castro brothers, she was kidnapped on April 21, 2003 and was the one who informed authorities about her and the other kidnappings.
   Some people don't know how to react to these situations and if it wasn't for Amanda who knows for how much longer they could of been trapped in the Castros house. The other girls who were kidnapped didn't know what to do when the men left the house so if it wan't for the courage of Amanda who knows how long they would of been in there. I think and imagine people in that situation and can't seem to find the courage of anyone to run out and ask for help after they have been mistreated and raped for over ten years... I just can't imagine how someone will have the courage to get up and leave.
   I think that the majority of the people who get kidnapped don't try to escape, like Amanda did. I think that they will feel threatened, frightened and scared if they do so. I think that just like the majority of the people I wouldn't do much to escape because I will be too scared to fight those who kidnapped me. Well I know this hasn't happened to me but I will be to scared in my opinion, who knows maybe I wont. I don't really know but will never like to experience it.
Alexis Martinez
02:17 PM ET (US)
  Yes their are some facts on this case. The facts are that we know three brothers were to be claimed to have raped those kids and possibly one dead. With these brothers it has been said that they have done 10 years of kidnapping and now they got caught up. The house that they were living at was all borded up with pieces of wood. the window that was open was the one in the attic.
  A man that had just came from Burger King, said that he heard a woman yelling outside his house and went to see what was going on. After he arrived the woman puled out a girl and the man pulled out two more. The girls they just rescued were the same girls that were reported kidnapped. this was a great day for the family that had lost them.
Howard Hughes
01:42 PM ET (US)
Earlier this week Cleveland authorities made a shocking discovery. Cleveland police with the help of alert citizen and of the victims, who escaped minutes earlier, located three young kidnap victims that were believed to dead. The three were found to be both alive and physically sound. The three victims were kidnapped each a year apart from each other, by ex-bus driver Ariel Castro.

Authorities have also arrested Castro's brothers in connection with the kidnappings. Now comes the long and arduous journey of re-transitioning the into workings of our society. I have faith in their courageous strength and are certain that they will succeed.
Vickeyy Ramirez :)
01:29 PM ET (US)
   So recently, in the state of Cleveland, Ohio were Kid Cudi :D is from there has been a big case. Going on three Castro brothers for kidnapping 3 girls after 10 years of being kidnapped being locked up in a attic. These young girl's were recently free after one of the girl's crying for help after making a 911 call. These young girl's have been missing for years and for some families it's a good thing,because they have been living without there child and that can be a devastating matter to continue to live without your child presence.

   The victim's who were found in a old Cleveland were abducted by three disgusting old men who are 50 and up. Who? in the right mind would abduct little girl's that's just wrong no lie. Hopefully, these dogs do major time in prison till they die and at least justice was surved for these three girls and family members of the girls. I am happy that these young women's were reunited with there families and they no longer have to live with no fear,because those twisted men won't ever harm them ever again.

   I am really to hear that these girl's never gave up hope with trying to escape after being in a Residential Prison. Like I said before these girl's did more than the cops did in the past 10 years know a days police officers are useless. The reason I believe that is because they didn't try to find them only after a phone call from one of the girl's. I would find it very fishy that these men had all there window hammered down and they only had the attic one open and the police never checked the house ? why not.
12:35 PM ET (US)
I want to say that this is so freaking crazy people are dumb and stupid because they are they kidnap 3 girls they were little girls then now they are like 19 20 and 18 the been gone for 10 years that is a long time to be gone then just come home how do people to that there was a different girl she got kidnap to but they think she is dead are just still missing because she was 10 when she got kidnap and still is gone so the people dont no what to do if they didn't find her.
             It feels good that they found all those girls because now we no that they safe and nothing we happen like that because the partners need to watch out for anybody looking o take any kind because they could save a person are a kid that would be nice to look out each other because people dont no how it feels to loss someone for 10 uyears it suck really bad for anyone. Because that is good way for people could see that they have your back.
Cesar Lopez7
12:19 PM ET (US)
Theses girls have finally got away and escaped from there raptures. About ten years ago there was a community shocked an sad because of a couple girls gone missing. They tried an finding them for years an they never got to find them. Many people didnt know if they were alive or dead. An the day before yesterday one of the girls out an escaped who was later know to be Amanda Berry. Once she ran out she called the police an said it was here that she had been missing for ten years.

She called horrified an told the police that she was the girl that had been missing for ten years. An when the police arived she said that there were more girls in the house an later they found out that the girls had been missing for years to. The police got three men an they concluded that they were all brothers. The worst part about it that they where only blocks away where they had been kidnaped they were 3 miles away from were they had been taken from. Many neighbors said they were never expecting that the three girls were kept in the house. They said that the guy never let people in an he would never let family go down go threw the house.

These guys are just pyshco they would try to act like if the girls where theres an they were there family. I think that these people really shouldnt have any chances or get the hardest an worst penalty put to them. I really think they should just get rid of all these crazy people.
12:16 PM ET (US)
People were saw the house was with all closed windows and doors. The bus driver was charged for rape and as a kidnapper an the men are in prison and girls are at their house now. The people gathered in that home and put them ballons, cards, and clapped and were happy for them because they survived the 10 years of hell.

  The new facts is there are still looking for traces of them and want to know about what happened. What makes people resilient than others is because no matter what disaster they stay strong and act like everything is okay for others to think it's all fine too. lIke in this case if the girls reacted in a manner of getting out quickly or something the men would have been more over them. The good thing is that she got out an the next door neighbor helped and she tried to escape and it happend and it's an amazing story to tell and for all three of them to be at their homes now!
AngelAnthony Castellano
12:10 PM ET (US)
     In Cleveland,Ohio, there was three huge cases that were finally brought to justice. Three girls ,now women, were found in what they call a "residential prison." These women have been lost and missing for about ten years and it is such a great thing that they were found. I would've never known that they would've been found if I knew about this ten years ago.
     Ten years is a very long time and I am only seventeen years old. Ten years is more than half my life right now. I wouldn't know how to survive if I was in a situation like that. These women are very strong and have a lot of strength on them and I have very much respect for them. I am very happy for there families and how they now reunited. If my child was kidnapped, I would stop at nothing to try and find them.
      Three of these women are now home and safe and have new family members to meet because they have been gone for so long. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were locked up for a long time. What really is dumb about this is that, no body from that neighborhood had said anything about that house. I am surprised no kids went in there just to play around because sometimes there are those kids who do that. They had said that the cops had broke down the door before and looked and found nothing. Well I believe the police need to be searching more thoroughly in a house like that in every call. There really should be a law that the authorities have to check any abandoned house every so often because this should not be happening.
Carlos N
12:10 PM ET (US)
In Cleveland, Ohio there are now three people are now arrested do to kidnaping. The victims were all women. There was even a little girl in there. The three men that where arrested were all brothers. They aged from fifty years old up.

The women that were girls wen they first got kidnap, have been in there for about ten years. One of the victims name is Amanda Berry. She was sixteen wen she was walking home from here BurgerKing job. They say that they never seen here after that. She is now twenty seven years old. She also had a daughter of one of the brothers. The little girl is six years old. There was also more women that were in there. They all missing from Cleveland.

Amanda saw a little girl and asked here for help. Then she used a phone and called 9-11. She told them who she was and that she has been missing for ten years. The police git there and arrested the three brothers. The were charged with kidnap and rape. I think that these people are all bad in the head. How you gan a force someone to do something and live a life that they don't want to live.
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