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What caused the bridge collapse? Does it happen frequently? What could prevent them n the future?

02:26 AM ET (US)
In Washington State the I-5 bridge collapsed on Monday. Nobidy was killed but some people came out with injuries and bruises.I saw the metal of the bridge and from my point of view that bridhe looked worn down and the metal was rusty.people cannot drive on bridges like this this is not right on the cities behalf.

  The bridge had been built like 50 years ago and thas was hiw long it was meant to last so it was pretty much around its expiration date.The national inspection people gave this bridge a D grade that is pretty bad. That bridge shiuld been taken care iof sooner cause workers and civilians use it everyday in there lives.

  Thankfully none was killed but this cannit haooen again. In the topic if saying if it could have been prevented I believe it could have if they had done the proper maintnance to the bridge on time. I think that the city should have and needs to take care of problems like this ass so as they are told thT there bridges sre no giid cause they are putting the lifes of people at risk.
Jasmeen Maan
06:40 PM ET (US)
  In Washington at Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon, Washington a bridge collapsed, it was said the bridge has been up for fifty years, and the bridge collapsed because it was hit by a truck and i think this could have been prevented by just checking if the bridge is strong enough to hold what it is supposed to hold.
  There are many heavy vehicles passing through and these bridges are made to hold these vehicles, The weather does not help especially when its cold and rainy, it causes the bridge to become cold like ice and eventually ice shatters. This bridge was built long ago, and that can be one reason why it fell.
  But on the other hand, some people just need to take better precautions when driving, it causes everyone and everything to be a lot easier. I just hope no one has been hurt, or seriously injured. Now we have better material and better technology so i hardly doubt this will happen again.
Jose Ramiez
05:38 PM ET (US)
     A bridge collapsed in Washington, the cause of this collapse is a eighteen wheeler truck that hit the bridge and caused it to fall. A surveillance camera caught when the truck struck the bridge and then fell down. This has made it hard for those who take that road because they have to travel an extra 40 miles to take a different bridge to reach their destination. These kind of things don't happen frequently because the bridges are built to be able to sustain heavy loads, this bridge was built in the 50's which is probably why they didn't make it good enough to sustain modern heavy trucks. This structure was about 60 years old and the climate in washington is usually cold and rainy which could of affected it and the truck crash may have finished the job of knocking it down.
     This bridge collapsed not only because it was hit by a big truck but also because it was old. That structure was about 60 years old and if you add very bad weather like snow, heavy rain, freezing temperatures and things like that, it'll ware down the bridge will make it easier for it to fall. Another thing that I noticed is that usually all bridges supports and little angles start at the land point and this one didn't it started like half ways down the bridge which may have been another reason for it's collapse. Well who knows maybe if the bridge wouldn't have been hit it would of fell like in a couple of years or something like that.
Alexis Perez
04:59 PM ET (US)
A bridge collapsed in Washington after a 18 wheeler truck hit it. The bridge that collapsed was part of the interstate 5 and was in Mount. Vernon, Washington. The state says they will make repairs in the next few weeks, and the governor says their will be a full reconstruct of it by fall 2013. Another factor that added to the collapsing of the bridge was it's age, the bridge is around 50 years old, over the years it could have been improved but wasn't.
  This doesn't occur that often, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared. Even the most minor detail, or alteration can be what decides if the bridge will stand. Their were 3 casualties in total, but none to severe to cause death. I think that the infrastructure of the bridge was weakened over all the years of trucks, cars, and 18 wheelers going through.
  This could have been prevented if the bridge would be inspected every once in a while to make sure no repairs are needed. Things like this will occur from time to time, therefor it is significant to come up with an efficient way of maintaining a bridge. I think the state should work on ways to be more prepared for these type of unexpected events. Not only should we be prepared but also have an efficient plan that can get things done so we don't have to stand there with our arms crossed for any sort of calamity.
12:29 PM ET (US)
There was a bridge in a washington state the collapsed. Because of a truck that hit one of the thing and made fall down. But it was really bad because the hole bridge aslo came down because of the in pack it was really crazy that it happen because of what they did. It said that they had a bridge fall some where in washington and they said now they no were it happen at so they had to go help it
and tat what they did. The people didn't no what happen intill today they heard a nose but they didn't no it was a bridge falling.
       It was really sad that it fall because it has been there for a long time so they now hace to fix and it is going to be really hard to do because of all the metal that they have to use its not going to be easy it is going to to be hard. For a lot of people they have to be really care full because they dont no if the other side could fall and the people with be on it stills o its going to be a big thing for a lot of people that are going to fix but they are good at what they do so I dont think they will a problem fixing it because they have done it before so yea
       Its going to be really scaring to be up there with different people and watch them do what they do tis really really good that they are doing it but that is what they do so they are going to do it i dont no why that the truck hit it but he did it over now but you never no what can happen to them up there they can fall or something else im hoping they fix it but they need to be really care full aslo because its a long way down.
Edited 05-30-2013 12:29 PM
Vickeyy Ramirez :)
12:04 PM ET (US)
   What I believe collapsed the I5 bridge near Washington was that it probably it got very old and couldn't sustained any more cars. It is a Interstate Freeway and loads of cars pass everyday and this bridge probably couldn't stay up no more that's why it collapsed. The cement and the steel probably weakened over the years,because this bridge has been up for more than 50 years. This doesn't happen frequently it happens rarely over the years when bridges get old.

   I don't believe that we can prevent these things from occurring, because we can't prevent natural disasters they come up unexpectedly. Is like trying to say can we stop a tornado no we can't like the ones that happened in Oklahoma and Texas. Things just happen we can just fix them but that doesn't mean it won't happen ever again. We just have to be aware of our surroundings and try to stay safe incase of anything.
Cesar Lopez7
12:03 PM ET (US)
What may have caused the bridge to collapse? There could be many difrreant reassonse but people arnt sill sure why the bridge collapsed. Many News reporters asy it was old that it was about 60 years old. Or they probably wouldnt inspect ot to see if it had defects an cracks.

Do bridges collapse often? Bridges collapse at times in the U.S but when they do they have a cause or a ression for. Like when they collapse for an earthquake an many other ressions. When they due many people are aware an know why it collapsed. An they know the ressions why it happend. Like that one in 1.5 in Whashington it just fell an many people pdont know why it did.

What could prevent this from happeninin the future? They could go inspect old bridges an go check if there in good condition to be used by people. Because many people could die an that kind of stuff the good thing about the one that just happened that people didnt die. But that should be a wake up call for those people that say if its safe to drive on. An they could maybe even go repair bridges an inforce them to be stronger.
Howard Hughes
12:02 PM ET (US)
Last Weeks collapse of the Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon, Washington, Has revived impetus into American infrastructure of our own architecture. The Collapse resulted in 3 casualties, none of them fatal. The state says that temporary repairs will be made within the next few weeks. The Governor also said that a complete reconstruction will finished by the fall of 2013.

Although these sudden bridge collapse can be quite unnerving, they are quite rare, maybe twice a year. But just because their occurrence is infrequent, it does not mean that we should neglect even the most minor imperfections in our infrastructure, because they could quickly evolve into tragedy.
Jose Villanueva
12:02 PM ET (US)
   Collapsed Washington state bridge is a wake up call for the people Washington. rews are making progress at the collapsed Interstate 5 bridge on the Skagit River that has detoured traffic on the main route between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, the Washington Transportation Department reported Wednesday. About three-fourths of the wreckage that fell into the water last Thursday has been removed.
   The collapse of an interstate highway bridge in northern Washington state is a wake-up call for the entire nation,” said Deborah Hersman, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. National Transportation Safety Board inspection records state that the I-5 bridge had been struck multiple times by vehicles in the past 10 years. One of three people who ended up in the chilly Skagit River after a bridge collapsed in Washington state says she can't swim and is crediting her husband with saving her life.
    Sally and Dan Sligh were driving across the Interstate 5 bridge Thursday when a semi-truck clipped a steel truss on the span, causing it to crumple. Their pickup truck plunged into the water, along with one other vehicle. Her side of the pickup truck started quickly filling with water. Her husband had a dislocated shoulder but still managed to help her to the driver's side, pull her out of the truck and keep her calm. I thank god that everyone is okay because that is really scary when you can't swim.
12:01 PM ET (US)
  The bridge collapsed on May 23 In Washington. The Governor of Washington estimated on Friday it will take about $15 million to fix the bridge on Interstate 5 that collapsed into a river. The bridge collapsed after being struck by an 18-wheeler. So the bridge was a main artery to Canada. Bridges collapsing happens when they get to old and the weather conditions they go through so they start to get weak. So it doesn't happen frequently. Preventing them would be a good for the future. They should repair each bridge after 20 years, check on what it needs and all that. I think they should check on them every now and then and make it thicker.
Carlos N
11:57 AM ET (US)
In Washington a bridge has collapsed. The bridge that collapsed was a connection across a river. It was an I5 road bridge. They still don't know why it fell. They are saying that the bridge is about fifty years old.

I think that it fell due to that it was a bit old and it didn't have any moderation. No this does not happen frequently. This usually happens wen there is an earthquake. I think to prevent something like this in the future, you would have to check almost every bridge in the United states to see if it needs to be modified.
Jesus Galindo
11:57 AM ET (US)
There are multiple reasons why structures fall. A bridge fell in check or somewhere. I think that that fell because it was no long enough and it scraped allong the sides. Another reason high ways and bridges collaps is because they might of been built out of cement. Once their is a crack on cement the crack stretches and makes the hole building fall apart. Their have been other collapses in other countries. I think it was pakistan were a factory collapsed on workers. The people did not know anything was going to happen. They thought that it was going to be one normel day like every other day they have had. Out of no were the building collapses and falls on the workers. Only to people came out alive, A lady and a little girl came out. In another state people work in a factory were they think it's going to collaps. The people have no choice to move and work some were els. They can not move because they could not afford it. Some lady even says that she found cracks on the wall. These people also live in horrible conditions. The way these structures could be prevented from falling are to built them out of another material. Yes this does happen often.
Brian Parolini
11:52 AM ET (US)
   On May 23 a bridge collapsed due to an oversized truck crossing it. I see an issue with the structure of the bridge. This bridge was supposed to last an estimated 50 years. It lasted 17. That is less than half of the time it was supposed to last.
  The nation scored a D+ from the Americans Society of Civil Engineers annual report card. They got that grade based on the structures that they create and how long they last. A D+ is not very good accounted for they are in charge of people's lives. On thing goes wrong and people could die. For some reason we are trusting people who are getting a D, which is below average with citizen's lives.
Edited 05-30-2013 11:53 AM

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