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What, if any thing, should the government have done to protect the ten murder victims?

02:00 AM ET (US)
This woman was in a group of new Nazis called neo Nazis . Many people believe that they are like the old ones but they are not and do not follow there ideas.The woman from this group was arrested for the killing of eighting peole which two of them being cops.

  I have no idea why the authorities waited so long to arrest this women.I believe that the police should have tooken csre of her and her accomplises as soon as they commites the first murder.The acomplises if this women were strangeley here two lovers. This womanbis the inly one left in capture cause the livers well shot chrome to there dome when they were going to get arrested.

  The killing of these people cannot and will not go unpunished cause i mean i would be unfair. This lady needs to feel the full rath of the German law casue what she did is untilerable and monsterous.when asked why she did it she said it was revenge fir her father I do nit think killing sll of those people would have brought her father back.
Jasmine Mendoza
02:08 PM ET (US)
      A woman has been accused of being a founder member of the national socialist underground ultra violent neonazi sell and of killing ten people. She had shared a house with her two lovers who eventually shot themselves after a bank after a botched bank robbery, they were also thought to members of the national socialist underground ultra violent neonazi group.
      The police have found weird DVD's form the burned down house that they all shared, they found a 15 minute pink panther movie that they edited to tell the story of the bombs that they have planted and the immigrants that they have killed. Until this was found the police assumed that the deaths were apart of a turkish criminal turf war. Prosecutors say that their first victim was a turkish flower merchant, Enver Simsek from Nuremberg thirteen years ago. His daughter had spoke in ceremonial service for the ten victims, two more people were also killed in Nuremberg. There was two people that were killed in Munich, one in Rostock, one in Hamburg, another in Domburg, Kassel and in Heilbronn a police women was shot in the head.
      They are also accused of 15 armed robberies from 1999-2011 and two bombing in Cologne, one in 2001 and the other in 2004, there was 23 people that were injured. I think that the government should have stepped up their game and tried to protect them more. I think that it is crazy that people can do that to others and hurt them. They should give the girl a lot of time for killing many people but yeahhh.
Jasmeen Mann
01:40 AM ET (US)
  The government could have prevented what happened, it went to far, A female who was a part of the underground Nazis killed eight people. It was said that she and her two boyfriends were accused of breaking into banks after the authorities try to catch them, the two males shot themselves and now as they know the women is the only one alive. I do not understand why the government or the authorities didn't put as much effort in this case to find out what was really going on, I mean it didn't seem like they were. Why i say that is because 8 people died and the authorities did not find out until the eighth person was killed. I mean come on we have better technology now. Although i should not blame the authorities because i guess they did their best.
  SHe is now on trial for what she had done, killing of 8 people bank robberies, I don't know how such people live this can live with themselves. I hope she gets the punishment she deserves, then again there are no punishments for such actions, she is heartless, Eight people had their lives taken away from them, I am just going to say revenge does not bring back what is lost, when its gone its GONE, what can you do. I can understand that she was hurt from what happened to her father, or whoever but she doesn't have to become a complete moron and do the things she did. What did those eight people do to her?
  I wish this whole hatred thing would stop, the Nazis stuff and everything, like really that was such a long time ago. I can just say that there is not punishment for her on this earth knowing of what she did, And how does robbing banks avenge her father? Why cant people leave things in the past and try to move on i understand completely that its hard to let go and try to forget but the whole world does it , we try to get pass each second of hard times. Your a grown women, putting her in jail is the only thing that they are going to do. I hope the lives that were taken away can hopefully find peace.
Jesus Galindo
02:08 PM ET (US)
A lady who was thought to be part of the under ground new nazis. She was aslo thought to be one of the responsible ones for two bombings that went off in germany. She and her two boyfriends were also responsible for a couple of bank robberies. Her boy friends shot them selfs in the head after a robberies. The government should escalate this problem because there are more people like this in germany .
Vickeyy Ramirez :)
01:52 PM ET (US)
   The government should've arrested the woman after the first murder. I don't know why the authorities waited until the eighth murder of a police officer and seven other vicim's. I believe this woman was getting revenge for his father's dad. This woman was also accused of breaking into 15 panks with two of her lover's but after authorities found them they shot themselves so know the girl was only one alive.

   She's on trial now for the death of the 8 victims and for breaking into the banks. I believe authorities wait to the last minute to do everything they should of caught her and put her in prison for all the lives she took away. Now some innocent lives were taking away due to the lady trying to avenge her father's death. I wonder why she killed all the people she killed was she a anti- Nazi or a Nazi i don't know this topic is kind of confusing.

  In my opinion, hopefully she does major jail time. I don't find it right for someone to break the law so much to have the right to live peacefully without facing major consequences after all the things they have done. I really didn't get the topic but that's just my opinion. Hopefully, all the twisted people who kill other's all get locked up and the innocent lives that were taken justice was made for them.
12:34 PM ET (US)
I want to say that this is so freaking crazy people are dumb and stupid because they are they kidnap 3 girls they were little girls then now they are like 19 20 and 18 the been gone for 10 years that is a long time to be gone then just come home how do people to that there was a different girl she got kidnap to but they think she is dead are just still missing because she was 10 when she got kidnap and still is gone so the people dont no what to do if they didn't find her.
             It feels good that they found all those girls because now we no that they safe and nothing we happen like that because the partners need to watch out for anybody looking o take any kind because they could save a person are a kid that would be nice to look out each other because people dont no how it feels to loss someone for 10 uyears it suck really bad for anyone.

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