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Demongate Plot Chat

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4maskwolfPerson was signed in when posted
04:42 PM ET (US)
Thank you.

Very first part of story should be up later today.
04:22 PM ET (US)
Yeah, the vampire's Fallen. I think he has plans to cure himself of vampirism somehow. If not, I guess Brenzen mightn't have a problem with using him for a dangerous mission rather than killing him outright. Thane's not very in tune with Demongate's political scene at the moment, I guess.
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12:29 PM ET (US)
Quick question Asmoth: is the vampire supposed to be FallenAngel? I need to know so that I can write part of my scene, since I've decided to use him as the fourth champion. Brenzen heard from Thane what he was capable of and needs all the help he can get.
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03:44 PM ET (US)
Also, who the hell is the vampire?
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03:42 PM ET (US)
Asmoth, I think it's good. I find it amusing how you characterized the Guardian Council (if that's who you were portraying), but you basically implied that Thane doesn't know the mayor, who is a member of the council. Although I suppose it's entirely possible that she hasn't paid all that much attention.
4maskwolfPerson was signed in when posted
08:16 PM ET (US)
Yah... sorry...

I'll start writing stuff up tomorrow.
08:01 PM ET (US)
Hahaha updates what are those hahahaha
10:27 PM ET (US)
I like the idea. Something I've been playing around with in my head is that Emdief's personality gradually fragmented due to various incarnations; the infighting between these is why Emdief's current state is as a living tool, without self-motivation. If that's the case, the occasional moment can occur when a personality gains dominance and acts.
Seeing as Thane (and Vlad, sort of) are the closest thing to the old Faction, it'd make sense if she got blessed. Actually Asmoth did start a Faction-related thing with Thane, but never went anywhere with it.
03:24 PM ET (US)
/m95 That's mostly it. The rest is just generally high-brow speech. Not to the level of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, just a big word every now and then.

/m96 I like it. I like it plenty. Here's hoping MDFI does too.
Deus Asmoth
01:18 PM ET (US)
Oh, also some theory time: Emdief was the first dwarf to be capable of draining magic from an area, at least as far as I recall. The fact that s/he is all crazy and stuff now prevents her giving that power to others and none of his/her relatives survived Steelhold, but what if s/he bestowed the power onto a few people fighting the bloodkin (the Smith that Thikut had words with, for example) before s/he went completely section eight and those with the power nowadays are the descendants of those chosen few? Just being a blessing of Armok probably makes more sense, but to be honest I wrote the ability for Thane without remembering the murderghost and it's striking me as odd that she's just be born with it when Emdief had to literally go to hell and back to get it.
Deus Asmoth
01:07 PM ET (US)
I'll try get at least the pre trial scene done up once I've finished killing Thikut. I can't think of any speech patterns for Tarmid other than no contractions though.
06:25 AM ET (US)
So, uh. My brain appears to have crashed this week. I think I'm alive now. Shall we get back to Thane's trial?

Here's my idea: Vanderhuge tries to break Thane out, but is interrupted by Tarmid on the way to the cell. Tarmid proceeds to Tarmid (talk circles around him) and manages to get him searching for Fallen Angel, whom he suspects is still alive. Not an unlikely event, given FA's habit of bodysurfing. Either way, it keeps Beef busy. If needs must, Tarmid can even explain to him how Thane is going to be declared innocent and the trial is a formality, though the wisdom of revealing that to the resident junkie is debatable.

Inside the cell, Tarmid tells Thane about his chat with the Saints, and says that he left her that book for a reason, though even he doesn't know exactly why the book is relevant. He also assures her that she will be declared innocent, since she is going to have a crucial role in the days to come (again, even he doesn't know exactly what that entails).

The trial proceeds as normal, Brenzen lets Tarmid in on the invasion situation during court recess (assuming he hasn't already), Thane walks, then they find FA and his brother. FA's brother reveals to Thane why he had her forge Ob Kat, possibly compelled by the Saints. I'm guessing that at this point, Brenzen tells Thane about the invasion as well, if he feels that it's important.

From then on, we just have to figure out what to do with Fallen and his brother. FallenAngel, if you could pitch in at this point, it would help us a lot.

ALSO. I'm not sure if I can write anything for this part of the story, so 4mask and Asmoth, feel free to use Tarmid as needed. My one condition is that you remember his speech patterns.

I do have 3 scenes in the works: a flashback to Stinthad's life before and during Steelhold, a scene at Karius's Keep (Order of Saint Zane HQ), and a scene from Shank's perspective. Not sure which to pick up first. I am open to suggestions there.
11:36 AM ET (US)
Aye. I guess I should have mentioned Gameplay and Story Segregation.
4maskwolfPerson was signed in when posted
10:56 AM ET (US)

Isn't hell supposed to be released during the finale?
10:41 AM ET (US)
Quoth Flame's reply:

"That sounds great!

As for turning a few demons to our side, I may be able to edit the generated raws so that a certain kind of demon is berserk. However, I would have to do it at the moment we unleash hell. That means either the save has to be given to me mid-turn so I can edit it, or that I have to be the one to release the demons. Story-wise, the second option wouldn't really make sense."

I think we can take that as a yes.
02:09 AM ET (US)
/m82 YES.

Essentially, the Saints haven't been able to get anywhere near Shank because of the Mask. Part of its function is to protect the wearer from harm, if the wearer is a servant of the Adversary. It kept Oku from being completely destroyed because she wore it. Shank, however, has sewn the damn thing directly into his chest. As long as he has it, Armok's minions can do nothing.

So in the finale, he gets the Mask torn out of his chest. By Stinthad. After Rhaken materializes in front of him to finish him off, despite the fact that they can't harm each other in any way. Rhaken is going to break him down mentally in a climactic scene that would be a whole lot more awesome if there were more posts from Shank's perspective (I aim to fix this post-haste). Not sure if I'll play it as if Stinthad had already planned this, or if he does it in a moment of insanity with a bit of help from Rhaken.

Either way, once the Mask is gone, Emdief shows up and murders the hell out of Shank in whichever way MDFI thinks best.

Of course, this is after Shank's "moment of triumph", in which he kills Asmoth after driving her insane with a wake-up call to the world. He shows her how Thikut died at Nish/Corley's hands, gloats manically, then introduces her to the edge of his sword.

SIDE NOTE: It strikes me as somewhat more dramatic if Nish ended up killing Thikut after realizing what a treasonous bitch she was.

Now, one thing I haven't figured yet is where Shank will be at the time. Maybe this is the one time he follows in the wake of his armies. That might even be why it's taking the Bloodkin so long to invade Demongate.

/m86 PM has been sent.

/m89 It will be. Feel free to handle the liberation post yourselves; I'm kind of swamped for time this weekend. The idea is that Tarmid left that particular book with Thane on purpose, so that she might figure out her importance. There will then be a public trial, perfectly legit yet perfectly staged. Tarmid will do a thorough thaumometer scan on Thane. When it turns up a constant zero, the court will adjourn, Brenzen and Tarmid will retreat somewhere to discuss the future, and one hour later they'll decide in favor of self-defense, no thaumaturgy involved, Thane is free to go.

I do believe that we'll have to confront Fallen Angel and his brother at that point.
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