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Should changes be made to the conditions of workers making clothing or are we already helping raise their conditions?

jasmeen Maan
05:48 PM ET (US)
  Dhaka is a city in Bangladesh, in Bangladesh there are five thousand factories that make clothing. many of those factories do not have good, safe or stable working conditions, There is no Air conditioning, no water and hardly any room for workers to move around. There are about one thousand workers in one crowded area. This is very bad. Some women said where she works there are cracks on the walls.
  I am sure nobody wants to be victims of what happened to the five story building. That is devastating but the sad ting is that these workers need these jobs to live. There isn't much jobs in foreign countries like these, and i know they do not even get paid that much, just enough to pass by time. I wish we could help i mean are we just going to stand by and let people live like this, I mean they are miserable. Are we just going to ignore like nothing is happening. Because if we are going to ignore like nothing is going on then i would not understand why everyone made a big deal on what happened with the five story building, because it can happen again. why not help each other out make this world better step by step.
  We all complain about how poor these places are and how sad it is. Instead of complaining and telling each other this why not do something. I know it will be hard but we have over came so many things and I am sure this is just another obstacle we can be ready to face. there are innocent women and children who work in such places like these, Can we not even make the working conditions better? I mean it is not like we are giving them a palace to set down and enjoy their meals, but its just their working conditions. WE can only try, that's all i ask is to try to make these peoples lives better.
Jesus Galindo
05:26 PM ET (US)
The workers working conditions are very treacherous. these people do not have to live in these conditions. These people are scared of the building collapsing. The people are scared because a couple of days ago a building went down killing allot of people. These people are living in terrible conditions because they work in a building that could collapse any day now. A lady even saw a couple of cracks on the wall. These buildings collaps fast because they are built ou of cheep materials. These buildings are built out of cement. Cement should be pretty sustainable but one crack well stretch and widen up. After the cracks have spread the whole building well just fall apart. A couple of days ago a factory collapsed and killed lots of people. These people were working when the factory suddenly fell apart. So far only one lady and her daughter came of alive. The surviver's were under the building for more than 6 days. The people in the now working factories that are like the one that went down want to move out and work in another building cant because they can't afford it. So either way they are going to die. These people well die either way because if they stay in the building it could fall. If they live they won't be able to afford food and starve to death. I believe the U.S. should help the country that is in need because they cant not help them selfs. I think we should help because we are a very rich country that invest in war. We should help them because they are human and don't desserve no suffering.
Jose Ramiez
05:04 PM ET (US)
   There is about 5,000 factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh that make clothing, the problem with this is that they have some factories that don't have their workers under good working conditions. News reporters took hidden cameras into a factory and discovered that their working conditions are very bad. They don't have good safety hazards, the machinery is dangerous and they don't have air conditioning, a worker even said that the building in which she works in has cracks; this is very bad because the building might collapse. Even if the buildings are in bad condition and they don't have good safety they still go because they say that they can't afford to not have a job, that its the only way that they could get a shelter and food. There is about 1,000 workers in each factory and they each work six days a week and ten hours a day even thought the factories don't have running water in them.
   I don't think that we should make changes to these foreign factories because they will rise prices and the U.S. people won't want to buy the goods. This will then cause less people to not buy the clothes they make and they will have to fire workers, then those who had jobs will no longer have their jobs. This will be worst because not only will we make it worst for the ones who work at these factories with bad/illegal working conditions but it will also make it worst for us the U.S. people because they will have to rise the prices for this factories products. They will have to rise the price of there products because the more things they have like an AC, running water, and things like that they will have to make the price higher so that they would not loose money. I think that even though that the conditions might not be correct and things but if anyone says anything they will just replace them with a person willing to work with those conditions.
   The fact that there is over 5,000 factories like this there is really nothing we can do. If we don't buy their products they will just fire workers which will just make it worst for them, we should just ignore this and hope none of the other buildings collapse like the one last week. I also believe that we would actually help them by making the price for their products a little lower, this way more people will buy them and they might be able to make a raise on the work of the people who work in those factories. Last, there is lots of poverty(poorness) which means that if they make any complaint they will get fired immediately because there is many people who are willing to take their job no matter what conditions. Well thats all I got to say about this, we should just not pay much attention to this because by trying to help we might make it worst...
Jasmine Mendoza
03:43 PM ET (US)
      In Dhaka, Bangladesh there are "sweat shops" that are overcrowded, there are about 1,000 workers in a small area. There is no air-conditioning in the area where the "sweat shop" workers work. Mohammed Islam says that he can only say " please don't break the rules." The workers work 6 days a week and 12 hours a day, in the building there is not running water. There are 5,000 factories and some of them are like this and some are not.
      I think that changes should be made to the conditions of workers making clothing because they are working very hard and that is not a stable working area for them. I think that there needs to be a stable working area at least because of the fact that there are young people in there that are working in a workplace that is not suitable and also because of what had happened to that 5 story building that collapsed and killed many of people.
       Even though we buy clothes that come from over there I still think that we are not really helping them out a lot because if we were they would have a decent home and have a better working area. Sometimes I feel as if we should help out other places that don't have a whole lot of money since they consider us "rich" but it would be nice. I wonder why places that do have a lot of money help the places where there is poverty and help feed them and give them a better life than what they are living through now, so I think that there should be better working conditions for workers.
12:03 PM ET (US)
They make clothing all day long with there family and get paid a dollar what is that really you cant buy any thing with a dollar that you really need because it is not right they should give them and more money because of what they are doing for the people they are making them clothes so why not give them 50 dollar in stand that would help them out a lot more them just sa little baby dollar and no it is not right because there are more people doing less at what they are doing and they are getting paid a lot so why not just help them and hook them up with at less 50 dollar every 2 or 3 days because them that will really help them.

                  People or working really hard all day at that places is not a places that you want to be because it is hot and really really small there ani't a lot of room in there so they cant move around so they just try to get around people with stuff in their hands people or in there all day long everyday they just get days off like the people in the U.A.S or any kind or city or state because they want to work and make some money.

            There are a lot of people that work in the factory there are like 5,000 factory in chiana that people in work in that is to many people in one place all day long and when they home there house ani't nothing at all its all old looking so they really need to help these people out,
Cesar Lopez7
12:02 PM ET (US)
A change should be maid to this bad working conditions. Because we dont want any of those factories falling down again. We could try to avoid all that by doing things an acting against these things. Many people ignore these kinds of things because they dont really feel what these people are going threw.

We could due something about this. But what good is going to do when the people working dont say nothing about it. They just ignore those kinds of things they need work an they are willing to work in any kind of conditions because they have to feed them selfs an thats there daily bases thing. We got to stop having these kind of ignorinte people these people just care of them selfs but not about others.
Vickeyy Ramirez :)
12:01 PM ET (US)
   I can believe other living conditions can be made but I believe the governor of Bangladesh's is being a cheap and doesn't want to make any differences. We the United States are helping them out by buying there products and it can be worse for them if we didn't there products. At least, by us buying there product is giving them a job and that's putting money in there pockets. It's pretty sad seeing them in the conditions they are living in no clean water and children living in disgusting slums.

   Also, they only eat once a day if they get lucky. We americans are very lucky but we don't appreciate nothing. I wouldn't want to ever live in a slum where some houses don't even have a roof. The governor of Bangladesh should at least provide these people with clean water. The working conditions are freaken terrible they have to work for hours with no air conditioner.

   I wouldn't want to work in these conditions. Also, the buildings these people work in aren't safe. If the building catches a spark the whole place will catch on fire. Something, really needs to be made some changes would be just great.
Carlos N
12:01 PM ET (US)
The things going on in Bangledish are not good. They have people working in places that are almost falling apart. Some people that work there, say that they are scared to work there due to that they saw cracks in the walls. But they have no choice about working there or not. That company has about one thousand people working there.

The place has no air conditioning. The people have to work six days a week and they have to work 12 hours a day. I think that, that is a lot of time to work. In Bangledish, there are five thousand factories. Not all factories are in the condition that this one is in. The people that are in charge of the people that own the companies, tell them not to do that. But it is the only thing that they can say.

I think that this is just a thing that comes up in the news and the next day people forget about it. People can do a lot for this not to go on. They can stop buying things from that company . But people really don't care, if its not happing to them. I would say that people should just not buy things from there till they fix what needs to be fixed for workers can work, and do good work.
Jose Villanueva
12:00 PM ET (US)
  The Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in April, the world’s worst garment industry catastrophe which killed over 1,000 people, has sparked intensive debate over who is to blame for the devastation. As shoppers, we have an ability and opportunity to honor our values to promote the rights of workers and advocate for change in an effort to ensure that these types of disasters do not occur again. I think we should start buying there close, however, only one company, PVH which owns brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Van Heusen is American. The Gap and Walmart, two of the major producers in Bangladesh, continue to resist signing any agreement that is legally binding or enforceable. Instead, Walmart has said it will conduct its own investigations into its supplier factories.
   I think if people really want to take action and help the people from Bangladesh should join a little group they made in San Francisco. They planned a demonstration at Gap Inc's shareholder meeting in San Francisco aims to get Gap to sign on to fire and building safety regulations in Bangladesh. I think thats good there doing this, I wish I had a chance to help also.
   I think we should help, its not hard or anything its if you really want to make a change to help. I pray for these people every night and I hope that they get helped by theses people.
11:54 AM ET (US)
  In Dhaka, Bangledish there are cloths factories that have bad working habits. They do break laws in there. There are about 5,000 factories in Bangledish with 1,000 workers in at least each factories.
  They call them ''SweatShops'' with no air conditioning it sounds fittable. Mohammed Islam the president of the factory says all he can say is'' Don't break the rules''. They brake laws in there, im pretty sure they have a lot of work violations as well. They work 6 days a weak 12 hours a day with no running water. They provide somewhere to live for these workers and it isn't the best of average but as long as they have a roof over there head they shouldn't complain. Not much will we can change to help them, we are helping by buying there cloths and if we didn't they wouldn't have a job. All we can do is buy there cloths so they have a place to live and a job.
  I think theres nothing to do. We can't do anything about because then they will loose there jobs and the homes that are provided by the factory.

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