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Faster Than Light Mafia

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NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
10:59 PM ET (US)
Sector 5 Actions:

Conqueror (Nightkill): Kill Patorikku
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
10:59 PM ET (US)
Sector 4 Actions:

Serela (Vengeful): Target Conqueror
Shadoweh (Bodyguard): Defend Conqueror

Conqueror (NightKill): Kill Shadoweh
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
10:57 PM ET (US)
Sector 3 Actions:

Darkninja (Drones): Send Attack Drones to ActionDan (Failed)
ActionDan (Commuter): Commute
Shadoweh (Bodyguard): Defend Patorikku
Serela (Vengeful): Target ActionDan (Failed)
Dorian (JOAT): Jail Patorikku

Conqueror (Rolecop): Scan ActionDan (Failed)
Edited 08-04-2015 10:58 PM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
09:56 PM ET (US)
Huh, but my setup post has "Even Night Doc" listed as the fakeclaim.

Hmmm... I think I see the mistake here in that I changed the Bodyguard's role to have a more doc-like function and therefore made both potential fakeclaims implausible.

But is 1-shot jail really a big counterclaim to even night jailer?

I dunno.

Did this really ruin the game for scum after the Shalako fiasco and the fact Skypal's slot was already suspicious? I don't think so.
Edited 07-23-2015 10:04 PM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
09:54 PM ET (US)
I may have made a small mistake in assigning a jailer fake claim to a setup with a 1-shot jailer in it.
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
02:56 AM ET (US)
Sector 2 Actions:
Doriam (JOAT): Global Nighttalk

Raitaki (Tracker): Track Shadoweh
Shadoweh (Bodyguard): Defend ActionDan
Pakkitoru (Vig): Vig Shalako

Skypal (Roleblock): Ion Dan
Shalako (Scum Kill): Kill Raitaki
Conqurer (Rolecop): Scan Murrin
Conquror (Drones): Move to Shalako

DNA (Drones): Produce new Defense Drones
Edited 07-22-2015 03:41 AM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
06:14 AM ET (US)
"but the idea is that I see people who cares more about upholding images, buddying up players and stuff instead of trying to play,"

If I weren't modding the game I'd have half a mind to call DNA out on this hypocritical bullshit.

Finding DNA's rampant inability to play nice a little bit grinding.
Edited 07-19-2015 06:14 AM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
01:48 AM ET (US)
Night 1 Actions:
-Darkninja (Colorbomb): Send drones to Conq
-Serela (Vengeful): Idle
-Shadoweh (Doctor): Defend Conq
-SB (Hijacker): Redirect Dorian to ActionDan
-Raitaki (Tracker): Track Shalako (Blocked)
-Dorian (JOAT): ASB with ActionDan

-Conq (Rolecop): Scan Shadoweh
-Bard (Roleblock): Block Raitaki
-Shalako (Governor): Kill SB
Edited 07-18-2015 01:57 AM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
06:24 PM ET (US)
Scum QT
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
12:05 AM ET (US)
Preemptive roll. Might reroll if Conq doesn't want scum fuck it we're doing it live
[Crystal] Bravais: Crystal Vengeance: -Serela
[Lanius] Kruos: Assiliation: 1-Shot Universal Backup: -Zak
[Mantis] The Basilisk : Boarding: 1-Shot Vig: -Murrin Patorikku
[Pirate] The Nesasio: Cloaking: 1xCommute: -Dormio ActionDan
[Rebel] Auto-Scout: AI: Tracker: -Raitaki
[Rebel] Elite Rebel Fighter: Fucking Rebels: JOAT: -Dorian
[Rebel] Rebel Rigger: Drones: Advanced Colorbomb: -DNA BT
[Rock] Bulwark: Rock Plating: 1-Save Doctor: -Shadoweh
[Slug] Ariolimax: Mind Control: Hijacker: -SB

[Zoltan] The Adjudicator: Super Shields: 1-Shot Governor: -Shalako
[Engi] The Torus: Ions: Roleblocker: -Bardiche ft. Skypal
[Federation] The Kestrel: Gimmickless: Ninja, Sensors: Rolecop: -Conq
Edited 07-31-2015 06:01 PM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
01:19 AM ET (US)
A straight flavor ban means I can also get away with flavor when settling night actions.
(Not done)

You send your crew out on a boarding mission, and after some time, they return looking quite happy, if quite worn down, many carrying trophies of battle - what chunks of the enemy they managed to cut off.

You send your crew out on a boarding mission, but before they can leave, your shields and teleporter go offline in a barrage of ion bursts! Without shields, the resulting weapons fire your ship takes injures many of your crew before you manage to get away!

(Then add)
You briefly wonder how you managed to forget to install a clone bay or med bay on the ship, but it's too late to do anything about it now.

(Killed by Crystal Vengeance)
You send your crew on a boarding mission, and after some time, their life signs vanish. But how?!? Your mantis are the greatest warriors in the galaxy!
In your rage, you fail to notice the alarms that another ship is on a collision course with you, and as it rams you, you perish as the resulting explosion tears both you and them to pieces.

(Player Result: Normal)
You manage to 'persuade' your target to use their arsenal on the target you want. Unfortunately your own abilities can't be used to tell exactly what they're doing, and the nebula you're hiding in blocks your sensors.

(Player Result: Roleblocked)
An interfering ion storm, in combination with some well-targeted blasts of ion energy from another ship, prevent you from using your mind-control device. How unfortunate.

(MC Target Result)
You go to use [your ability] on the target you selected, but at the last moment you suddenly feel compelled to target [victim target] instead.


(Survived Mantis)
During the scrapping cycle, your ship comes under attack by Mantis boarders! Your ship sustains considerable damage as your slow-moving crew finds it difficult to pursue the insectoid villains, but you manage to repel them, the boarders not enough of a match for your rock-tough men.

(Survived Other)
During the scrapping cycle your ship comes under a devastating attack from another ship! However, your hardy ship plating is able to weather the damage as the enemy barrage eventually subsides. It was more then enough to cripple your ship, however. There's no chance you'll survive another attack like that.


You assimilate what's left of the broken remains of [Target dead ship], and add [Ship Ability] to your arsenal.

(Lanius get the same result PMs as their assimilated players got, but tailored to match their flavor)

You attempt to assimilate the remains of [Target dead ship], but their systems seem to have been rendered useless and unrecoverable. You collect what scrap remains and return to the battle, ready to try to assimilate another target in the future.

A barrage of ion bursts interrupt your attempt to assimilate your target, and you escape the general vicinity before whoever it was can charge their other weapons.


You keep your eyes on your target, waiting for them to strike, but no attack comes...

(Killed by target)
You follow your target, waiting for them to attack you, almost baiting them to dare to try. Regardless of if it was your baiting or the whims of their captain, however, they proceed move to assault your ship!

Your ship comes under heavy weapons fire, and before you can return your own fire, alarms go off that your ship has been boarded by the Mantis!
The Mantis boarders fight valiantly, easily ripping through your crew, but your ship's tough crystalmen crew prove to be just as much of a challenge, killing some of their own. In a last ditch effort, you vent the ship of all it's air, but the wretched creatures still manage to make their way into the cockpit and destroy you as well before they can succumb to the airless void.
It doesn't end there, though, because in your dying moments you set your ship on a collision course with the enemy, culminating in both ships rending each other into mere scrap.

The ship packs a heavy missile barrage, easily piercing through your onboard shield systems. The blasts are precise and well-aimed, and despite your attempts to evade the shots, one finally cripples your engines, leaving you a sitting duck. However, you prepared for this, positioning your ship exactly at the right angle. When the final barrage of missiles cuts into your FTL Engine's fuel reservoir, your ship explodes, propelling the bridge in a collision course of its own. A missile fired back in return, at the cost of your own life, and more then big enough to shred straight through The Kestrel's hull.



(Killed by non-target)
You keep your eyes on your target, waiting for them to come to destroy you, baiting them, even. But you suddenly come under a surprise attack by somebody else!

Mantis boarders teleport aboard your ship, slicing through your crew with their deadly scythe arms. Quickly they make their way into your room too, killing you and leaving your ship defenseless as they teleport out just before the ship crumbles to pieces!

Missiles rip into your hull as you adjust your viewport to locate your attacker. It is the Federation ship you have come so far to destroy, the Kestrel! You try to maneuver your ship to meet them in battle, but it is too late, and another volley of missiles blows apart your ship, unable to get revenge.

Your ship's shield and engines cease functioning as an intense barrage of Ion blasts cripple you. You adjust your viewport to view your new attacker. It is the Federation's damned ally, the Engi! You curse as your ship becomes a sitting duck for the Engi's drones to easily cut and blast into rubble, unable to get your revenge.

A massive beam of energy begins to cut into your ship, your shields powerless to stop it. You adjust your viewport to see your enemy and discover it is the damned Zoltans, allied with the Federation! However, their powerful Glaive Beam quickly rips through your hull before you can react to advance on them, and your ship explodes as the beam cuts into the fuel tank.


You activate your ship's cloaking device along with the Backup battery, and your ship vanishes into the blackness of space as the others fight over the scrapped remains of the last victim to die.
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EliesonPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 PM ET (US)
I knew it would surprise you :P
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
07:01 PM ET (US)
Oh shit I forgot I was linked anyone at all to this setup ^^;;
EliesonPerson was signed in when posted
03:27 PM ET (US)
Don't forget a period at the end of the Role part of the RolePM, suuuuuuuuun
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
12:23 AM ET (US)
A bright flash burns upon your viewport as a terrible explosion rends the hull of a nearby ship as the battle begins, the full might of the incredible Rebel Flagship brought down upon this supposed traitor to the cause.
As the remains of the ship are torn to pieces, a message alert replaces your viewport with that of the imposing Captain of the Rebel Flagship, letting you know once again that this is the result of those who dare to question the might or motives of the fearless Rebel Alliance, and that the same fate awaits you too if you fail to destroy that dastardly Federation scum.
The message ends, but the feeling that the Captain's piercing gaze is still watching you doesn't seem to fade away.

The ship that exploded is identified as:

Welcome to Faster Than Light Mafia, Captain!
You have been chosen to pilot the ravaging Pirate ship, [color=red]The Osprey[/color]

You lead a daring group of Pirate mercenaries, composed of all sorts of races who somehow manage to get along, mostly because they get paid pretty damn well. One of the most feared band of pirates in the galaxy, your crew is expertly trained in all manner of space combat, from your surefire Zoltan gunner, fast-thinking Slug navigator, your trusty Engie repairman, your cunning Mantis boarder and his pal the solid, grizzly Rockman. And your mighty ship, the Osprey, is seemingly unstoppable even amid the brutal war going on around you. But war pays damn well.
Your team is up to any task, so long as it's worth the scrap, and you've been given an offer you can't refuse, the opportunity to end the last hope of the Federation and the promise of any scrap you can pry off of anyone who gets in your way. Even better, the Rebels promise an even bigger reward if you can help pull a win off in the end.

Your ship's special ability is:
[b]Artillery Beam[/b], a terrifying weapon so large that it needed a ship designed around it.
The Artillery Beam is a massive beam weapon built on your ship's underside, which, when fully charged and fired, can easily destroy any ship it fires upon. It can cut through any shield, pierce any hull, and cut through all but the largest of ships. Only the mightiest ship known in the galaxy, the Rebel Flagship, is believed to be big and tough enough to survive this weapon's cutting force. Of course, a weapon this powerful takes an extreme amount of time to charge, so long that even nearly done charging, you'll still have to wait through two Combat Cycles to even have the option of using it, and after that you likely won't have the chance to use it until the battle is long over. To fire this devastating laser, PM the command [b]##Artillery Beam: Playername[/b]
You can only use this during a Scrapping Cycle.

You wish to scrap the Federation ships, and thus this space combat won't stop until you've destroyed their entire force.

tldr you're the Rebel Delayed 1-Shot Strongman Vig.
(Note this role PM is just an example and has no bearing on the rest of the setup)
Edited 04-27-2015 11:51 PM
NekoRexPerson was signed in when posted
07:07 PM ET (US)
The Faster Than Light engine, known as the FTL Engine, has brought about a new age of space-faring. Allowing us to not just explore the solar system with ease, but the entire galaxy. New and strange alien races have been discovered in the vast reaches of space, from the friendly Engi, to the vicious Mantis, but the Faster Than Light engine has allowed humans to colonize vast swaths of the Galaxy themselves, as the human spirit of exploration and adventure never ceases to drive them to new worlds.
From their colonization, the humans formed the Galactic Federation, made to bring peace to the turmoil of the galaxy, and unite the humans, as well as other races, within it.

However, that was long past. After a bloody and failed war with the Mantis, the Galactic Federation broke into strife, and from strife, came civil war. The Rebel Alliance grew from the strife, and tore the Galactic Federation to pieces. As of now, what's left of the Federation fleets have all but completely retreated to just one sector on the far edge of the galaxy, for their last stand against the overwhelming, seemingly infinite, and mighty Rebel Fleet.

The Federation is expected to lose.

Finally, all that you, the Rebels, have worked for, has finally come down to this one last battle. All you need to do is sweep through the galaxy with your Rebel Fleet, cleansing the galaxy of the last of the accursed Federation. Your victory is at hand, and the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor. Even with the Federation could [i]somehow[/i] defeat your unending fleet of rebel ships, you still have the greatest trump card of all, the most powerful ship ever designed, the unstoppable Flagship of the Rebel Fleet. You cannot possibly think of a situation where the Rebel Flagship could lose. If somehow, by some minute chance it was destroyed, then maybe this war really is lost. But you can't imagine a reality where that is even remotely possible.

But perhaps...

THAT ship. That ACCURSED Federation ship that slipped from the Rebel's grasp. You don't know how it slipped into the heart of the Rebel Fleet, and especially how it got out. But it knows. It knows about the Rebel Flagship. It was supposed to be your ace trump, and now this one puny ship and the Federation's allies are going to run home and tell their command about all your most important secrets. You cannot allow that to happen.

The Federation has but a glimmer of hope left for it, and that glimmer is the outdated, discontinued Federation ship, The Kestrel, and its allies. The sole chance the Federation has to win this war, despite the inconceivable odds and minute forces. [b]You are going to crush that hope, for good.[/b]

Victory for the Rebel Alliance is at hand, and there's only one ship versus the dominating might of the Rebel Fleet to clench it.

[b]This is FTL: Faster Than Light: Advanced Mafia.[/b]

*I, Captain Nekomimi, stand before you as the captain of the Rebel Flagship, the greatest ship built in the galaxy. It is through my direction that the Rebels advance through the galaxy, for better or worse. It is my responsibility to keep the advance orderly, and anyone who questions my orders will be accused of siding with the Federation and promptly eliminated. Do NOT make me join in this fight, or everyone involved will regret it.
*Orange is the color of the Rebel Flagship, and is only to be used for vital Flagship communication.
*All communication is strictly limited to Rebel Communication Frequencies, supplied [b]only here[/b] among the ships present. I may issue private communication as needed, and the Federation is expected to have their own means of communication, outside my jurisdiction.
*Communication on the public frequency will cease when I order it, and is only allowed during the Combat Cycle of fights. Public Comms are to be shut off during any and all Scrapping Cycles.
*Communication is not to be garbled or retracted except through additional communication.
*Destroyed ships cannot communicate obviously, although sometimes the captains manage to get off some last words before the vacuum of space claims their voice. Anyone found somehow alive and communicating any further post-destruction is assumed to be part of some unknown Federation technology, and will be more thoroughly destroyed.
*Weapons volleys are to be announced in advance with the command [b]##Target: Playername[/b], otherwise their weapons will be put on standby. This is a safety measure standard on all spacecraft. (##Vote will still work, but go with the flavor if you can)
*It is preferred that all ship captains update their status regularly, otherwise I might have to go search for them, personally, to make sure they are not Federation ships in retreat.
Relaying direct private communication with the Rebel Flagship is considered grave treason and will be dealt with swiftly by the full might of the Rebel Fleet.
*These rules of war are all considered important commands from I, Captain of the Rebel Flagship, and failures to comply will be dealt with accordingly. If my actions benefit your commrades, they too will be punished.

-13 player game
-Every ship has a special ability exclusive to that ship, in addition to an array of conventional weapons and shields.
-Ship abilities that are self-destructive, random, misleading, traitorous, hidden, or able to summon the power of all the elements are guaranteed not to have been engineered by any sane ship-designer.
-Combat Cycles are 72 hours, and involve communication and weapons being fired willy nilly. Scrapping Cycles last 24 Hours are more or less a ceasefire of conventional weapons and radio silence for the purposes of scrapping destroyed ships.
-Each new Combat Cycle begins in a new Sector, starting at Sector 1 {Civilian Sector}.
-During a Combat Cycle, most ships can't handle the combined fire of more then half the total present fleet, and will be destroyed, initiating a Scrapping Cycle.
--As the game wears on and more ships are destroyed, degradation of the armor of surviving ships (or increases of firepower in remaining ships) is inevitable, although the rate is expected to stay the same (more then half of the current fleet size to destroy)
-If the Rebel Fleet is facing a potential imminent loss, it will be announced by the Rebel Flagship that we have entered a SYMLO phase. Top Rebel scientists have studied 'SYMLO' and it's potential meanings, but it still remains an unsolved mystery.
-Yes, the Rebels are considered the dominant faction, and Federations allies the minority, I should be making this pretty obvious.
-When a ship is destroyed I shall report the ship name, special ability, and faction it belonged to as per private communications set up beforehand.
-The fleet may voluntarily decline from destroying any ships during the Scrapping Cycle once. After that the Rebel Flagship gets involved.
-It is expected the Federation will not miss an opportunity to use their full force against the Rebel Fleet.
-Ships not perceived to be playing in the interests of their faction will be destroyed. There is no Draw in this war.
-Role flavor claiming and speculation is [b]absolutely banned[/b], on the basis that there are no flavor-fakeclaims (not enough content in the game for it) and it's inherently obvious who belongs in what faction with flavor outed (at least assuming you've played FTL). Flavor is for the purposes of flips and game flavor ONLY.
--Role information without the flavor is provided in a tl;dr at the end of each role PM. If you want to claim your role, refer to this, and this only. Fakeclaims should not hint at any flavor either (ask me if you're not sure)
-Using ship abilities as speculation to determine the layout of the Fleet is discouraged and unlikely to work.
-The Rebel Flagship may be communicated with privately or openly at any time, although I may decline to answer if the question is detrimental to Rebel strategy or is incredibly stupid.

a tl;dr version of the rules is available by request, although it's a standard role madness MotK mafia game with a flavor claim ban.
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