Supernatural: Black-Eyed Demon ~ LexiFlame Supernatural: Black-Eyed Demon ~ LexiFlame QuickTopic <![CDATA[Kyo | Luls at the Dying Acedia wagon. I can't even!]]> 2013-06-22T23:04Z <![CDATA[Kyo | By the way mods, I'm not quitting. If I do end up alive today...]]> 2013-06-22T22:03Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Is J Squirrel joking or what? Hahaha.]]> 2013-06-22T22:00Z <![CDATA[Kyo | QrivaN is Dean all along (?). Lol if so, I appreciate all the...]]> 2013-06-22T15:26Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Hahaha! Oh my god I love you Dys 5EVER! It's like letting...]]> 2013-06-22T15:22Z <![CDATA[Kyo | The horror. Somehow I just want them to lynch me already...]]> 2013-06-22T04:59Z <![CDATA[Kyo | To be all honest Day 4 has been hilarious as hell. LM getting...]]> 2013-06-22T04:48Z <![CDATA[Kyo | No. They've probably withheld NK'ing and knew I'm scum all...]]> 2013-06-22T03:45Z <![CDATA[Kyo | SK forgetting night actions? Hahahaha. My bet's on...]]> 2013-06-21T23:13Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Oh, shoot. I wished I had killed Dyslexicon instead of...]]> 2013-06-21T23:00Z <![CDATA[Kyo | For reals I was watched? XD! Oh my god. I love speculating...]]> 2013-06-21T09:37Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Erase that. :P PurpleApple, maybe. Then J Squirrel must be...]]> 2013-06-21T06:33Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Now shall I die a shameful lynch death? I just set myself up...]]> 2013-06-21T06:25Z <![CDATA[Kyo | Dammit! My read was wrong. But I'm alive! Why? Is cue5c vig?...]]> 2013-06-21T06:22Z <![CDATA[FacelessBe... | No more changing NA's <3]]> 2013-06-21T05:02Z