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Stopwatch and Sonny

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Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
04:46 AM ET (US)
Oh hush Spades, you did fine and were a town read for me after the FB thing =)

Things just weren't clicking for town.
SpadesPerson was signed in when posted
03:17 AM ET (US)
Sorry Sonny for not playing quite as I usually do =3
03:02 AM ET (US)
Meh, well good luck. :)
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
12:20 AM ET (US)

Fuck them hard. Sry you're dead, I did read you as town fwiw.
sonny.Person was signed in when posted
11:03 PM ET (US)
Question, what are your thoughts on sharing the names of who you connect to as you build your neighbourhood?
sonny.Person was signed in when posted
09:34 PM ET (US)
Oh lol =D

Hai Stopwatch, show us your sexy-sexy doubt *waggles eyebrows*
Edited 03-20-2013 09:34 PM
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
08:21 PM ET (US)
It was the Boeing #747.

/type 2 with horrible sense of humor
sonny.Person was signed in when posted
07:57 PM ET (US)
I view 40 posts per page and most page links don't redirect so post numbers are best. What was that one?
06:45 PM ET (US)



So, yeah, I'm going for now. See ya!
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
06:06 PM ET (US)
Just leaving this here for reference:

Owner of a Lonely Heart
Nominal Code
summer solstice
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
06:00 PM ET (US)
Spades was giving me all sorts of scum reads yesterday, her defence of Owner was just wrong =/ If you look at the questionnaire I did she was the only player I listed as someone I was likely to listen to because she can be a voice of reason, and I'm not feeling that, so it bothers me. Seriously, she is normally super-logic in a way that gels with me.

Ginger: Lurked to the point of modkill last game, was town. Lurked later in the game in the former one, kept self voting including for his own lynch, was scum. I don't read him so well though fwiw, the trolling aspect and lack of concern read as town, and the lurking as scum, both were wrong.

Kale: I have already called her out on lurking being scum kale, and she got aggressive straight after for a while, will see where that goes.

Faceless: She does have exams atm, and I was surprised to see her sign up tbh.

QrivaN: He is cautious and self-pres (kindred spirit? ;)) and he does for some reason find it hard to articulate his reads, look at the asylum game, his voting will be the interesting part, imo. I've been scum with him twice and he was less focused on "I'm useless, you want to kill me" iirc.

Must off to work.
05:52 PM ET (US)
Ginger: 'kay, hopefully he's not actually inactive then. Do you know his normal play style?

Kalei: Hmm, I'm kinda hoping she's being like this for a different reason because it's been pointed out several times to her she acts more detached from the game when she's Mafia and it'll be a bit of a disappointment if she's just ignored that all. That being said, she's avoiding giving her reads on some players and keeping what she thinks more to herself which I find interesting.

CeresZal: Ah, I can get Internet problems. You have a point with the long post thing though.

Faceless was saying about some real life things on ATM (exams or something iirc) so I'm not that sure of it. I agree with Nominal Code though, his hammer vote on Owner interests me.

Speaking of interests, I might keep tabs on what QrivaN claims his 'feelings' are on people. He mentioned something like that earlier too, I think. What do you think of Spades?
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
05:38 PM ET (US)
Ginger: no.

He never responds to my @ mentions of him, I will continue trying though, ofc. His lurking is neither a town nor scum read though, which is annoying.

Kale: sure.

However at the same time, her lurking when mixed with lack of aggression is a sure scum sign so I don't want to push her so hard that she's only reacting to me, not from her own motivation.

CeresZal: dunno.

She has a low post count, however when she posts they are long detailed posts, so long as she is providing content I'm not as focused on her increasing her post (she has also mentioned internet difficulties).

Nominal Code and FacelessBeauty are not posting as much as I would like, FB should pick up though.
05:33 PM ET (US)
Well, if I give you my reads that may help prove me later, ditto for you. Not sure what else I could do to prove myself outside of thread-related stuff though.

And reckon you can get Kalei, Ginger and CeresZal to talk some more? http://personalitycafe.com/misc.php?do=whoposted&t=137652
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
05:19 PM ET (US)
Oh, and if you don't know for sure: I am town.
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
05:18 PM ET (US)
Cause you took my desired role =p

Clearly I can't give you any secret info like investigations or the likes so I'm not the best choice in that regard, but otherwise I can see why I was chosen and am not upset about this.

As for your alignment, not terribly fussed, if you're scum that means you won't want to kill me now, if you're town then I'm interested in your reads and logic etc. I mean ofc if there is some way you can convince me of the latter then awesome, I wifom way too much already so some peace there would be nice.

So yeah, mostly reads would be my suggestion.
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